Oakland Raiders Tattoos For Men

40 Oakland Raiders Tattoos For Men – Football Ink Design Ideas

Belligerent. Rowdy. Rude. Aggressive. These are all words used to describe the Oakland Raiders and their fans. The things is, though, the Raider Nation wears it all like a badge of honor.

The Raiders are the meanest team in the league, outlaws by the standards of those who aren’t tough enough to don the black and silver.

But then, they’ve always had to be. Nothing has ever been given to them. While they were one of the original AFL teams, they came late to the party and were handed crumbs by the rest of the league. From that day on, they’ve been branded the underdogs, but it hasn’t stopped them from taking the fight to the gridiron.

Unlike the 49ers across The Bay, the Raiders have fought hard for everything they have, including bragging rights for champs in the Battle of the Bay. It’s that fighting spirit that has earned them both notoriety and respect from people all over the world. The Raider Nation is a global phenomenon, with fans on every continent and every walk of life.

If any fan is going to get their allegiance inked, it’s going to be a Raiders fan. Fortunately, the team has a lot of icons to choose from. The Raider Shield or one of the team’s slogans, such as “Just Win, Baby!” could easily be worked into a piece.
Regardless of what you want, our Raiders gallery below is sure to inspire a piece you’ll be proud to show off in the Black Hole.


Amazing Oakland Raiders Guys Outer Forearm Tattoos

Black Ink Oakland Raiders Mens Nfl Football Leg Calf Tattoos

California Themed Oakland Raiders Mens Leg Tattoos

Cool Oakland Raiders Lettering Mens Chicano Outer Forearm Tattoos

Cool Smoking Oakland Raiders Mens Shaded Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Oakland Raiders Stone Leg Calf Football Tattoos

Manly Oakland Raiders Sheild Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Manly Oakland Raiders Upper Chest Tattoo Designs For Guys

Man With 3d Oakland Raiders Arm Tattoo

Masked Oakland Raiders Skull Guys Leg Tattoo

Mens Back Of Leg Calf Oakland Raiders Nfl Logo Tattoo Designs

Mens California State Oakland Raiders Leg Tattoos

Mens Full Back Oakland Raiders Themed Tattoo Designs

Mens Full Chest Skull Oakland Raiders Tattoos

Mens Oakland Raiders Nfl Themed Football Half Sleeve Tattoo With 3d Design

Mens Script Oakland Raiders Outer Forearm Tattoos

Mens Shield Oakland Raiders Outer Forearm Tattoos

Mens Smoking Oakland Raiders Skull Tattoo On Leg Calf

Negative Space Script Lettering Oakland Raiders Mens Tattoos

Nfl Mens Football Oakland Raiders Logo Tattoo On Leg

Oakland Raiders Guys Football Player Arm Tattoos

Oakland Raiders Nfl Logo Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Oakland Raiders World Championship Ring Mens Stomach Tattoos

Old School Oakland Raiders Rose Flower Guys Leg Tattoo

Ripped Skin Shaded Guys Oakland Raiders Leg Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Oakland Raiders Male Negative Space Forearm Tattoo

Shaded Skull Arm Male Oakland Raiders Nfl Tattoos

Skeleton Oakland Raiders Tattoos For Men On Arm

Skull Wearing Oakland Raiders Hat Mens Arm Tattoo

Skull With Helmet Oakland Raiders Mens Smoking Forearm Tattoos

Skull With Oakland Raiders Hat Guys Sleeve Tattoos

Skull With Swords Mens Oakland Raiders Arm Tattoo

Small Simple Guys Oakland Raiders Tattoo On Inner Arm Bicep

Unique Guys Oakland Raiders Tattoo Designs On Arm

Unique Script Lettering Male Oakland Raiders Outer Forearm Tattoo Inspiration

Upper Arm Oakland Raiders Football Helmet Tattoo

Watercolor Dripping Football Helmet Mens Oakland Raiders Arm Tattoos

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