Pentagram Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Pentagram Tattoo Designs For Men – Five Pointed Star Ideas

For a profoundly arcane piece of body art, it is hard to beat the sensational occult power of a pentagram tattoo. These stupendous star designs carry vast implications alongside their scholarly handsomeness.

A pentagram tattoo is always visceral and stirring.

The deep connotations are unending, especially since these emblems are proudly worn by Wiccans and devil worshipers alike. They consist of a strikingly streamlined logo which encases a five-pronged star within a series of circles.

It’s hard to believe that a universal icon could have wrought such a provocative impact on the masses, but that is just another luxurious benefit of pentagram tattoos.

Despite their historical associations, pentagram ink is also gaining credibility among a new class of secular thinkers. These academic minds are giving the imposing insignia new meaning. By taking it back from the believers, they are challenging the normative establishment as a whole.

Unexpected variations are being applied to pentagram designs at a shocking rate. For example, Latin invocations can form the circular rim, and many pieces evoke fractals with their continuously winding starry encasement. Of course, the devil’s likeness may also appear next to the design as a way of making the deviant aspects clearer.

To help you enter the underworld, we’ve done the deed of amassing a stylish assemblage of pentagram ink. Enjoy!


3D Pentagram And Bones Tattoo Mens Back

Black Ink Dripping Pentagram Tattoo Male Forearms

Black Pentagram In Circle Tattoo Male Arms

Black Sketch Of Pentagram Tattoo Male Thighs

Bright Orange Backdrop Pentagram Tattoo Male Arms

Creative Dark Black Pentagram Tattoo Male Palms

Fantastic Pentagram Tattoos For Men On Wrist Of Arm

Gray Cracking Pentagram Tattoo Mens Chest

Green Eye In Pentagram Tattoo Male Chest

Grey Black Pentagram Tattoo Guys Hands

Guys Ankles Pentagram Tattoo

Guys Arms Dotted Grey Pentagram Tattoo

Guys Forearm Pentagram Tattoo

Guys Full Back Black White Lakeside And Pentagram Tattoo

Guys Torso Awesome 3D Pentagram And Horned Deer Tattoo

Guys Torso Lady And Red Lighted Pentagram Tattoo

Lifeless Tree Clutching Pentagram Tattoo Male Arms

Long Black Horned Animal And Pentagram Tattoo Male Arms

Long Sharp Ended Pentagram Tattoo Guys Forearms

Male Back Red Pentagram Tattoo

Male Forearms Red Colored Pentagram Tattoo

Male Forearms Unique Pentagram Tattoo

Male Hands Amber Eyed Pentagram Tattoo

Male Neck Geometrical Pentagram Tattoo

Male Tonsured Head Beast In Grey Pentagram Tattoo

Manly Dark Black Bat And Pentagram Tattoo Guys Forearms

Masculine Celtic Pentagram Tattoo Male Forerarms

Mens Arms Electricity Charged Pentagram Tattoo

Mens Cool Pentagram Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Forearms Blinding Red Pentagram Tattoo

Mens Forearms Pentagram With Icicles Tattoo

Mens Forearms Scary Grey Skull And Pentagram Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Pentagram Tattoo Both Hands Ideas

Mens Throat Pentagram Tattoos

Mens Torso Amazing Pentagram Angles Tattoo

Nice Pentagram Tattoo Mens Hands

One Eyed Pentagram And Skull Tattoo Guys Forearms

Pentagram Tattoo Male Shoulders

Pentagram With Rounded Outer Seal Tattoo Male Back

Red Pentagram Blue Background Tattoo Mens Hands

Red Pentagram Horned Beast Tattoo Male Forearms

Simple Pentagram Tattoo Guys Chest

Small Bold And Dark Pentagram Tattoo Guys Hands

Three Droplets Pentagram Tattoo Mens Back

Woman With Pentagram Shape On Her Head Tattoo Male Sleeves

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