Octopus Skull Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Octopus Skull Tattoo Designs For Men – Oceanic Ink Ideas

The octopus and the skull are two of the most evocative and mysterious tattoos, and an octopus skull tattoo is the ultimate combination of these two striking symbols.

This tattoo is a powerful, dominating image that is the ideal fit for a man who is confident, flexible, and has a deep and complex character that others struggle to decipher.

The octopus and skull tattoo is usually formed by the skull forming the base of the octopus’s body and the tentacles emerging from the skull. However, the tattoo can also feature both a full skull and a full octopus, with the octopus sometimes holding the skull, or having its tentacles protrude from the eye socket or mouth.

The design needs a big canvas to be most impactful, so this is a wonderful tattoo for someone looking for a large statement piece. Often rendered in black and white, the intricacy and details of the image can be highlighted if there is an absence of color.

The octopus is known for its intelligence, flexibility, and for being a powerful predator in the ocean. It can also change shape easily and is renowned for a canny, creative intellect. The skull symbolizes human intellect and the mystery and finite nature of human life. Combine the two and you get the perfect tattoo for the strong thinking man who has an assertive approach to life, and who has the powerful character to pull off a very strong and imposing image.


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