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Top 63 Number Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Often known as highly powerful symbolic expressions, numbers can represent events, order, mathematics, destiny, or luck, and can even go beyond our Earth within the stars and planets. They have a relationship with all things in nature, and can serve as guides to one’s own self-exploration.

Numbers have existed since man began to count, but the numerals between zero and nine are Arabic numerals which medieval Europeans have based our modern number system on since Gutenberg invented moveable type.

Roman numerals, which are especially popular number tattoos, come from the decimal system based on the number “10.” They’re usually used to remember and embrace certain events that are greatly important to us, like anniversaries, birthdays, the Superbowl, or the day a loved one had passed.

Numbers are very flexible in meaning, which is why their significance differs with every individual. There are some general symbolic values that are known amongst everyone, but in most cases numbers represent something personally known by the wearer.

For those more in tune with the spiritual world, numbers are linked to numerology, Tarot, or superstition. For example, everyone knows the lucky number seven! There’s an endless list of possibilities one can accomplish with number tattoos.


3d Moving Numbers Mens 5 Upper Back Tattoo Design

10 Mens Decorative Number Tattoo Design On Arm

This lovely little tattoo is a good example of a more ornate script style used to enhance the visual appeal of a number. Here, the number ten—no doubt holding some special significance to the wearer—is created using a formal script typeface that incorporates exaggerated serifs and filigree to produce a more interesting and personalized design. The line work is consistent and fairly precise, although there are some small flaws in the fine line filigree work. The use of gray wash shading is well executed and helps to create a more dynamic tattoo.

14 Mens Numbers Black Ink Hand Tattoo

1981 Mens Number Knuckle Tattoos

1991 Mens Numbers Stomach Tattoos

This large black and gray piece is a great example of how striking a number tattoo can be. The script takes some elements from Chicano lettering but uses a more restrained approach than some of the ornate letters that come from that style. The smooth gray wash shading and precise line work add contrast and really work to make the negative space letters pop. There is no doubt this date has major significance to the wearer, and this piece is a testament to the artist’s skill and the wearer’s dedication.

1996 Mens Numbersouter Forearm Tattoos

Amazing Numbers 1913 Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Numbers Mens 33 Detailed Tattoo Ideas

Ancient Numbers Mens Arm Tattoos

Artistic Numbers 21 Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo Designs

Black Armband Mens Numbers Tattoo

Black Ink Numbers Area Code Mens Wrist Tatoo

Carved Red Ink Numbers Mens Forearm Tattoo

This gruesome piece uses expert color gradation and shading to create a unique tattoo. While the design is definitely not for everyone, the skill and technique are impeccable: it really looks like someone carved “629” into their arm. The attention to detail is also impressive. The artist used a lighter red tone outside the “cuts” to give the impression of the surrounding skin being irritated and inflamed. This piece is sure to turn heads and shock soccer moms.

Circle With 13 Numbers Mens Arm Tattoos

Compass With Old English Numbers Mens Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Cool 1989 Male Numbers Hand Side Tattoo Deisgns

Cool Ornate Numbers Tattoos For Males On Arm

Cool Paint Brush Stroke Numbers 420 Mens Wrist Tattoos

Creative Numbers Mens Forearm Tattoo

Decorative Number 11 Mens Back Of Head Tattoo Designs

Dotwork Numbers 67 Mens Shoulder Tattoo

Dripping 13 Mens Numbers Inner Forearm Tattoo

This is a great black and gray design that takes the number 13—a common number in tattoos that has held all kinds of meaning and connotations over the years—and creates an interesting tattoo. Here, the artist uses varying tones of gray wash in combination with even and precise cross-hatching to add contrast to this tattoo. The black at the bottom of this piece is fully saturated and the outline helps to give the tattoo a rough, jagged quality while the use of splattered and dripping ink completes this design, helping to create a more dynamic tattoo. This is a great example of what a simple concept can become with the help of a talented, creative artist.

Elbow Numbers Mens Tattoos

This is an interesting design that incorporates numbers and symbols to create a unique tattoo. The ragged script evokes images of letters carved into wood thanks to the consistent line work and fully saturated black. The use of the natural lines of the elbow, with the numbers spiraling out from the center works well and could hold some deeper significance. The placement and stylized script all work well in this tattoo and help to give this possible occult/numerological piece a mystical quality.  

Est 1989 Numbers Mens Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Four Nine Five Numbers Mens Rib Cage Side Script Tattoo

Gentleman With Ornate Numbers Leg Calf Tattoo

Gentleman With Zeros And Ones Numbers Rain Cloud Tricep Tattoo

This interesting design uses several different elements to create a unique take on number tattoos. Binary code, falling like rain from a cloud could represent the wearer’s profession as a programmer, their passion for mathematics or it could simply be a design they liked. Whatever the meaning, this interesting black and gray tattoo uses excellent stipple shading to create raindrops and uniform, well-saturated line work to create the clouds and numbers. This design is a great example of the way numbers can be incorporated with other design elements to create a one of a kind tattoo.

Guys 1989 Birthday Numbers Outer Forearm Tattoo

Guys Number 17 Tricep Tattoo Design Inspiration

This is a classic tattoo that evokes images of racecar numbers and old-school Americana. The overall design is even and well balanced, and the placement on the back of the arm above the elbow ensures that wearer can regularly show it off. The line work is precise and consistent and the gray wash shading within the numerals, as well as behind them, is smooth and increases contrast, helping the numbers to pop.

Guys Racing Numbers 03 Tattoo On Inner Arm Bicep

Guys Unique Numbers Negative Space Tattoo On Shoulder Blade

Manly Guys Numbers Negative Space 7 Tattoo On Chest

Mathmatical Equation Mens Numbers Chest Tattoo

Memorial Numbers Mens Arm Tattoo Ideas

Mens Numbers 1219 Chest Tattoos

Mens Numbers Tattoo 13 Negative Space Design On Lower Leg

Miles Ran Numbers Mens Back Of Leg Tattoo

Nautical Geo Cordinates Numbers Mens Foot Tattoo

Negative Space Block Numbers Mens 19 Tattoo On Tricep

Negative Space Circle Pattern Guys Number 12 Tattoo On Forearm

Negative Space Dotwork Male 1992 Number Arm Tattoo

Nice Numbers Mens Shaded Inner Arm Tattoo Ideas

Number 9 Mens Leg Calf Tattoo

Number 13 Mens Abstract Inner Forearm Tattoo

Number One Mens Shoulder Tattoo Design

Numbers 23 Mens Leg Tattoo Ideas

Numbers Themed Sleeve Mens Mathmatical Tattoo Ideas

Numbers With Shadow Mens 626 Tattoo On Upper Chest

Old School 10 Numbers Mens Arm Tattoo

Ornate Numbers Mens 14 Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Outer Space Mens Numbers Tattoos On Arm

Red Number 7 Mens Upper Back Tattoo

Shaded Large Numbers Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Shaded Number 26 Mens Forearm Tattoos

Shaded With White Ink Mens Numbers 76 Shoulder Tattoo

Side Of Hand Numbers 1989 Mens Birth Year Tattoo

Skeleton Bones Numbers 13 Mens Wrist Tattoos

Small Simple Mens Number 5 Tattoo On Arm

Stone Numbers Mens 3d Bicep Tattoos

This is a great piece that effectively uses gray wash to create texture and help it to stand out from other number tattoos. The artist uses varying gray tones to perfectly create the impression of script chiseled in aging marble, evoking images of the Parthenon and Greek art. The line work used to create the cracks completes this effect, while the organization of the text creates a well-balanced composition. This is an interesting design that demonstrates the artist’s skill in creating realistic, life-like textures on the body.

Stone Numbers Years Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

Tribal Number 5 Mens Leg Tattoo Ideas

Here is a great number tattoo that uses different shading techniques to great effect. This piece also makes use of alternating geometric and natural patterns that come from Polynesian designs. The diamonds at the top of the piece as well as the rolling waves are all common elements in these tribal tattoos and are perfectly executed here. The precise and consistent stipple work as well as the smooth lines and saturated black show off the artist’s patience and diligence and help to set this interesting tattoo apart from other pieces that incorporate numbers.

Unique Numbers Masculine Mens Arm Tattoo Designs

Upper Chest 1991 Birth Year Male Numbers Tattoo

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