Olive Tree Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Olive Tree Tattoo Designs For Men – Olea Europaea Ink Ideas

“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.”—Hal Borland. The olive tree serves as the ultimate symbol of stoic might amidst peace.

In general, any tree lends an air of eternal evolution.

Trees are constant, old, wise, and morph in tune with their environs. Olive trees and the fruits of their labors are cited widely in ancient texts, mythologies, and stories from the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions. Some of the oldest trees known in existence are olive trees.

When perfected, an olive tree can flow easily between pieces on a canvas or stand alone on a blank slate. Roots and branches may envelope or embrace the vines or filigree of existing art. Standing alone, the tree is a pillar of strength, growth, maturity, and the desire for peace and wellness above all else.

The discerning man may of course choose how leafy, floral, or complex an olive tree design should look on his skin. A myriad of meanings are at his disposal, and most ink artists include trees in their repertoires. Depending on the structure of the intended canvas, aspects of the tree should enhance curves, muscles, and bones in aesthetically profound ways.

The olive tree is an excellent start or a stunning continuation of smooth, elegant, and thoughtful body art. Gracing the skin with one screams timeless versatility.


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