Owl Back Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Owl Back Tattoo Designs For Men – Cool Bird Ink Ideas

Mostly associated with wisdom, patience, and knowledge, the owl is thought to be a magical and enigmatic bird of the night. Owl back tattoos have a rich variety of symbolism which can herald lots of unique possibilities in ink.

Native Americans interupt owls as symbols of protection and sacred knowledge, while other cultures such as ancient Egypt and Hindu see it as a guardian of the underworld.

When men get an owl back tattoo, it’s usually because they regard themselves as being part of a long and important family culture and tradition. Many also get one because they feel they relate to the owl’s traits like its wisdom and quiet presence.

Owl back tattoos can be related to the Greek point of view who consider owls as a symbol of holiness. Thus having a flying owl with spread wings on one’s back could possibly mean that the person is closely connected to what they deem is holy, and wish to keep this close contact to guide them through life’s challenges.

A lot of owl back tattoos can be pretty creative since there exists many option for color, design, and style. Asymmetric shapes connect with the owl’s magic qualities, or owls with big eyes can represent the animal as a spiritual visionary.

Considering the amount of options, this line up can inspire some creative approaches to how the wondrous nocturnal owl can be depicted.


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