Medusa Tattoo Designs For Men

80 Medusa Tattoo Designs For Men – Snakes To Stone

Meet the female monster from Ancient Greece mythology, and one of the Gorgon sisters. With a head of snakes instead of hair, it’s hard to resist a look. However, with a single glaze in the eyes any man would be immediately transformed into stone.

What was once a golden-haired maiden with a future of marriage to Poseidon, quickly turned sour. After forgetting her vows, she was dealt with the brutal punishment of having venomous snakes for hair. He once gentle eyes transformed into blood-shot glazes that not only disgusted, but also struck intense fear into any onlooker.

Should a man’s eyes wander away from her greenish tinted skin to her eyes, he would be turned to stone. Yet, that wouldn’t stop the hero Perseus (son of Zeus) from taking his chances at beheading her; which, he did successfully of course.

In today’s times, a Medusa tattoo isn’t the most popular choice among men, however it’s still quite prevalent. Though, the meaning behind this design can greatly vary.

For starters, there’s the admiration of Perseus’ charming tale of heroism; you could attribute it to a symbol of protection. The same is true for his helm of darkness, which provided a safe passage of escape from the other two Gorgon sisters.

Another interesting meaning revolves around what happened after Perseus had beheaded Medusa. I’m talking about the idea of revenge, as he later traveled to meet Atlas, the king of Mauretania. At an earlier date in time, he had been refused hospitality. The insult was not taken lightly, and revenge was finally served by turning the king into stone.

There you have it, a lot of interesting bits about the story of Medusa. Perhaps you’ll enjoy this collection of 80 Medusa tattoo designs for men below. Each gives a unique glance back into Ancient Greece mythology with plenty of inspiration for ideas.

1. Forearm Medusa Tattoos

Abstract Snake Fangs Medusa Forearm Tattoos

Back Of Forearm Mens Medusa Tattoo Design

Color Mens Inner Forearm Tattoos

Forearm Mens Medusa Tattoos

Outer Forearm Masked Medusa Head Tattoo For Men

Realistic 3d Medusa Guys Tattoos On Forearm

Small Simple Mens Medusa Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Snake Scales Medusa Tattoo For Guys On Inner Forearm

Amazing Medusa Art Tattoos For Men Half Sleeve

Guys Ancient Greek Medusa Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Snake Medusa Tattoo Inspiration


2. Bicep Medusa Tattoos

Greek Mythology Medusa Tattoo For Men

Bicep Medusa Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Bicep Guys Medusa Tattoos

Bicep Mens Shading Medusa Tattoo Design Ideas

Color Medusa Abstract Tattoo On Bicep For Men

Mens Medusa Head Tattoo On Bicep

Realistic Mens Bicep Medusa Tattoo Art Design


3. Arm Medusa Tattoos

Male Medusa Beheaded By Hero Perseus Tattoo

Venomous Snakes Of Medusa Medusa For Men

Upper Arm Medusa Male Tattoos

Upper Arm Medusa Tattoo In Black Ink For Males

Guys Medusa Chthonic Monster Tattoo

Guys Snakes For Hair Medusa Tattoos

Incredibly Detailed Grey And Black Ink Male Medusa Tattoos

Black Ink Tattoo Outline Of Medusa For Men

Black Ink Mens Upper Arm Medusa Tattoos

Cool Hissing Snake Medusa Male Tattoos On Upper Arm

Manly Upper Arm Mens Medusa Tattoos

Mascline Abstract Mens Medusa Tattoo With Blue Snakes On Upper Arm

Mens Realistic Medusa Diamond Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Outer Forearm Mens Medusa Tattoo Inspiration

Realistic 3d Medusa Snake Outer Forearm Male Tattoo Ideas

Small Simple Old School For Males On Forearm

Upper Arm Black Ink Shading Medusa Tattoo Design Inspiration

Upper Arm Medusa Tattoo For Males

Upper Arm Snakes Medusa Tattoos For Males


4. Sleeve Medusa Tattoos

Full Sleeve Medusa Snake Head Mens Tattoos

Cool Elephant Tattoo Sleeve For Guys

Full Sleeve Green Snakes Mens Medusa Tattoo Ideas

Incredible Blue Eyes Medusa Turning Man Into Stone Tattoo Full Mens Sleeve

Medusa Snake Hair Tattoos For Guys Full Sleeve

Mens Half Sleeve Mens Medusa Snakes Tattoo

Sleeve And Upper Chest Perseus Sword With Green Medusa Snake Head Tattoo On Man


5. Wrist Medusa Tattoos

Wrist Mens Medusa Snake Tattoos


6. Chest Medusa Tattoos

Hissing Snakes Medusa Head Tattoos On Men

Mens Chest Medusa Tattoo

Upper Chest Mens Medusa Tattoo Ideas

3d Mens Medusa Chest Tattoos

Chest Medusa Tattoos For Men

Greek Mythology Medusa Color Chest Tattoos For Men

Mens Black Ink Cool Medusa Tattoos On Chest

Upper Chest Mens Medusa Tattoo Designs


7. Back Medusa Tattoos

Mens Back Potrait Medusa Tattoo

Full Back Medusa Mens Tattoos

Man With Full Medusa Back Tattoos


8. Side Medusa Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Full Medusa Snake Tattoos For Men


9. Leg Medusa Tattoos

3d Mens Medusa Tattoo Leg Sleeve Design

Red Ink Bicep Mens Medusa Tattoo

Tattoo Medusa For Men

Color Red And Black Medusa Snake Head Tattoos For Men On Leg

Green Snake Head Medusa Mens Tattoos On Leg Calf For Men

Man With Cool Medusa Tattoo On Legs

Mens Tattoos Of Medusa On Legs

Perseus Sword Medusa Head Tattoo On Mans Leg Calf

Snake Eye Medusa Leg Calf Tattoos For Guys


10. Thigh Medusa Tattoos

Thigh Gorgon Medusa Tattoos For Men

Tattoo Of Medusa With Hair Of Snakes For Men

Mens Thigh Old School Medusa Tattoo Design Ideas

Thigh Black Ink Medusa Guys Tattoos


11. Hand Medusa Tattoos

Demon Medusa Tattoo For Guys On Hands

Color Orange Snake Medusa Face Tattoo On Hand For Men

Guys Medusa Hand Tattoos With Shading Ink


12. Finger Medusa Tattoos

Mens Medusa Tattoo Design On Fingers


13. Neck Medusa Tattoos

Mens Medusa Neck Tattoo Design


14. Full Color Medusa Tattoos

Full Color Monster Medusa Tattoo For Men

Realistic Full Color Mens Upper Arm Medusa And Snake Tattoo Design


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