Nirvana Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Nirvana Tattoo Designs For Men – Rock Band Ink Ideas

There are many ways to memorialize one of the grandfathers of the grunge movement with immortal ink. You could get the band’s logo itself tattooed pretty much anywhere, adding to a sleeve or as a solo piece.

If you’re a minimalist or feeling especially playful, you can simply get the Nirvana smiley face logo tattooed.

Then there are Nirvana’s three studio albums. A tattoo of the cover art of Bleach, Nevermind, or In Utero would be the ultimate piece of memorabilia — even more so if you add the band members’ signatures.

An album art tattoo would look awesome on a larger area of the body, or you could have your artist take key elements such as the Incesticide skeletons, the Nevermind naked baby swimming after the dollar bill, or the In Utero winged woman with her insides exposed.

Nirvana’s plethora of song titles or lyrics make great quote tattoos, and can be inked virtually anywhere on the body and in any typography of your choice. Of course, you can also become the ultimate fan and get Kurt Cobain’s mug tattooed on a bicep, or an excerpt from his journal in his handwriting immortalized on your ribs or across your sternum, just under your collarbone.

No apologies are necessary when you’re paying tribute to a legend. Check out our roundup of brilliant Nirvana-inspired tattoos below.

1. Forearm Nirvana Tattoos

Mens Tattoo With Nirvana Design On Outer Forearm

Negative Space Outer Forearm Nirvana Guys Tattoo Ideas

Nirvana Tattoos Guys


2. Arm Nirvana Tattoos

Mens Nirvana Tattoo Ideas On Upper Arm

Nirvana Tattoo Designs For Guys

Nirvana Tricep Back Of Arm Tattoos For Gentlemen

Sharp Nirvana Male Tattoo Ideas On Upper Arm

Tricep Back Of Arm Male Cool Nirvana Tattoo Ideas

Half Sleeve Male Nirvana Tattoo

Mens Half Sleeve Nirvana Tattoo Design Ideas

Incredible Nirvana Tattoos For Men


3. Sleeve Nirvana Tattoos

Full Arm Sleeve Male With Cool Nirvana Tattoo Design

Nirvana Tattoo Ideas For Males


4. Chest Nirvana Tattoos

Nirvana Tattoos Male On Chest


5. Back Nirvana Tattoos

Back Male Nirvana Tattoo Ideas

Distinctive Male Full Back Nirvana Tattoo Designs


6. Side Nirvana Tattoos

Nirvana Guys Tattoo Designs On Rib Cage Side

Rib Cage Side Male Tattoo With Nirvana Design


7. Rib Nirvana Tattoos

Nirvana Kurt Cobain Rib Cage Side Portrait Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen


8. Leg Nirvana Tattoos

Guys Legs Nirvana Tattoo Designs

Remarkable Nirvana Tattoos For Males

Leg Calf Artistic Male Nirvana Tattoo Ideas

Nirvana Coffin Male Leg Calf Tattoo Designs

Small Kurt Cobain Leg Unique Mens Nirvana Tattoos

Lower Leg Band Nirvana Male Tattoos


9. Calf Nirvana Tattoos

Leg Calf Shaded Black And Grey Masculine Nirvana Tattoos For Men

Leg Calf Symbol Awesome Nirvana Tattoos For Men

Mens Tattoo Nirvana Design


10. Thigh Nirvana Tattoos

Thigh Nirvana Guys Tattoos

Nirvana Tattoo Design On Man


11. Hand Nirvana Tattoos

Mens Nirvana Tattoo Design Inspiration On Hand


12. 3D Nirvana Tattoos

3d Guys Tattoo Ideas Nirvana Designs

Nirvana 3d Kurt Cobain Tattoos Men


13. Dotwork Nirvana Tattoos

Guy With Nirvana Tattoo Design

Cool Male Nirvana Tattoo Designs


14. More Nirvana Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Mens Realistic 3d Nirvana Tattoo Designs

Cool Nirvana Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Kurt Cobain Realistic 3d Leg Sleeve Guys Nirvana Tattoos

Creative Nirvana Tattoos For Men

Gentleman With Nirvana Tattoo

Guys Nirvana Tattoo

Guys Nirvana Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Tattoos With Nirvana Design

Male Nirvana Tattoo Design Inspiration

Manly Nirvana Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Mens Tattoo Ideas With Nirvana Design

Nirvana Mens Tattoo Designs

Nirvana Mens Tattoo Ideas

Nirvana Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Nirvana Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Nirvana Tattoo On Men

Small Simple Smilie Face Symbol Mens Nirvana Tattoo


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