Small Anchor Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Small Anchor Tattoo Designs For Men – Manly Miniature Ink Ideas

Anchors are not just for the nautically inclined anymore, though many still honor their second home at sea through the symbol.

For those who move over land the anchor has come to represent a still point in a tumultuous world; it is the mark of one rooted to terra firma, no matter how many fathoms deep they plunge.

The anchored figured largely in early Christian spirituality, with many tombs in Roman catacombs adorned with the symbol. The anchor would also go on to represent St. Clement, who was martyred by being bound to an anchor and thrown into the sea.

Not all anchor tattoos have to be large or overly elaborate displays; in fact, the most poignant designs stud a finger or the hip, perhaps an ankle. Small anchor tattoos are popular among those who prefer to tell their stories in a more subtle, secretive fashion. Whether your love of the water or position as an anchor to your loved ones compels you, the small anchor tattoo is perfect for the man of few words but infinite depth.

The man who chooses the understated anchor does not waver in his loyalty or support of those less stable, and just as the anchor is a crucial component of even the most titanic of vessels, so too is the anchor tattoo wearer part of something much greater than himself alone.


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