Simple Leg Tattoos For Men

Top 51 Simple Leg Tattoos For Men Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For a very long time, tattooing in the western world was confined to the upper body. Since very few clothing styles in the west allowed for legs to be shown with ease, tattooing was considered an upper body only event.

Once the west began to encounter the Polynesian Isles and the tribes of South America, all of that changed.

Seeing the beautiful and symbolic tattoos that ran over the entire body of many of the Native Peoples created a new desire to have full body tattooing be a part of the new culture.

Today, leg tattoos are common and accessible. The unique contours of the musculature of the calf and thigh allow for a skilled artist to create natural shadows and optical illusions with the image of your choice. The benefit of a leg tattoo is that it is often very present during spring and summer, allowing you to make a statement at all times.

Whether you chose calf, shin, or quadricep, your artist will be able to make a cohesive statement with a design that speaks to who you are or ties in your other ink in a perfect balance of impressive art.


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