Manta Ray Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Manta Ray Tattoo Designs For Men – Oceanic Ink Ideas

Most imagine manta ray tattoos as well as other aquatic artwork as being simply a personal preference. People like sea creatures, so they allow them to be tattooed on their skin, essentially.

Though this may be the case for some, both ancient and contemporary cultures view sea life as representing everything that the human spirit possesses.

The manta ray directly depicts cultural beliefs, especially Polynesian.

Polynesians believe that the manta ray symbolizes spirituality and their guardians. Believed to patrol the waters in a way that protects those on Earth, manta rays are a sign of power and ancient wisdom. Modern day Hawaiians believe that these creatures leap out of the water in order to fill the air with their experience in the sea and pass on knowledge that those above do not know yet. For others, manta rays create a connection to human emotions in a very profound manner.

These animals are known to move slowly and gracefully. Because of these mannerisms, people correlate the animal with emotional turmoil and the manner that humans are able to move through difficult times. Essentially, the strength of these animals allows them to move through troubled water, so those above can do the same.

1. Forearm Manta Ray Tattoos

Forearm Tribal Incredible Manta Ray Tattoos For Men

Guys Flower Inner Forearm Manta Ray Tattoo Deisgns

Guys Tattoo Ideas Manta Ray Paint Brush Stroke Watercolor Designs On Forearm

Guy With Polynesian Manta Ray Tattoo Design On Forearm

Mens Dotwork Manta Ray Inner Forearm Negative Space Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Small 3d Forearm Manta Ray Tattoo Ideas

Small Old School Traditional Inner Forearm Male Manta Ray Tattoo Ideas

Remarkable Manta Ray Tattoos For Males


2. Bicep Manta Ray Tattoos

Black And Grey Ink Inner Arm Bicep Design Gentleman With Manta Ray Tattoo

Inner Arm Bicep Anchor Manta Ray Male Tattoos


3. Arm Manta Ray Tattoos

Small Cool Male Manta Ray Tattoo Designs On Arm

Arm And Shoulder Tribal Manta Ray Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Guys Underwater Arm Half Sleeve Manta Ray Tattoo Design Ideas

Male With Cool Manta Ray Tattoo Design Traditional Old School Upper Arm

Small Circle Outer Arm Manta Ray Tattoos For Gentlemen

Upper Arm Hawaiian Tribal Manta Ray Tattoo Design On Man


4. Sleeve Manta Ray Tattoos

Ocean Water Sleeve Manta Ray Mens Tattoo Designs

Quarter Sleeve Japanese Waves Manta Ray Male Tattoo Ideas


5. Chest Manta Ray Tattoos

Chest Geometric Dotwork Negative Space Manta Ray Guys Tattoo Designs

Upper Chest Underwater Awesome Manta Ray Tattoos For Men


6. Back Manta Ray Tattoos

Guys Upper Shoulder Tribal Pattern Tattoos With Manta Ray Design

Amazing Tribal Upper Back Mens Manta Ray Tattoo Designs

Cool Manta Ray Tribal Upper Back Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Full Back Tribal Manta Ray Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Hawaiian Tribal Back Manta Ray Guys Tattoos

Shoulder Blade And Back Black Ink Tribal Masculine Manta Ray Tattoos For Men

Tribal Back Manta Ray Male Tattoo Designs

Tribal Upper Back Hawaiian Male Cool Manta Ray Tattoo Ideas


7. Side Manta Ray Tattoos

Dotwork Rib Cage Side Male Tattoo With Manta Ray Design

Mens Dotwork Tribal Pattern Rib Cage Side Tattoo Ideas With Manta Ray Design

Rib Cage Side Tribal Male Manta Ray Tattoo Designs


8. Leg Manta Ray Tattoos

Artistic Outer Space Circle Male Manta Ray Tattoo Ideas On Leg

Leg Tribal Manta Ray Tattoo Designs For Guys


9. Thigh Manta Ray Tattoos

Manta Ray Tattoo Ideas For Males On Thigh

Guys Skull Manta Ray Tattoos On Thigh Of Leg


10. Shoulder Manta Ray Tattoos

Paint Brush Stroke Watercolor Shoulder Manta Ray Mens Tattoo Ideas


11. Foot Manta Ray Tattoos

Mens Foot Tattoo With Manta Ray Design

Mens Cool Manta Ray Tattoo Ideas With Tribal Design On Foot


12. Tribal Manta Ray Tattoos

Tribal Shoulder Blade Shaded Male Manta Ray Tattoo Design Inspiration

Side Of Leg Tribal Manta Ray Guys Tattoo Ideas

Mens Tattoo Tribal Shoulder Manta Ray Design

Mens Blue Ink Tribal Manta Ray Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Manly Tribal Leg Manta Ray Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Creative Manta Ray Hawaiian Tribal Shoulder Blade Tattoos For Men

Unique Mens Tribal Hawaiian Shark Manta Ray Tattoos On Back


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