Mountain Lion Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Mountain Lion Tattoo Designs For Men – Animal Ideas

Is there possibly anything more fierce than a mountain lion? For hundreds of thousands of years, these beasts have stalked the hills and valleys of the western hemisphere.

Puma, panther, catamount, whatever it is in your region, these mountain lions are the biggest cat in North America.

They can leap 15 feet in the air and move silent as a shadow. They always attack from behind, and prey never hear them coming until it’s too late. Their jaws are strong enough to crack the spine of any creature around.

People choose the mountain lion tattoo to symbolize their solitary natures. They rely on themselves and that’s just fine with them. They keep to their own territory and won’t tolerate anyone blowing up their spot to feed on prey that should have been theirs.

These creatures are natural carnivores. Why bother laboring long hours gathering the food of weaker creatures when you could just them instead? Mountain lions work smarter, not harder.

Mountain lions are full of vigor and virility. These creatures ooze both male and female energy, and when two meet, sparks fly.

There are so many ways you might identify with a mountain lion. Let the world know your true self with a mountain lion tattoo.


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