Ninja Tattoos For Men

30 Ninja Tattoos For Men – Ancient Japanese Warrior Design Ideas

Ninja tattoos possess an extraordinarily potent attitude that is simultaneously sly and sexy. These ancient Japanese warriors are dynamic symbols of smooth decadence and unquestionable dominance.

For the ambiance of a deadly assassin, nothing is more hypnotizing than a ninja tattoo.

These silent killers strictly wore black garb, so they are ideally suited for efficient ink jobs. They are mesmerizing for their swiftness and their undetectable presence, which is why they were the only fighters that the samurai feared.

Their intimidating blades and throwing stars are potent features to emphasize, especially since they indicate an attack in action. Japanese katakana is frequently embedded into their uniforms or shown alongside them. Since their faces are supposed to be concealed, their identities remain unknown. This characteristic has a strong lure for individuals who value anonymity in their daily practices.

Of course, we cannot fully cover ninja tattoos without delineating the pop culture prevalence of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In today’s tattoo parlors, these quirky comic heroes are perhaps even more common than real-life ninjas. While they are definitely magnetic, nothing compares to the unmistakable duende of Edo’s most lethal slayers.

Enjoy a slice of feudalistic wonder with the gigantic array of murderous ninja tattoos that we have mobilized in this guide!

1. Forearm Ninja Tattoos

Incredible Cool Inner Forearm Male Ninja Tattoos

Realistic Ninja Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Design Inspiration

Small Simple Ninja Throwing Stars Outer Forearm Mens Tattoos


2. Arm Ninja Tattoos

Covert Black Ink Mens Upper Arm Ninja Tattoos

Gentlemen With Ninja Sword In Her Arm Tattoo

Mens Covert Agent Ninja Arm Tattoo

Mens Ninja With Sword Flying Crows Arm Tattoo

Old School Mens Ninja With Sword Through Head Tattoo Design On Arm

Throwing Star Katina Ninja Male Arm Tattoos

Half Sleeve Watercolor Ninja Mens Tattoos


3. Sleeve Ninja Tattoos

Ninja Themed Mens Full Sleeve Tattoos


4. Chest Ninja Tattoos

Fighting Ninja Black Ink Shaded Male Upper Chest Tattoos

Guy With Cool Katana Sword In Chain Ninja Chest Tattoo

Mens Japanese Ninja Chest Tattoos


5. Side Ninja Tattoos

Male With Throwing Star And Katana Rib Cage Side Japanese Ninja Tattoo


6. Rib Ninja Tattoos

Cool Mens Ninja Rib Tattoo Ideas

Rip Ninja Jumping From Tombstone Mens Ribs Tattoos


7. Leg Ninja Tattoos

Abstract Mens Watercolor Ninja Leg Calf Tattoo

Gentlemen With Black Ink Shaded Leg Ninja Tattoo

Realistic 3d Ninja Throwing Str In Leg Male Tattoo Ideas

Shaded Black Ink Male Ninja Leg Tattoos


8. Thigh Ninja Tattoos

Amazing Ninja Jumping With Sword Mens Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Creative Samurai Ninja Mens Thigh Tattoos


9. Watercolor Ninja Tattoos

Watercolor Feudal Japan Ninja Mens Arm Tattoo


10. More Ninja Tattoo Ideas

Creative Abstract Guys Ninja Tattoo Inspiration

Ninja Fighting With Swords Tattoo For Men On Arm


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