Nice Tattoos For Men

75 Nice Tattoos For Men – Masculine Ink Design Ideas

Tattoos are on of the greatest forms of self-expression, being mediums for personal thoughts, beliefs and freedom. For this reason, many people seek to get tattoos that are unique, interesting and generally pleasing to the eye.

Each tattoo comes with its own personal meaning and can represent the love of someone, the love of something, the overcoming of obstacles and pain or just personal messages to the world.

Tattoos can be found all over the body and on men they are especially prevalent on the biceps, forearms, full arm, back, necks, shoulders, ribs and stomach. Because they mean so much, gentlemen typically flock to the nicest designs. Some really creative ones for men include:

Tribal tattoos for the bicep or full arm. Cool looking biomechanical tattoos, which may be rare and hard to create, but look really nice and display a uniqueness most tattoos don’t. They’re so rare that anyone sporting one on his arm is bound to turn heads. 3D tattoos, which always look amazing with the brightest and most eye-catching designs and colors.

Maori or Polynesian tattoos on the full arm or full leg. Most men don’t usually have leg tattoos, but this is one design that just looks cool on a muscular leg. Neck tattoos of any type just look cool, but black tattoos placed where the top of the shoulder meet the neck especially look cool. Some of the best designs to place their include birds, especially crows, skulls, musical notes and even black roses with gold accents.


Abstract Modern Mens Nice Inner Forearm Astronaut Tattoos

All Seeing Eye Olive Branch Triangle Mens Nice Inner Forearm Tattoo

Angel With Female Portrait Guys Nice Full Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Battle Armor Owl Mens Nice Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Chicano Nice Mens Chest And Half Sleeve Tattoos

Clouds Nice Guys Full Arm Tattoos

Cool Nice Guys Full Sleeve Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Cross Bones Dotwork Mens Nice Upper Chest Tattoos

Decorative Eagle Guys Nice Chest Tattoos

Floating Astonaut With Sunset Mens Nice Inner Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Floral Pattern Skull Mens Nice Upper Chest Tattoos

Flowers Mens Full Arm Sleeve Nice Design Ideas

Full Sleeve Male Nice Japanese Tattoo Design Inspiration

Gas Mask Doomsday Themed Mens Nice Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Geometric Spider Mens Nice Foot Tattoos

Gladiator Fighting Lion Mens Nice Leg Tattoos

Greek God Themed Mens Nice Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Half Sleeve Astronaut Mens Nice Realistic 3d Tattoos

Hands Praying With Cross Nice Guys Ribs Tattoos

Horse Riding Warrior Mens Nice Tradtional Back Tattoos

Japanese Mask Mens Nice Full Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Nice Mens Sleev Tattoos

Japanese Swan Nice Mens Full Sleeve Tattoo

Jesus With Rose Flower Mens Nice Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Knights Helmet Nice Mens Arm Tattoos

Manly Dragon Nice Guys Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Masculine Nice Guys Tradtional Japanese Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Masculine Nice Mens Ship Shaded Arm Tattoo Designs

Mens Dotwork Nice Demonic Themed Full Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Geometric Negative Space Nice Full Back Tattoos

Mens Inner Forearm Nice Japanese Wave And Rising Sun Tattoo Designs

Mens On Steel Beam Over Skyline Of City Guys Nice Chest Tattoos

Native American Nice Guys Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Nice Dotwork Lighthouse Anchor Male Tattoos

Nice Guys Compass Ornate Innner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Nice Guys Female Portrait With Wings Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Nice Guys Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo Dinosaur

Nice Guys Modern Gask Mask Thigh Tattoos

Nice Male Compass And Rose Half Sleeve Tattoos

Nice Male Japanese Octopus Half Sleeve Tattoos

Nice Mens Angry Bear Arm Tattoos

Nice Mens Dragon Chest And Sleeve Tattoo

Nice Mens Ripped Skin Map With Compass 3d Upper Back Tattoos

Nice Mens Shaded Rose Neck Tattoos

Nice Mens Traditional Tiger Dagger Upper Chest Tattoo

Nice Portrait With Skull And Dimaonds Mens Arm Tattoos

Nice Samuari Mens Full Sleeve Tattoos

Nice Watercolor Tiger Mens Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Nice Wolf Head With Gold Swords Mens Neo Traditional Chest Tattoos

Norse Mens Portrait Shaded Nice Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Old School Snake Nice Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Compass Mens Nice Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Realistic Nice Mens Anchor Nautical Themed Upper Chest Tattoos

Religious Guys Shaded Nice Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Retro Black Snake Nice Mens Chest Tattoos

Roaring Black Ink Lion Nice Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Roaring Lions Chinese Nice Mens Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Roaring Shaded Black And Grey Ink Roaring Lion Mens Nice Arm Tattoos

Shaded Religious Nice Guys Full Sleeve Tattoo

Shaded Roaring Lion Mens Nice Rib Cage Side Of Body Tattoo

Shaded Watercolor Nice Mens Lighthouse Arm Tattoos

Shin Skeleton Tattoo Mens Nice Ink Ideas

Ship Wheel Mens Nice 3d Forearm Tattoos

Skeleton Hands With Skull Mens Nice 3d Foot Tattoos

Skull Leaves Mens Nice Forearm Shaded Tattoo Designs

Skull With Gears Nice Guys Forearm Tattoo

Snake Head Dagger Mens Nice Old School Traditional Arm Tattoos

Spiral Mens Pattern Nice Chest Tattoos

State Of Liberty With Microphone Nice Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Tiger With Building Nice Mens Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Upper Chest Black Ink Mens Upper Chest Nice Tattoo Designs

Viking Nice Mens Full Arm Shaded Sleeve Tattoos

Viking Warrior Portrait Nice Mens Arm Tattoos

Writing Themed Pen And Ink Nice Mens Chest Tattoo With Realistic Design

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