Shotgun Tattoo Ideas For Men

80 Shotgun Tattoo Ideas For Men – Firearm Designs

One of the most universally recognized firearms, the shotgun has become a mainstay in gun ownership and pop culture alike, with a history as rich as it is deadly.

Predated by its ancestral blunderbuss, the shotgun rose to popularity among cavalry troops right up until its gradual replacement in the 19th century by updated rifled firearms.

That certainly hasn’t displaced it, however; the shotgun is still widely used by law enforcement, hunters, and civilians. Even military trainees frequently employ the shotgun for asymmetric engagements, and clay pigeon shooting is still a widely popular sport besides. All in all, the shotgun is far from museum relic fodder.

A shotgun tattoo honors the old way of weaponry, when a man had to use his own strength and swiftness to clear, load, and operate under pressing conditions. Your shotgun tattoo isn’t just an ode to firearms, but firearms that required actual skill, rather than the random point-and-shoot tactics of today’s lazy novices. This was no child’s toy or wannabe gangster’s accoutrement; the shotgun is for the man willing to take the time to practice and hone his weaponry skills to perfection.

Your shotgun tattoo is neither a threat nor a promise, but merely the mark of a man who adheres to the standards of his ancestors when it comes to the responsibility of firearms. When you shoot, you shoot with a purpose, and never miss your target.


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