Perseus Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Perseus Tattoo Designs For Men – Greek Mythology Ink Ideas

Greek mythology is one of the most varied and intriguing in the world.

Perseus was one of the greatest heroes in Greece, the son of Zeus and Danae.

He is probably the most famous for riding the Pegasus and killing Medusa by looking at her in the reflection of his shield in order to behead her. Perseus had many adventures, and married the beautiful Andromeda after saving her from a monster. They went on to found one of the greatest cities in Greek history, Mycenae, and after their deaths the lovers were placed in the northern sky as the constellation Casseopeia.

Greece was one of the most masculine cultures in history, and images of Greek mythology indicate an intellectual man who is as strong as he is intelligent. The military might of Sparta combined with the philosophical pursuits of Athens signify a man educated in ancient history and the timelessness of the classics. These tattoos can tell any part of the story of Perseus depending upon which aspect the wearer prefers, or even use the symbolism of the stars to indicate their appreciation of this famous Greek mythological figure.

Men who have a great love of Greek mythology and appreciate the heroism of Perseus sport these tattoos. They are also a great choice for the hopeless romantics who enjoy the love story of Perseus and Andromeda, and are inspired by their eternal bond. Brilliant and brutal, the story of Perseus continues to captivate those with an appreciation of folklore and history.


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