Noose Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Noose Tattoo Designs For Men – Hangman’s Knot Ink Ideas

Many people appreciate the macabre things in life, and it just so happens that these dark side lovers are also tattoo lovers. Some of the most popular macabre tattoos represent death, including skulls, black flowers, coffins and the noose. Noose tattoos are becoming more and more popular and are quickly taking over the skull’s role as the leader of dark tattoos.

The noose is also a well-known representation of imprisonment and strikes fear in the hearts of many men, but a noose tattooed on the body can also represent breaking free of societal norms.

However, it has so many associations that it’s hard to break it down to just one, which makes these types of tattoos a constant topic of conversation.

But traditionally, they’re associated with hanging executions and the hangman’s knot. The hangman’s knot is also commonly seen in noose tattoos. These tattoos are commonly done in 3D and often found on the forearms, but look great on the neck the ribs or the biceps too.

They can often be found on the bicep just like the sailor’s knot, which they greatly resemble. Though unlike the sailor’s knot, the hangman’s knot represents something much darker. Noose tattoos are typically outlined in black ink, filled with white and accompanied by red accents of some type; i.e hearts or skulls.


Ankle Noose Mens Foot Tattoos

Artistic Male Tattoos Of Noose On Outer Forearm

Awesome Noose Mens Black Ink Chest Tattoos

Be Easy Noose Hand Mens Arm Tattoos

Black Ink Shaded Male Noose Old School Arm Tattoos

Blue Rose Flower Noose Mens Leg Tattoo

Borthers Mens Small Noose Old School Tattoo On Leg

Broken Noose Mens Chest Tattoos

Cool Rope Noose Guys Inner Arm Tattoo Ideas

Creative Noose Guys Chest And Shoulder Tattoo Design

Dark Black Ink Shaded Noose Sleeve Mens Tattoos

Drops Noose Mens Lower Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Elbow Mens Noose Tattoos

Elbow Noose Guys Detailed Rope Arm Tattoos

Eye Inside Noose Mens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Finger And Hand Noose Mens Tattoo

Finger And Knuckle Noose Tattoos For Guys With Old School Design

Guys Hand In There Noose Small Arm Tattoo

Guys Hanging Noose Tattoo Design On Forearm

Guys Noose Shoulder And Neck Tattoo

Heart Shaped Noose Rope Mens Hand Tattoo

Inner Arm Bicep Noose Ocean Landscape Mens Tattoos

Lighthouse Noose Dotwork Mens Arm Tattoos

Male With 3d Noose Chest Tattoo

Manly Noose Outer Forearm Guys Realistic Rope Tattoos

Mens Blood Drops Noose Lower Leg Old School Tattoo

Mens Eye Looking Though Noose Leg Calf Tattoos

Mens Noose Hang Tigh Leg Tattoo

Mens Noose Neck And Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Mens Spider Web Noose Back Of Leg Tattoo

Noose Around Knee Cap Mens Leg Tattoo Designs

Noose Around Neck And Chest Guys Rope Tattoos

Noose With Stairway Mens Small Old School Arm Tattoos

Old School Male Noose Sunset Ocean Beach Lower Leg Tattoos

Outer Forearm Hanging Noose Guys Simple Tattoo Ideas

Palm Noose Old School Mens Tattoos

Palm Tree Noose Traditional Guys Small Tattoos

Retro Mens Noose Tattoo On Leg

Scorpion Noose Mens Leg Tattoo

Skull Noose Guys Rope Ar Tattoos

Skull Noose Mens Arm Tattoos

Small Simple Guys Old School Noose Eye Tattoo On Leg

Spine Noose Mens Tattoos

Traditional Noose Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Tricep Noose Tattoos For Guys

Welcome To Paradise Noose Mens Beach Forearm Tattoo

– Stephanie Melbourne Tattoos – Birmingham, UK

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