Solar System Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 33 Solar System & Planet Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

To unlock an interstellar fashion perspective, today’s stylish men are frequently opting for solar system tattoos. This nebulous realm of body art can transform any guy into a seductively suave master of outer space.

For interplanetary appeal, nothing tops a magnificent display of solar system ink. These tattoos possess a wide range of allure that transcends many manly demographics. They are supremely attractive to astronomy buffs and astrology aficionados alike.

Additionally, these galactic designs are vastly versatile. Concentric circles are extra popular tattoo choices among solar system enthusiasts, especially since they encapsulate the orbit of each celestial body. The sun is typically the centerpiece in these creations, and the solar focal point can be presented in countless dynamic forms. You can also use your solar system body art to take a stand on Pluto’s planetary status once and for all!

Personal horoscope information can be cunningly utilized as well. Because astrological signs directly correspond with the planets, these striking visual masterpieces are capable of showing the solar system’s arrangement at the time of your birth. These charts will reveal your inner nature to the trained metaphysical eye.

For everyone else, the one-of-a-kind tattoo will simply be a handsome facet of your personality. Check out the potential of a cosmic skin makeover here:

1. Color solar system tattoos


Adding color to a well performed outline of a planetary themed pieces brings the tattoo to the next level, upgrading the original line work by incorporating the vast color palate of the planets themselves. The natural planets offer a wide variety of funky and fresh colors that if applied appropriately to the skin effectively showcase color and technical application. Solar system themed tattoos that contain color brings complexity to the work, helping assist the piece achieve a new level of realism. The tattoo isn’t required to be completely saturated with color to reach this level. In most cases, solid line work with strategically placed color can transform a piece instantly! The last picture strongly supports this idea by adding a subtle hint of blue to showcase this fundamental skill. However, if realism isn’t the goal, the color scheme and design respected by intergalactic tattoos is guaranteed to offer a wide range of ideas.

2. Interstellar black and gray ink

Black and gray pieces are iconic, classic, and will forever hold a place in tattoo culture and design. Although adding color to a planetary piece is an aid in creating a realistic appearance, solid black and gray work brings a different style of complexity. Much like space, solid black tattoos establish great depth and dark contrast which helps separate the focal point from the background. The third tattoo pictured demonstrates the separation of foreground and background, making the concept more believable. Although the design doesn’t incorporate any color, the realistic aspect comes from an artist’s ability to shade appropriately and apply the use of negative space. Creating the illusion of depth and space in planetary ink is of the upmost importance for a successful black and gray tattoo. Not every solar system piece has to be complex. Using more negative space and solid dark ink creates a more simplistic, yet hard hitting tattoo!  

3. Innovative solar system tattoos 


Abstract tattoos often take a concept or idea from an original piece and expertly blends it into various styles or designs. This encompasses multiple genres of tattooing and allows for the most artistic expression! The tattoo warps the reality of the modeled design into something unique and sometimes unrecognizable. The tattoo can incorporate traditional, black and gray, color, simple line work, dot work, and many more combinations of styles.  The last picture perfectly portrays the use of traditional style to showcase some playful planets! A blend of multiple techniques helps establish a complex tattoo that steers from realism and focuses primarily on creativity and personal expression. The abstract piece can often hold an entirely different meaning than what the artwork conveys openly. Space is vast and complex, with endless varieties of natural inspiration to choose from such as orbital structure or far-out astral planes.

4. Geometric solar system tattoos

Much like abstract tattoos, geometric designs use various shapes and lines to establish an overall piece. This style focuses more on the linear ideology of the solar system rather than the planets themselves. While some tattoos integrate planets in the style of realism, the focus for geometric style tattoos are the lines and shapes strategically placed throughout the piece to depict a different meaning. Much like the abstract work, geometric ink creates innovative artistic expression. The compass tattoo shown is neatly intertwined with orbital lines blurring the boundaries of a standard tattoo. The various astronomical signs play a factor in the composition of the tattoo and can determine where the shapes and lines are placed, bringing the simplicity of geometric tattoos to a whole new level! These designs don’t follow a specific guideline, instead being tailor made for the individual wearing them. The possibilities for creativity are endless!

4. Solar system Leg/Back Tattoos

Tattoo placement is as equally important to the technical application or overall composition of the tattoo. If a tattoo is poorly placed, then the piece is doomed from the start! It is important to place an outline appropriately to allow the tattoo to not be crammed or distorted with movement. With this principle in mind, the back and legs provide the tattoo artist a large canvas with a substantial amount of surface area to work with. Solar system tattoos can be placed almost anywhere but flow especially well on large areas of the body. The style isn’t nearly as significant as the placement and size of the tattoo. Large, well planned out, intergalactic designs look best spread out over vast amounts of skin.  Appropriate utilization of the given space and clarity of concept creates an opportunity to add infinite detail.


What does a solar system tattoo mean? 

Calling all lovers of science, inquisitive thinkers, and devoted followers of astronomical signage, a solar system themed tattoo can be right for you. With the numerous styles and design concepts available to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a tattoo to represent your take on the cosmic art style! 

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