Sailor Tattoos For Men

Top 75 Best Sailor Tattoos For Men – Classic Nautical Designs

For an old-school gentleman, the archetypal sign of masculinity has always been a classic sailor tattoo. Retro nautical imagery is experiencing a grand cultural resurgence, especially among those with an affinity for the sea-faring life.

It’s time to step up your oceanic mystique with a bona fide sailor tattoo. In the male mind, this kind of ink is incomparably masculine. For many of us, it is the original essence of body art for men. This is partially because the most common designs typically involve suggestive pin-up girls. In addition to nude and nearly-nude women, the frequent selections usually include ships, anchors, and treasure maps. Often times, an alpha male can be spotted by his skull-and-crossbones tattoo.

Whether it’s the United States Navy or a band of pirates, slick sailor tattoos will let everyone know that you belong to an exclusive affiliation. These rugged icons are meant to be swarthy, but they are not unceremonious. In fact, the swashbuckling imagery is considered to be extremely sentimental by those who get inked.

In the 21st century, Sailor Jerry has become synonymous with sailor tattoo culture. Their enticing spiced rum has become a vessel for vintage sailor artwork, and their sexy ladies always top the list of requests at today’s parlors. Why not take a gander at the best ones below?

1. Forearm Best Sailor Tattoos

Cool Anchor And Sailor Knot Mens Tattoo On Back Of Forearm

Forearm Male Happy Sailor Tattoo

Guys Forearm Tattooed Sailor

Inner Forearm Black Ink Sailor Tattoo Ideas

Inner Forearm Mens Sailor Tattoos Designs

Abstract Old School Sailor Tattoos For Men

Red And Blue Sailors Anchor Tattoo For Men

Sailor Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Small Sailors With Tattoos For Gentlemen

Cool Sailor Tattoos For Men On Outer Forearmo


2. Bicep Best Sailor Tattoos

Bicep Mens Sailor Jerry Style Tattoos With Sail On

Bicep Male Sailor Inspired Tattoos

Sailor Tattoo Design For Men On Bicep


3. Arm Best Sailor Tattoos

Traditional Sailor Tattoos For Guys

Sailor Tattoo Designs For Males Upper Arm

Man With Best Sailor Tattoos Smoking Pipe

Creative Abstract Sailor Tattoo Mens Art On Arm

Arm Tattooed Sailors For Men

Arm Male Sailor Rose Tattoos

Classic Sailor Tattoo For Guys On Upper Arm

Guys Sailor Jerry Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Inner Forearm Male Sailor Skull Tattoo

Mens Sailor Hat Tattoo Of Ship Capitan On Arm

Mens Sailor Tattoos On Upper Arm

Sailor Style Tattoos For Males On Arm

Vintage Sailor Male Tattoo On Upper Arm


4. Sleeve Best Sailor Tattoos

Black Ink Sleeve Mens Old Sailor Tattoos

Full Sleeve Mens Sailor Tattoo

Half Sailor Tattoo Sleeve For Guys

Lighthouse Sailor Tattoo Sleeve For Men

Mens Sailor Tattoo Of Lighthouse Sleeve

Sailor Ship Mens Tattoo Half Sleeve


5. Wrist Best Sailor Tattoos

Guys Old School Sailor Tattoo On Wrist

Masculine Wrist Sailors Tattoo For Males

Sailor Jerry Ship Tattoo For Men On Wrist

Skull Wrist Sailors Compass Mens Tattoo


6. Chest Best Sailor Tattoos

Sailors Tattoos For Men On Chest

American Sailor Anchor Mens Tattoos On Chest With Flag

Chest Navy Sailor Tattoos For Males

Full Chest Artwork Tattoo Sailor Men

Guys Tattoos For Sailors On Upper Chest

Sailor Star Tattoo For Males On Chest

Skull Pirate Tattoos Sailor For Men On Chest

Upper Chest Sailor Compass Tattoo On Men


7. Back Best Sailor Tattoos

Back Sailor Ship Tattoos For Men

Man With Tattoos Of Sailors On Back

Traditional Sailors Tattoos For Men On Full Back


8. Side Best Sailor Tattoos

Chest Sailor Wheel Tattoo For Guys

Rib Cage Side Jerry Sailor Tattoo For Men

Sailor Jerry Anchor Tattoo Designs For Males On Side Of Body


9. Rib Best Sailor Tattoos

Ribcage Side Old Sailors Mens Tattoos


10. Leg Best Sailor Tattoos

Mens Sailor Jerry Tattoo Of Wheel And Ship Inside

Blue Sailor With Pipe Tattoo For Men On Lower Leg Calf

Classic Sailor Tattoos For Men On Lower Leg Thigh

Creative Leg Calf Male Sailor Man Tattoo

Leg Sailor Jerry Style Tattoo On Men

Mens Traditional Sailor Tattoos Of Lighthouse On Leg

Guys Leg Sailor Sleeve Tattoo


11. Thigh Best Sailor Tattoos

Incredible Vintage Sailor Tattoos For Men

Thigh Sailor Jerry Tattoo Designs For Men


12. Hand Best Sailor Tattoos

Sailor Nautical Mens Tattoos On Hands


13. Neck Best Sailor Tattoos

Colorful Mens Sailor Jerry Tattoos On Neck


14. Traditional Best Sailor Tattoos

Manly Sailor Traditional Tattoos On Man

Simple Traditional Sailor Tattoo For Males

Traditional Sailor Male Tattoo


15. Elbow Best Sailor Tattoos

Guys Sailor Tattoo Style In Black Ink

Mens Sailor Jerry Anchor Tattoo With Rope On Arm



16. Calf Best Sailor Tattoos

Back Of Leg Male Old Sailor Tattoo

Old School Sailor Tattoo Designs On Men


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