Predator Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Predator Tattoo Designs For Men – Sci-Fi Ink Ideas

In the inky void of space lives an entire species of hunters, the Yautja, better known here on earth as the Predators.

These monstrous creatures have captured the imagination of human beings since the late 80’s.

Their immense size and strength coupled with advanced technology and brutal, yet honorable nature, it’s not hard to see why.

For sci-fi fans and children of the 80’s, few movie monsters are as complex and imaginative as the Predator. From the green blood and dreadlocks to the wrist blades and pronged mandibles of the creature, the Predator is one of the most recognizable villains to grace the silver screen.

Among the most popular aspects of the character is the iconic helmet. Every other part of the monster seems brutal and savage, but the helmet is smooth with refined contours, making it a very popular subject for tattoos.

The Predator is also unique in that it appeals to a wide array of people. Horror movie buffs can appreciate the creature itself, sci-fi aficionados love the expansive lore, and 80’s and 90’s kids can’t help but be drawn to the nostalgia.


Abstract Predator Arm Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Alien Vs Predator Head Mens Leg Tattoo

Alien Vs Predator Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Blue Ink Alien Vs Predator Mens Forearm Tattoo

Blue Red And White Ink Guys Predator Arm Tattoos

Cool Alien Vs Predator Characters From Movie Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Alien Vs Predator Themed Mens Leg Tattoo Ideas

Cool Predator Male Tattoo Arm Design Ideas

Cool Realistic Alien Vs Predator Mens 3d Hand Tattoos

Cool Sleeve Alien Vs Predatormale Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Creative Predator Watercolor Guys Forearm Tattoo

Dark Black Ink Shaded Predator Male Arm Tattoos

Dark Ink Shaded Alien Vs Predator Mens Tricep Tattoos

Forearm Sleeves Alien Vs Predator Themed Mens Tattoos

Full Sleeve Angry Alien Vs Predator Mens Tattoo Design Inspiration

Gentleman With Manly Predator Realistic 3d Arm Tattoo

Green Watercolor With Red Glowing Eye Mens Predator Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Alien Vs Predator Thigh Tattoos

Guy With Leg Predator Shaded Grey And Black Ink Tatoto

Guy With Predator Movie Themed Full Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Half Sleeve Electricm Male Predator Tattoo Designs

Half Sleeve Manly Guys Alien Vs Predator Tattoos

Half Sleeve Tattoo With Alien Vs Predator Themed On Man

Incredible Mens Inner Forearm Predator Tattoos

Inner Forearm Male 3d Predator Tattoo Design Ideas

Insane Predator Realistic Mens Dark Black And White Ink Half Sleeve Tattoos

Leg Calf Male With Predator Tattoo Design

Male With Lower Leg Alien Vs Predator Tattoo

Mens Half Sleeve Alien Vs Predator Tattoo Designs

Mens Lower Leg Predator Tattoo Ideas

Nice Predator Guys Tattoo Designs On Arms

Outer Forearm Black And Grey Shaded Male Alien Vs Predator Tattoos

Predator Black And Grey With Glowing White Eyes Mens Arm Tattoos

Predator Holding Skull Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Predator Mask Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Realistic Alien Vs Predator Malearm Tattoos

Red And Grey Ink Shaded Predator Male Arm Tattoos

Scene With Predator Mens Leg Tattoos

Shaded Alien Vs Predator Upper Arm Male Tattoos

Shoulder 3d Male Predator Shaded Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder Blade 3d Shaded Black And Grey Alien Vs Predator Tattoos For Men

Side Of Thigh Male Alien Vs Predator Tattoos

Unique Green Watercolor With Black Shaded Predator Mens Leg Tattoos

Watercolor Blue Ink Background Mens Predator Forearm Tattoos

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