Samurai Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Samurai Tattoo Designs For Men – Noble Japanese Warriors And Swords

Discover the way of the warrior. When it comes to discipline, few rivals stood a chance against the Samurai’s mastered martial arts skills. Not only that, but also their ability to overcome fear of killing and death in combat.

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Samurais is of course, the sword!

However, it’s important to know where their true power stems from. The truth is, these warriors followed the practice of Bushido and pledged themselves to principles such as courage, honor, and respect.

In times of life and death, these were the guiding values that kept them strong in times of chaos.

Not to mention, it was the Zen meditation that helped cleanse and calm the mind for razor sharp focus in battle.

Yet, when it comes to the traditional tattoo, you might be surprised to know the process is exceptionally painful. In comparison to today’s methods, it’s a choice not left for the weak hearted. It involves bamboo sticks with lined needles that poke deep into the skin.

If you like this style of military nobility, you’ll find these medieval and early-modern Japan design ideas enjoyable. In this guide I’ve put together a collection of the top 50 best samurai tattoo designs for men. From notable warriors in battle to beautiful swords that shimmer with bravery.


Back Samurai Tattoo Designs For Men

Traditional Japanese Samurai Men's Tattoo

Small Samurai Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Skeleton Samurai Tattoo On Man

Side Rib Cage Japanese Samurai Mask Tattoo Designs For Males

Shoulder Japanese Samurai Tattoo Designs For Men

Samurai With Bird Back Tattoo Men

Samurai Warrior Tattoos For Males

Samurai Warrior Sword Tattoo For Men

Samurai Tattoos Designs For Males

Samurai Tattoo Meaning For Men

Samurai Sword Tattoos For Guys

Samurai Sword Tattoo For Men

Samurai Red Tattoo For Men On Side Of Body

Samurai Masks Face Tattoos For Guy's Hands

Samurai Helmet Tattoo For Men On Arm

Samurai Fighting Dragon Men's Tattoo On Ribs Side

Samurai Champloo Sleeves Tattoo For Men

Samurai Back Tiger Tattoo For Men

Samurai Back Tattoo Men

Samurai Armor Tattoo For Men On Ribs

Samurai And Dragon Men's Tattoo

Men's Traditional Samurai Tattoo Sleeve

Men's Tattoo Samurai Cover Up Design

Men's Samurai Tattoos On Back Of Ribs

Men's Samurai Tattoo Sleeve On Arms

Men's Samurai Tattoo Design On Legs

Men's Samurai Sleeves Tattoo

Men's Samurai Skull Tattoo

Men's Japanese Samurai Mask Tattoo Half Sleeve

Men's Japanese Samurai Back Tattoos

Men's Dragon And Samurai Tattoo

Men's Back Horse Riding Samurai Tattoo

Masculine Tattoos Samurai On The Back

Masculine Samurai Tattoo Ideas For Men On Ribs

Man With Floral Flower Samurai Tattoo On Back

Manly Samurai Warrior Tattoo Designs Full Leg Sleeve

Male Samurai Warrior Arm Tattoo

Male Samurai Head Tattoo

Leg Sleeve Japanese Samurai Tattoo For Men

Japanese Tattoo Samurai On Men's Chest

Japanese Samurai Tattoo Sleeve For Men On Back

Half Sleeve Japanese Samurai Warrior Tattoo Designs Men

Guy's Samurai Jack Tattoo On Arm

Dragon Samurai Men's Tattoo On Arm

Best Samurai Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For Men

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