Raven Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 111 Raven Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

A raven tattoo can evolve any guy’s mystique to make him suddenly exude a sense of suave magnetism. For body art connoisseurs, these enchantingly haunting birds transform into seductive black ink masterpieces.

The image of a raven always summons intense emotions, so these black birds usually become divinely captivating as body art and a concept featuring prominently in the most 50+ best tattoo ideas.

They are often considered mystical creatures, and those who sport their likeness are sometimes fascinated with the dark underbelly of existence. These exquisite specimen are also tied to ancient forms of Native American wisdom. More recently, they have been attributed to fans of Edgar Allen Poe.

In general, a raven tattoo can also be used as an outlet to express a love for animals. Guys who have a fondness for our avian friends may permanently flaunt their everlasting affinity. Goth dudes also like raven imagery due to the overtly obvious reason of gloomy idolization.

In ink form, the raven is vastly adaptable. Its size can vary widely, especially with sharp wings that can either spread or fold.

There are also a lot of decisions to make in regard to its pose. Some men prefer a flying raven tattoo, but others are more moved by walking raven engravings. Take a look at the diversity ahead!

Raven Tattoo Ideas

3D Black Raven On Lampost Tattoo Mens Torso

An architectural piece wherein the raven is elegantly perched on a lamp post. It looks amazingly real with the way it’s filled in by the artist. Texture was added with the way the black tones were played up to give the feathers an illusion of fluffiness. The huge canvas has given the artist enough space to add a background.

3D Flying Greyish Raven Tattoo Mens Shoulders

This raven tattoo placed just a little under the shoulder of the wearer looks like a painting done in oil. The artist thoughtfully considered how this tattoo would like under the light. The claws are amazingly detailed and looks very threatening against the skin.

3D Grey Raven Tattoo On Upper Arms

There are several highly skilled tattoo artists who can produce high definition pieces even if it’s in black and gray, this is one of those. This creation is perfect for the guy looking for realistic ink work.

Amazing Grey Raven Tattoo Mens Upper Arms

A raven tattoo presented in its complex and metal, mechanical form. If this bird is peeled off of its feathers and skin, and given artificial intelligence and power, this is what you’ll see. This creation is unbelievably real.

Amazing Raven In City With Lettering Tattoo For Guys On Sleeves

This haunting horror piece is brought to life by a full sleeved tattoo full of objects symbolizing death cohesively combined to be colder than death itself. The raven in this art work becomes the messenger of death or for Edgar Allan Poe, a remembrance of death. Its illustration looks like it was lifted from a comic book.

Amazing Raven Inside Symbol Tattoo For Men

A micro raven tattoo drawn finely on the inner arm of the canvas. This placement is a good spot for a first tattoo wherein the pain level has been categorized as tolerable.

Awesome Raven With Hourglass Tattoo Sleeves Guys

This powerful creation of a raven tattoo speaks to us regarding the certainty of death. The fluttering raven perched on a branch in this black and gray creation. The artist provided some contrast with some negative space to highlight its head, particularly its elegant head.

Back Tattoos For Men Black Raven In Flight

The raven claws in this creation are a scene stealer. Its details can be seen from afar, and can even feel its distress. The wings spread providing added energy to a struggling and falling bird, going towards an opposite direction.

Beast And Geometric Raven Tattoo Males Chest

The raven and the wolf in native American culture are two powerful creatures. As a pair they are indestructible and what they can achieve together is limitless. In this creation the wolf is given a darker tone like a fierce hunter going after its prey, then the raven, in geometrical patterns in navy blue with a hint of red accent. If the wearer’s goal is to take on both as spirit animals, then he must have the personality and heart to be worthy to carry these two as a badge.

Beautiful Feathered Raven Tattoo Mens Full Sleeves

The midnight blue raven perched on an arm on a black and gray shaded background. It is seldom that this mystical bird is seen in this perspective. Even its eye was illustrated in a softer shade, the feathers tips given more light.

Beautiful Winged Grey Raven Tattoo Mens Sleeves And Shoulders

The feather details on these two enchanting ravens are amazing. A high definition black and gray piece on the upper chest and outer arm of the wearer.

Bicep Jet Black Raven Tattoos Men

Like a shadow in the night, dark as abyss and still like death. This is how a raven is used for movies or the small screen. Dark as the bad omen itself. This is a cool idea for a raven tattoo spread out on the inner calf like a well-kept secret.

Black Skull And Raven Tattoo On Forearms For Men

An animated approach on two objects which are often associated with dark meanings. This is a refreshing perspective of the artist though still rendered in black. Its illustration is balanced, contoured with the negative portions and, a few dots and lines for some texture.

Black Smudged Raven Tattoo Male Forearms

This is a small raven tattoo which the wearer can hide under the arm. This is perfect for those looking for ideas on what kind of tattoo to get on their first date with an ink artist. This versatile subject matter is perfect for customers who survived a tragic experience as it is a symbol for healing, rebirth and change.

Bloody Raven With Crossed Knives Tattoo On Chest For Guys

This is a fantastic creation on a chest canvas, highlighting the expanse of the raven wings above a two crossed swords. A black and gray tattoo of which could be a family emblem tattoo.

Bluish Grey Raven With Large Wings Tattoo Side Ribs Men

This is an awesome creation of the unassuming but elegant raven. The wings look splendidly long with shades of black infused to catch some light so as texture can be added. It’s a weave of glorious feather on top of the other. A great work of realism tattoo from the side of the upper rib until the first hip.

Brilliant Tattoo Of Raven Tattoo Guys Full Sleeves

A fantastic ink art idea to for a sleeved tattoo. The raven most often illustrated solo, has company in this piece. It is an enchanting piece of art which leads viewer to a night out into the forest with a cluster of ravens earning freedom. It still feels cold but liberating to enjoy freedom. The contrast of the black flock of birds in the middle with the cage right above in soft skin tone gives more emphasis on the birds.

Cawing Raven Tattoo On Chest For Men

This is a shoulder piece of an exquisite raven rendered in black and gray. It looks like a sketch with its soft shading illusion which mimics that of a charcoal pencil.

Coal Dark Flying Raven Tattoo Mens Side Ribs

A raven comes to us with heightened awareness of our true self. With this, we reach out to others to form a bond of shared experiences and hopefully, get a glimpse of their hearts and how they live. This is the raven asking us to transform ourselves, and be one with the mysteries of the universe so we can get rid of our inner demons. An unbelievably breathtaking creation placed at the side of the body from the lower armpit, down to the lower torso. It looks like it’s floating on air, soaring into the sky carrying the goodness of life.

Constable Of Ravesn Male Forearms

This is an inner arm raven centered theme as indicated by the four-piece-illustration of these dark, magical creatures.

Dark Raven Holding Food Tattoo On Back For Males

A stunning dark piece of a raven, hungry and in a defensive stance. It is ready to take on anyone who will dare steal his food. This black and gray illustration takes on realism to a certain extent and less cartoonish.

Dark Raven Tattoo With Purple Stencil Outline Tattoo On Guys Chest

This is a remarkable chest piece which employs two different styles in one creation. One side takes on realism, while the other side is a sketch interpretation. The contrast of two styles gives the viewer two different perspectives: the vibrant creature on its high definition format; while the other is the organic .and rustic form of the illustration. This is the raven that transitions from light to dark seamlessly.

Decapitated Raven Head With Rope Tattoo On Sleeves For Males

If you are still looking around for ideas on what ink design you want to get for your arm then this might help you decide.

Ebony Raven Tattoo Mens Chest

This is an exquisite chest piece of a raven tattoo. It is done in black and gray with a scattered splutter of black ink as background. The artwork shows us the backside of the raven with some feather details.

Ethnic Patterns On Dark Raven Tattoo Male Shoulders

A Viking raven perched on the shoulder of the canvas with its mystical and expansive wing stretched gracefully across the chest. This creature in Norse symbolism is a servant of Odin, the god of healing, death, knowledge, sorcery and poetry. Ravens were also considered as comforters and messengers of the soldiers who died in battle.

Fighting Ravens Tattoo On Calves For Men

A Celtic themed raven tattoo inked on the side of the calf. The intricate loops are fluidly connected inspired by the trinity Celtic knots. These symbols are considered magical combined with the raven which is considered a supernatural creature. With these two objects of symbolism combined to form one powerful ink work, the wearer is absolutely protected.

Flock Of Ravens Tattoo On Forearms Men

To be absolutely free is the best gift life can offer. This collection of tattoos designed to follow a central theme and style to make it look cohesive. The soft strokes and lines breathes like air to this delicate piece. The transition from one segment to the other is breathtaking.

Frightened Black Raven Tattoo Males Torso

An extremely dark raven placed on the side of the body tattooed like a charcoal portrait with ink smudges at the end of the wing. It looks very striking against the pale skin of the canvas. To have the raven at your side as an inspiration to be fierce, wise and fearless like this elegant creature.

Full Sleeve Guys Inked Black Raven And Red Skull Tattoos

A full sleeved blackened arm with an eerie raven stretched across the lower arm of the canvas. It looks every bit of a predator about to take on the skull. It is absolutely amazing that the artist used white to outline the raven and even used a darker shade of black to highlight its form.

Grey Raven With Pretty Wings Pattern On Back For Guys

This raven pieced together by imperfect shapes giving it a dark and rustic theme. It looks like this bird is protecting the wearer the way it is protectively drawn on the back.

Guys Arms Dusty Grey Raven Tattoo

A horror themed raven in a black and gray art work which mimics the lower portion of the human body. The contrast of the shading against the human skin is striking, contour of the body has additional intricate lines giving it depth and added dimension.

Guys Arms Innovative Yellow Red Beaked Raven Tattoo

This raven piece tattoo illustration took the traditional native American design in deep black with a hint of color. It is successful in bringing forth forward its message and its content to the viewer even from a far.

Guys Arms Spectacular Raven Tattoo

This is a classic interpretation of the raven as a scavenger. It will definitely go around and look for food. This is often used in stories of dead soldiers or warriors left to rot, and scavenged by birds. Ravens are not an exemption. This ink art uses the arm as a canvas, a black and gray rendition. It is a very detailed work full of feather details, the beak looks predatory, and the claws are not taking a backseat with its sinister skin and nails.

Guys Calves Navy Blue Black Raven Tattoo

This simple design of a raven perched on a branch against a midnight blue sky is classic and timeless.

Guys Chest Violent Ravens Tattoo

The faded skull at the center of this masterpiece if absolutely chilling. It is the background but the effect of the blurring technique makes the focal pieces even eerier.

Guys Forearms Realistic Photo Image Tattoo Of Mans Face And Raven

This is an amazing portrait of the great poet, Edgar Allan Poe, wearing a raven helmet. It is playful to a certain degree with the added hint of colors but the features of the face were inked perfectly. The skin rendition, even the eye details are awesome – two imperfect eyes and not exactly the same size as the other eye, as it should, with some puffiness under the eye. The raven may be associated with death in his literature but in some other disciplines, this mystical creature represents great supernatural powers, and heralded as one of the most intelligent creatures.

Guys Knees Brownish Raven And Skull Tattoo

Two gothic symbols which complement one another in one body of art creation. This is a very striking creation, picture perfect in so many ways. Details are perfect on the raven, skull and the spread of grass underneath the skull.

Guys Shoulder Black Dotted Cawing Raven Tattoo

The mystical creature worn as a shoulder tattoo on a bed of dot patterns of a black and gray creation.

Guy With Grey Dotted Design Raven Tattoo And Sayings Arms

This is Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven named “nevermore” brought to life in a poem that is still relevant to this very day. A grieving man’s thoughts and feelings will always be relatable in the literary world as each of us has lost a love one or more through death. This raven tattoo is immortalized on skin in a black and gray creation, exquisitely dark softened with the dotted background in a haunting and mocking facial expression, and about to say, “Nevermore!”

Guy With Pink Leaves And Raven Tattoo On Arms

A very dark sparrow against a vibrant autumn leaf with a fading black undertone giving it a melancholic and brooding effect. The texture of this ink work looks like an oil painting, thicker in ink and color is deeply saturated. The artist provided details on the leaves and bird to make both items look more realistic.

Guy With Sooty Black Raven Tattoo On Chest

This raven tattoo with its wings elegantly spread out on the chest about to take on its prey as it hunts for food. It is done in high definition with feather details that’s absolutely stunning.

Guy With Unique Raven On Sharp Edged Gems Tattoo Forearm

An illustration and geometrical patterns combined in this creation on the forearm as its canvas. The gems have enough luster so as to give it crystal effect. It does not soften the personality of the dark head of the raven.

Hairy Dark Raven On A Twig Tattoo Male Back

A stylized raven tattoo resting on a twig filled with several branch details on a dotted moon background. The moon shape itself is in negative space so that the mighty head of this creature can be highlighted.

Hooded Skull And Raven Tattoo On Lower Legs For Males

Impressive Raven Tattoo Male Forearms

A very impressive ink work indeed. The skull is dramatically cloaked with the shadow of the raven at the background. Then the mystical bird right up front and center is looking at a different direction. This black and gray piece contains intricate details of the two death symbols. The skull work of the artist is worth applauding. It is filled with high definition features bringing forward the mouth with its solid teeth work. The sunken eyes and nose bone structure is impressive as well.

Lightening Strikes On Lone Raven Tattoos On Upper Arms For Males

This raven tattoo also takes on a dark theme with a black background. The feather details are quite big using the white ink to highlight the shapes.

Lovely Dark Raven Tattoo Mens Forearms

This is an awesome ink work on an arm. This is a horror themed tattoo of a biomechanical time piece shared with an organic eye, rendered in realism even with vivid lash details. The ravens on perched on the branches of a leafless tree.

Lovely Raven Head Tattoo Mens Hands

The eye says it all as this elegant creature is elegantly drawn on the hand. It is aesthetically stunning in so many ways presented in midnight blue and outlined in black. The background is a striking contrast versus the almost black beak. The eye is beautifully done. It looks very real and about to reveal secrets, hopefully favorable and useful.

Majestic Grey Raven Tattoo With Pinkish Sun Mens Back

These magical creatures illustrated in deep, dark and majestic black, look like armored warriors ready to take on a battle. This is a Japanese inspired creation with the deep dark red hint of the Japanese flag at the background.

Male Forearms Scary Skull And Raven Tattoo

This arm piece absolutely qualifies as one of the most haunting pieces ever drawn on arm. The skulls are drawn with open mouths, making them appear like they are harrowingly screaming out in pain and seeking help. It is also uncommon that the raven is placed under the skull. This is now the servant of Odin in Norse theology, bringing in comfort and taking in messages for warriors who died in battle.

Male Lower Legs Greay Raven Tattoo

The lower leg is the perfect canvas for this raven portrait in water color style and technique. This creature is done in muted and rustic colors giving it a softer and less intimidating profile.

Male Lower Legs Redeye Skull And Raven Tattoo

This piece pays tribute to a distinct quality of ravens, as they are regarded highly intelligent creatures in native American culture and a symbol for wisdom and knowledge. In this illustration, the raven is depicted to have supernatural powers that it can see beyond death, deep into the abyss, into the unknown and relay the message to those who seek it.

Male Torso Huge Back Raven Tattoo

This is an outstanding portrait of a raven breathing in life in its realism interpretation. It is still in dark black and gray but this highly intelligent creature who can mimic human sounds and talk should be illustrated in its true form and not depend highly on a pop culture leading towards a trend that ravens are nasty creatures.

Male With Raven Skull And Piano Keys Tattoo Forearms

A very dark piece of a raven tattoo both in meaning and interpretation of the artist. A raven on top of a skull symbolizes death but in this creation piano keys were added as a background for both the raven and the skull. Aesthetically chilling in so many levels especially when you’ve seen several horror movies utilizing the piano. This piece might have a deeper meaning for the wearer, it might be the end of a musical journey or simply a musical tribute upon overcoming death through music.

Marvellous Raven Tattto Guys Chest

This is a large chest piece of this marvelous and magical creature. The wing like details drawn throughout the chest gives it an ethereal effect. This is an interpretation of a raven as it transitions from light to darkness, bearing with it messages and secrets of the dead into the light.

Mens 3D Black Raven Tattoo On Chest

This chest piece of a raven tattoo looks like a stone sculpture stamped on the skin but the wing details on one side adds character to this ink work making it unique and customized on this wearer with its broken pattern details.

Mens Arms Angry Raven Tattoo

This dark and remarkable creature inked on a leg canvas has its wings poised in a way that it’s ready to unleash its predator side. It is ready to unfurl its protective instincts and defend its master. The rendering of the black ink looks amazing with the contrast of the dark tones against the negative portions so the eye can actually take a break from the different shades of black.

Mens Arms Raven And Skull Tattoo

The raven and the skull in a classic, traditional Japanese tattoo style in vibrant black and red creation. This mystical bird is one of the oldest symbols in Japanese mythology called, Yatagarasu, often thought to inhabit and represent the sun.

Mens Arms Ravens Scarecrow And Haunted House Tattoo

This horror themed creation utilizes a flock of raven to symbolize death. This is masterfully done in such a way that the realism rendition is hauntingly real. It must have taken a few long hours to complete this art work.

Mens Black Raven With Thick Feathers Tattoo On Ribs

The flying raven, comes to us in heightened state hoping to transform the inner, multi-dimensional selves so we can experience a life totally free of demons and fears which limits us on how we live our lives. This is a hauntingly beautiful piece drawn on a toned body taking into consideration musculature so that it’ll move with the body. Enhancing its form.

Mens Calves Raven And Red Sun Tattoo

The black and gray raven against red rising sun inherently a national and patriotic symbol for Japan, gives us a hint of Japanese influence as to how this raven is created. The scales are more pronounced in the body and the wings with highlights of very diluted gray ink which appears almost white to the eye. In Japanese mythology, this flying creature is called “Yatagarasu”, a three-legged bird, is a god of guidance. Its appearance is construed as of the will of Heaven or divine intervention in human affairs.

Mens Chest Tattoo Of Beautiful Pair Of Ravens

A pair of gentle looking ravens tattooed on either side of the chest. It looks endearingly romantic as the ravens are known to travel in pairs versus the crows which travel in pack.

Mens Dark Flying Raven Tattoo On Torso

A rib piece of the exceptionally dark interpretation of this versatile, sleek creature. This looks hauntingly dark in layers of black tones with very minimal gray tips. The contrast is stark versus the pale skin color of the canvas. The raven spreads its wings gloriously upwards giving us a hint of its transformation from its stoic stance to its predatory shift.

Mens Forearm Chained Raven With Lock Tattoo

A chained creature is heartbreaking to see. If the deeper meaning of this creation takes on conquering physical death, temporarily at best, overcoming a deathly illness then the artist and the canvas is successful in getting it across to its audience. A gray and black creation with smudged edges which gives it an illusion of a dream scene.

Mens Forearm Realistic Raven Tatoo

A head portrait of this chilling yet versatile creature, looking up the sky with a hint of color derived from the midnight blue raven.

Mens Forearms Beautiful Grey Shaded Raven Tattoo

This is a stunning head portrait of the raven elegantly perched on a tree atop a village blanketed in snow.  The raven looks like taking in the secrets of the town and quietly collecting them but I’d rather consider that this magical creature who is also known to possess healing powers is quietly healing the village of its ailments. However, this creation means to its wearer, he must be satisfied to possess such an awesome piece of art.

Mens Shoulder Grim Raven With Majestic Black Wings Tattoo

This is a great idea whether you’re looking for a shoulder inspiration ink work or shopping around for concepts to fill in a blank canvas with a raven piece. This bold piece of this magical creature will enchant ladies and capture their attention, and most definitely a conversation starter.

Mens Torso Unique Raven Tattoo

Perfect Raven Tattoo On Chest For Guys

Purple And Grey Shaded Raven Tattoo Mans Arms

Raven 3D Tattoo With Angel Feather On Back For Men

Raven And Burning Candle Tattoo Guys Arms

Raven And Dried Branch Of Tree Tattoo Male Back

Raven And Skull Tattoo Male Back

Raven Checking Its Claws Tattoo Mens Arms

Raven Crow Bird Tattoo With Ghastly Man On Full Back For Males

Raven Flying Above A Boat Tattoo Male Shoulders

Raven Flying Over The Moon Tattoo Mens Shoulder

Raven Holding Eye Of Providence Tattoo Mens Chest

Raven Holding Unique Eye In Triangle Symbol Tattoo Guys Forearms

Raven On Crying Skull Tattoo On Arms For Men

Raven Pair With Large Grey Eye Tattoo Males Arms

Raven Perched On Branch Tattoo On Forearms For Guys

Raven Watercolor Tattoo On Back For Men

Raven With Beautiful Dotted Mandala Tattoo Mens Forearms

Raven With Lovely Black Feathers Tattoo Forearms Guys

Raven With Magnificient Wings Tattoo On Sleeves For Guys

Raven With Ravishing Feathers Tattoo Male Chest

Realistic Blue Head Of Raven Tattoo Guys Hands

Realistic Bunch Of Raven Tattoo Mens Arms

Realistic Raven Tattoo On Forearms For Males

Red Geometric Design And Raven Tattoo Male Chest

Shiny Black Raven Tattoo On Forearms For Men

Shiny Black Raven Tattoo With Arrow Guys Arms

Single Dark Raven Tattoo On Abdomen For Males

Smokey Black Raven Tattoo Mens Back

Striking Raven Duo White Rose Tattoo Mens Chest

Stunning Back Raven On Twig Tattoo Guys Upper Arms

Swarm Of Ravens And Ghostly Tree Tattoo On Shoulders For Men

Thick Featherd Black Raven Tattoo On Mens Tonsured Head

Three Arrows Cutting Through Raven Tattoos Mens Chest

Tiny Dark Raven Tattoos Mens Hands

Traditionally Patterned Raven Tattoos Guys Back

Tribal Raven Tattoos On Forearms For Males

Two Ravens In Love Tattoo On Back For Men

Ultimate Raven Tattoo On Male Chest

Unique Mans Face In Raven Tattoo On Forearms Males

Watercolor Golden Yellow Raven Tattoo On Calves For Men

Wicked Flying Raven Mens Chest

Wonderful Reddish Toned Black Raven Tattoo Mens Calves

Wordings And Raven Tattoo On Chest For Men

Raven Tattoo FAQs

What does a black raven symbolize?

A black raven represents the good and the bad in us like the yin and yang. Just because this magnificent creature has been used several times over to represent death, darkness and destruction in horror movies and stories, this is not so in other forms of discipline. The raven is a symbol of rebirth, recovery, renewal recycling reflection and healing. It also embodies wisdom and intelligence, prophecy, mysticism and mystery.

In Norse theology, raven is symbolic of mind, thought and wisdom, as Odin was accompanied by two ravens. Hugi, the power of thought, and Mugin, the ability to intuit meaning. These two would sit with Odin at the end of the day to discuss with the great god lessons of their respective journeys. Odin is also referred as the Raven God, and his daughters can transform into ravens. They were also known to be comforters and messengers for warriors who died in battle. In Greek theology, raven is a symbol of solar animal. Athena and Apollo are associated with the raven, both deities are closely affiliated with the sun and the light of wisdom.

They were also thought as the bringers of light to the sun, intelligent and powerful creatures, as well as the conquerors of the destructive forces of nature in native American culture. Hopi, Navajo and Zuni Tribes believed that the raven flew out from the dark womb of the cosmos, brought the light of the sun and dawning of understanding. The Inuit believed that it was the raven who tricked a giant sea monster into submission, and to this day its body serves at the Alaskan mainland.

One of the oldest symbols in Japanese mythology is the 3-Legged Bird, called Yatagarasu in Japanese. This legendary creature found in various mythologies and arts of Asia, Asia Minor, and North Africa. It is often thought to dwell and represent the sun. The appearance of Yatagarasu is construed as evidence of the will of Heaven or divine intervention in human affairs. The shinto goddess Amaterasu was also said to transform into a Raven, or vice versa, as worship of Amaterasu to the exclusion of other spirits has been described as “the cult of the sun”.

The Raven, one of the most recognized poems written by Edgar Allan Poe, an American writer and poet whose work embraces the dark romanticism genre, invented modern detective stories and created enduring tales of horror. Poe himself wanted the raven to symbolize, mournful and never-ending remembrance of a love lost. He named it nevermore, a perfect tribute to the memory of his lost maiden.

As Poe was writing the poem, his wife, Virginia, was deathly ill due to tuberculosis. He also lost his mother, brother and his foster mother to the very same illness that is about to take his wife.

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