Poppy Tattoo Designs For Men

75 Poppy Tattoo Designs For Men – Remembrance Flower Ink

For a deeply layered ambiance of sensitive charm, nothing rivals a poppy tattoo. Guys of all predispositions can boost their style points with this cunning choice of ink!

Gentlemen can effortlessly experience the joys of flower tattoos without compromising their masculinity, as this humble revolution has roots to honorable military service.

While petal designs are traditionally considered feminine, this rambunctiously classy plant defies the rules as a radiantly red exception.

The deep maroon coloration subtly appeals to those who possess ample quantities of testosterone. Poppy tattoos fiercely invoke feelings of passion or violence. In addition to their illustrative significance, these magnificent flowers are a source of serious medicinal benefits. Because they are a provider of natural opium, survivors of painful treatments often get poppies emblazoned on their skin to celebrate the substance that helped them recover.

In addition to mainstream associations with healing, the poppy flower also pays a special tribute to Remembrance Day. While some call it Poppy Day, one significance all men can appreciate is the flower’s true meaning. Most gentlemen select this design as a way to honor and remember the armed forces who died in the line of duty. Ever since the end of the First World War, the poppy has been sprouting up among ink aficionados.

To witness the beauty and memorial meanings for yourself, just enter this captivating visual guide of remarkably red poppy tattoos!

1. Forearm Poppy Tattoos

Black Ink Male Tattoo Of Skull With Poppy On Forearms

Cool Mens Forearm Poppy Tattoo Design Inspiration

Forearm Abstract Watercolor Mens Poppy Tattoo

Forearm Mens Poppy Skull Tattoo Design Ideas

Green Poppy Plant Tattoo Sleeve On Mans Outer Forearm

Manly Watercolor Poppy Solider Over Cross Grave Tattoo On Outer Forearm

Man With Soliders Walking Through Battlefield And Poppy Tattoo On Forearm Wrist

Military Poppy Rose Tattoo For Men On Lower Forearm

Negative Space Small Black Ink Mens Poppy Tattoo On Forearm

Watercolor Style Mens Poppy Tattoo On Forearm

Man With Lucky Horseshoe And Poppies Half Sleeve Tattoo

Wrist Rememberance Poppy With Quote Tattoo For Guys


2. Bicep Poppy Tattoos

Bicep Shaded Mens Poppy Flower Tattoos

Bicep Poppy Flower Bullets Male Tattoos

Eagle With Red Poppy Flowers Tattoo On Bicep For Men


3. Arm Poppy Tattoos

Upper Arm Male Poppy Field With War Soliders Tattoos

Upper Arm Solider Walking In Poppy Field Mens Tattoo

Tank With Quote And Red Poppy Mens Arm Tattoo Design

Solider Mourning Cross Grave With Poppy Flowers Tattoo On Upper Arm Of Man

Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Of Woman With Poppy Flowers

Man With Remembrance Poppy Tattoo On Upper Arm

Lest We Forget World War I Memorial Poppy Tattoo For Men

Japanese Mens Poppy Flower Tattoo Design Sleeve

Colorful Creative Poppy Flower Tattoo On Arm

Forearm Male Tattoo Poppy Flowers In Red Ink With Shaded Black Skull

Man With Poppies Tattoo Along Upper Arm

Masculine Snake Poppy Flower Tattoo For Guys On Upper Arm

Military Soliders And Helicopter Arm Sleeve Tattoos For Males

Skeleton Poppy Tattoo Full Arm Design For Males

Solider In Combat Poppy Flower Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Standing Solider Red Poppy Tattoo Upper Arm For Guys

Upper Arm Eagle Poppy Clock Tattoo On Man

Upper Arm Mens Tattoo Of Poppy Flower And Watch With Gears

Watercolor Poppy Tattoo For Men On Arms


4. Sleeve Poppy Tattoos

Abstract Military World War I Poppy Tattoo Sleeve

Black Ink Guys Poppy Tattoo Sleeve Design Ideas

Combat World War I Soliders Poppy Flower Sleeve Mens Tattoo Design

Full Sleeve Poppy Flower Tattoo For Men With Roses And Cross

Incredible Rememberence Poppy Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Japanese Mens Poppy Clouds Tattoo Full Sleeve

Man With Abstract Red Poppy Flower Sleeve Tattoo Design

Mens Full Sleeve Combat Military Memorial Poppy Tattoo

Mens Watercolor Poppy Tattoo Half Sleeve

Old School Crow Pocket Watch And Poppy Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

Washington Poppy Flower Sleeve Tattoo For Gentlemen


5. Wrist Poppy Tattoos

Guy With Red Detailed Poppy Flower Inner Wrist Tattoo

Lest We Forget Memorial Poppy Tattoo On Mans Wrist

Man With World War I Solider Poppy Tattoo On Wrist

Quote Poppy Tattoo For Men On Wrist

Skull With Red Poppy Mens Wrist Tattos

Wrist Battlefield Mens Tattoo With Poppy Flower

Wrist Skull Poppy Male Tattoos


6. Chest Poppy Tattoos

Mens World War I Abstract Tattoo In Black In With Red Poppy Flower On Chest

Memorial Cross Poppy Flower With Graveyard Mens Chest Tattoos

Abstract Poppy Flower Memorial We Will Remember You Tattoo On Upper Chest

Colorful Mens Upper Chest Poppy Tattoo Design Ideas

Man With Upper Chest Grave And Poppy Flowers Tattoo Lest We Forget

Mens Watercolor Chest Tattoo Poppy Flower With Lion And Quote Design

Upper Chest Eye With Watercolor Poppies Tattoo For Men

Watercolor Poppy Mens Abstract Chest Tattoos


7. Back Poppy Tattoos

Back Abstract Red Poppy Tattoo For Men With Black Ink Watercolor Background

Gentleman With Abstract Back Red Poppy Tattoo

Mens Back Tattoo Of War Soliders Walking Through Poppy Flower Field


8. Leg Poppy Tattoos

Forearm Potrait Poppy Mens Tattoos

Cool Mens Leg Tattoo Of Watercolor Poppy

Guys Grave Battlefield Memorial Poppy Tattoos On Thigh Of Leg

Shaded Skull Red Poppy Mens Tattoos On Leg

Solider Standing Over Grave Cross With Poppy Flowers Tattoo On Leg Calf Of Man

Creative Watercolor Skull With Poppy Mens Lower Leg Tattoos


9. Calf Poppy Tattoos

Guy With Hourglass Poppy Tattoo On Leg Calf Watercolor


10. Shoulder Poppy Tattoos

Shoulder Black Ink Outline Guys Poppy Tattoos


11. Elbow Poppy Tattoos

Elbow Barb Wire Tattoo With Poppy Flowers For Men


12. Skull Poppy Tattoos

Poppies With Skulls Mens Full Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas


13. Japanese Poppy Tattoos

Japanese Half Sleeve Poppy Flower Tattoos On Man

Upper Chest Guys Black Ink Japanese Tattoo With Red Poppy


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