Pinstripe Tattoos For Men

30 Pinstripe Tattoos For Men – Masculine Thin Line Design Ideas

From hot rods to tribal symbols, modern day pinstriping is one of the oldest and most universal styles, instantly recognizable, and with origins that can be traced throughout much of history and multiple cultures.

A pinstripe tattoo isn’t just an unconscious nod to our grittier ancestors, but a bold statement of one’s own baser instincts blending with edgy modern awareness.

From ancient ritual practices onward, the pinstripe design is evident everywhere, a unified expression of both communal identity and fierce individuality. The art of the line is everywhere, and at the same time no two bearers are the same. For some it’s an emboldened nod to speed, the rejection of “staying within the lines” and playing it safe, for others it’s a spiritual testament of one’s higher journey, the geometric course we each must follow to reach our ultimate destination.

Many have incorporated the pinstripe technique into innumerable tattoo forms, from the forearm to across the shoulder blades, and even running up the calf. Length and color vary, with some choosing the minimal over flamboyant, while others opt for intricate detailing and interwoven shapes and images. Each pinstripe motif tells a story of its own, albeit in the most elemental language.

At once elegant and brazenly extravagant, pinstripe tattoos evoke the patterning found on everything from ancient Greek chariots to Roman armor to Maori warrior markings–proof that we were each connected in our feats of brotherhood. The man who carries the pinstripe tattoo on his body makes no apologies, takes no abuse, and sees to it that others follow suit in similar style and courage.


Artistic Male Pinstripe Leg Tattoo

Back Of Leg Male Pinstripe Shaded Red Ink Tattoo Designs

Black Ink Pinstripe Mens Arm Tattoos

Blue Ink Pinstripe Male Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Bold Pinstripe Mens Leg Calf Tattoo Designs

Cool Black And Red Spade Pinstripe Mens Inner Forearm Tattoos

Cool Guys Small Pinstripe Arm Tattoos

Darth Vader Themed Pinstripe Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Guys Leg Pinstripe Tattoo Ideas

Manly Japanese Demon Mask Pinstripe Guys Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Masculine Decorative Pinstripe Mens Black Ink Chest Tattoos

Mens Blue Black And Orange Pinstripe Leg Tattoos

Mens Pinstripe Red And Black Ink Chest Tattoos

Negative Space Dotwork Pinstripe Inner Forearm Tattoos

Negative Space V8 Pinstripe Male Shin Tattoo Designs

Outer Forearm Pinstripe Tattoo Ideas For Men

Pinstripe Leg Black And Red Ink Tattoo Design Inspiration

Red And Black Ink Pinstripe Male Leg Tattoos

Red And Blue Letters Pinstripe Guys Forearm Tattoo

Skull Pinstripe Mens Leg Tattoos

Spark Plug Mens Pinstripe Hand Tattoos

Spine Pinstripe Mens Tattoos

Unique Pinstripe Shin Tattoos For Guys

Upper Back Pinstripe Mens Black And Red Ink Tattoo Inspiration

V8 Pinstripe Mens Leg Tattoos

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