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Top 89 Best Sister Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The relationship between siblings is a powerful thing, and the bonds sisters share can be some of the strongest in the world. What better way to commemorate sisterhood than with a beautiful, matching tattoo? 

The beauty of a tattoo idea is the freedom for self-expression that each can provide. When it comes to a sister tattoo idea the sky truly is the limit in terms of concepts and creativity. Any number of different styles and subject matter can be utilized to create unique tattoos that commemorate the filial love of sisterhood: plants, animals, full color and black and gray can all be utilized in sister tattoos.  

The ladies tattoos within this gallery utilize a variety of styles and approaches and are just a taste of what is possible with this profound relationship as inspiration. 

1. Animal Themed Sibling Tattoo

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Animals play important roles in our lives. Whether it is the tiger, whose strength and ferocity we admire, or the pets that we share our homes with, many people choose to get their perfect tattoo incorporating animals. For these very same reasons animals are the perfect choice for sister tattoos. Butterfly tattoo, bird tattoo and a variety of other designs such as a flower can help utilize animals to create tattoos that speak to the powerful nature of this relationship.  

Animals also provide a great opportunity to create a matching sister tattoo that will memorialize your little sis or big sis for years to come.  

2. Black and Gray Sister Tattoo Idea

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There is just something inherently appealing about black and gray work. Perhaps it’s the way black and gray tattoos can remind us of classic films and photography; maybe it’s the understated elegance created with this subtle approach. Whatever the reasons, black and gray is the perfect way to capture the deep significance of sisterhood through matching tattoos – everything from a heart tattoo to an infinity sister tattoo can be applied by a tattoo artist skilled in black and gray technique.

A tattoo design is limited only by the imagination of the wearer and the skill of the artist, and these sibling tattoos are great examples of how well a black and gray approach can capture the important role sisters play in each other’s lives.  

3. Cartoon Sibling Tattoo Designs

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Most of us grew up with cartoons, usually watching them with our siblings to bond and have fun as children. This shared experience makes cartoons the perfect way to demonstrate the powerful bond of sisterhood. Some people choose specific characters from the cartoons they grew up with, while others simply utilize this illustrative style to create beautiful matching sister tattoos that remind them of their original bff. 

Many people also choose to add captions like “little sister” and “big sister” to their tattoos in order to reduce any confusion over who’s the older and wiser sibling. 

4. Colorful Sister Group Tattoos 

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For some sisters, bright colors are the only way to properly communicate the vivacious nature of their collective personalities. A cute matching tattoo is the perfect way to show the world that family comes before all else. 

Adding a bit of color helps create more exciting and interesting designs. An infinity sister tattoo, moon tattoo or an anchor tattoo can all capture the strength and resiliency contained within a group of sisters, and these pieces are just a taste of what is possible with sisterhood as inspiration.  

5. Delicate

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The bold lines and vibrant colors of American traditional work aren’t for everyone, and in fact, there are many modern tattoo artists that specialize in delicate work. Heart tattoo tributes, floral tattoo and the infinity sign are especially well suited for this subtle approach and fit right in line with many of the more popular design concepts for matching sister tattoos.  

These tattoos are just a small sample of what is possible with sisterhood as the subject matter. Each big sis or little sister tattoo can demonstrate that sometimes a subtle approach is the perfect way to capture this important relationship.  

6. Groups of Sisters

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Some families are bigger than others, and the phrase “the more the merrier” applies to cute matching sister tattoos as much as anything else. 

While the styles and approaches on display in these sister tattoos are as varied and diverse as the women who wear them, the powerful ties of sisterhood bind them all together. Everything from clean Roman numerals to geometric arrows for an arm tattoo are represented in this collection but they all share filial love as their inspiration. 

7. Linework

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If you ask any tattoo artist around the world what the single most important element in applying a successful tattoo is 100% will say line work. Without consistent and precise lines a tiny tattoo or small tattoo tends to fade into an ill-defined, formless blob as time passes. 

In fact, line work is so important that many people choose create designs that skip bright colors and elaborate shading, opting instead for a subdued wrist or foot tattoo that lets the lines speak for themselves. These matching sister tattoos confirm that this popular trend works equally well when sibling love is the subject matter.  

8. Sister Script and Quote Tattoo Designs

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While some folks prefer abstract designs that leave interpretation in the hands of the observer, others want to take the guess work out of the meaning behind their ink. Script work or a quote tattoo provides the perfect way to do this. There is no clearer way to demonstrate your love for your sister than to permanently ink it on your arm. 

Another popular choice for sisterhood script tattoos is to take a profound or inspirational quote and get a matching sister tattoo. These pieces are great examples of script work tattoos dedicated to sibling love.  

9. Simple and Small Sister Tattoos

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Not everyone wants large, bold ink. In fact, many people prefer small tattoo designs, especially when it comes to first tattoo ideas. Utilizing a variety of different styles and approaches—everything from black and gray stipple work, colorful butterfly tattoo are represented here—these pieces show that just because a tiny tattoo or small application is used, it doesn’t mean that little sister tattoo can’t be appealing. 

10. Sister Sun and Moon Tattoo 

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People have looked to the sun, moon and stars since the beginning of time, creating stories and myths that bring the heavens to earth and help us make sense of the world. The sun and moon are also used to represent different qualities: light and dark, force and restraint, masculine and feminine. 

The deep meaning assigned to these celestial bodies make them a great choice for sun and moon tattoo. Many people even incorporate these heavenly bodies with a star tattoo to complete their cosmic designs.  

11. Unique

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At their core, tattoos are tools for self-expression: what better way to show off to the world your style and sensibilities than with a one-of-a-kind tattoo, such as a pinky promise with your sister? 

Thankfully for ink enthusiasts, talented tattoo artists are skilled at taking unique concepts and tattoo ideas and turning them into works of art that can be permanently worn on the skin. These are great examples of the variety of designs and concepts that can be used to commemorate sisterhood. American traditional, Celtic knots and stylized designs that are reminiscent of Japanese irezumi are all on display in this diverse cross section of sister tattoos. 

12. Watercolor

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One popular trend sees tattoo artists using bright colors and a loose approach to create designs reminiscent of watercolor paintings. Many of these pieces utilize bold, black lines and allow the colors to spill over the outline to enhance this interesting effect and create some truly unique tattoos. One reason that many sisters choose to get tattoos that use this approach is the shared experience many siblings had of using watercolors as children. By taking concepts—flowers, animals and siblings sitting on swings are all represented here—and applying this playful approach, tattoo artists are able to create excellent matching sister tattoos.  

Sister Tattoo FAQs 

What symbols represent sisters? 

Sisterhood is a concept that transcends modern society and goes back all the way to the hunter gatherer origins of humanity. Unsurprisingly, many cultures use different symbols to represent this powerful relationship and here are just a couple.  

In some Native American tradition women—and the feminine traits of strength, fertility and compassion—were represented by an X topped with a small circle, to form a figure. When two of these designs were placed side by side, contained within a circle the symbol referred to sisterhood and the power contained within this relationship. 

In Celtic traditions, known for their intricate knot-work designs, there is another symbol representing sisterhood. Comprised of a stylized triquetra, or three-sided knot, the unbroken line that forms the shape is said to represent unending love. Three points of the design are said to represent the three stages in a woman’s life: maid, mother and wise elder.  Finally, the Celtic Sister Knot contains a heart within the shape, completing this interesting design dedicated to sisterhood.  

Are sister tattoos a good idea? 

Not so long ago, tattoos were risqué expressions relegated to the fringes of society. Not anymore. With the changes in attitudes and perceptions of tattoos, more ladies are choosing to get tattoos and the deep bond sisters share is the perfect inspiration for some new ink.  

With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, there is a sister tattoo out there for everyone and one of the best ways to permanently commemorate this love is through sharing the same tattoo. 

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