Ogham Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 53 Ogham Tattoo Design Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Do you trace your lineage back the English or Emerald Isles? Do you feel deep inside your soul that you descend from the druids and your family lineage is part human, part forest?

Why not wear it on your skin, with the original ogham alphabet of your ancient people?

Ogham was developed as an early alphabet in Ireland sometime between 300 Ano Domini and the first century before Christ. It contains twenty-two characters made up primarily of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal straight lines. So beautiful it was, the Irish took it with them in their adventures across the Irish Sea to southern England and Wales.

Some 400 inscriptions exists today as carvings on stone. According to the high medieval text the Briatharogam, trees are denoted by single letters. It is thought the early Irish were given the gift of writing from the trees themselves.

Show your heritage with an inscription in the first alphabet of your people.

1. Forearm Ogham Tattoos

Forearm Band Male Ogham Tattoo Designs

Gentleman With Ogham Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Geometric Outer Forearm Ogham Male Tattoos

Inner Forearm Cool Male Ogham Tattoo Designs

Inner Forearm Ogham Male Tattoo Ideas

Male Cool Ogham Tattoo Ideas Geometric Design On Inner Forearm

Male With Cool Ogham Tattoo Design Forearm Band

Masculine Ogham Tattoos For Men Inner Forearm

Ogham Geometric Tattoo Ideas For Males On Outer Forearm

Outer Forearm Arrow Mens Tattoo Ideas With Ogham Design

Simple Inner Forearm Wrist Mens Ogham Tattoo Designs


2. Bicep Ogham Tattoos

Unique Inner Arm Bicep Mens Ogham Tattoos

Inner Forearm Ogham Tattoo Designs For Guys


3. Arm Ogham Tattoos

Arm Mens Ogham Tattoo Design Inspiration

Back Of Arm Ogham Tattoos For Gentlemen

Forearm Grim Reaper Ogham Guys Tattoo Designs

Inner Forearm Ogham Guys Tattoo Ideas

Male Ogham Tattoo Design Inspiration Inner Arm

Mens Cool Ogham Tattoo Ideas On Outer Forearms

Tiny Arm Ogham Mens Tattoo Ideas


3. Wrist Ogham Tattoos

Male Tattoo With Ogham Design Wrist


4. Back Ogham Tattoos

Paint Brush Stroke Blackwork Back Ogham Tattoo Design On Man

Small Side Of Back Ogham Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen


5. Spine Ogham Tattoos

Spine Ogham Tattoo On Men

Incredible Ogham Tattoos For Men Spine

Guys Spine Back Ogham Tattoo Design Ideas


6. Side Ogham Tattoos

Back Side Awesome Ogham Tattoos For Men

Guys Tattoos With Ogham Design Rib Cage Side

Manly Ogham Tattoo Design Ideas For Men Rib Cage Side Of Body

Rib Cage Side Guys Tattoo Ideas Ogham Designs


7. Rib Ogham Tattoos

Ribs Ogham Tattoos Male


8. Leg Ogham Tattoos

Artistic Leg Male Ogham Tattoo Ideas

Guy With Ogham Tattoo Design Lower Leg

Leg Black Ink Lines Simple Ogham Tattoos For Men

Mens Leg Tattoo Ogham Stone 3d Design

Ogham Mens Stone Leg Tattoo Designs

Stone Leg 3d Ogham Tattoos Men

Leg Ogham Tattoos Guys

Negative Space Leg Ogham Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Back Of Legs Black Ink Mens Ogham Tattoo Ideas

Lower Leg Ogham Tattoo Ideas On Guys


9. Hand Ogham Tattoos

Hand Ogham Male Tattoo Designs


10. Spine Ogham Tattoos

Guys Ogham Tattoo Deisgns On Spine

Male Ogham Tattoo Ideas Small Spine

Spine Lines Ogham Guys Tattoos


11. Geometric Ogham Tattoos

Geometric Inner Forearms Cool Ogham Tattoo Design Ideas For Male


12. 3D Ogham Tattoos

Remarkable 3d Stone Leg Ogham Tattoos For Males

Stone 3d Mens Ogham Tattoo Design Ideas


13. More Ogham Tattoo Ideas

Small Red Ink Mens Tattoo With Ogham Design


Tricep Guys Ogham Tattoos


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