Sprocket Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Sprocket Tattoo Designs For Men – Gear Ink Ideas

From auto gearheads to steampunk enthusiasts, the sprocket is a symbol of the sheer beauty of machinery. Cyclist or Son of Anarchy, your sprocket tattoo is the mark of a Da Vinci-like knowledge of mechanics, the inner workings of man and outer designs borne of his brilliance.

The chain-and-sprocket imagery, like the combination itself, is the simplest and most crucial depiction of forward movement; from there the possibilities are beyond endless–for speed, for power, for sheer force of will.

The man with the sprocket tattoo isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, to take something apart and build it anew, to challenge the blueprint. Whether it graces a bicep or studs one’s side, the sprocket has long held a place among masons, engineers, and all manner of mechanical trailblazers who honor the primitive tools from which the greatest inventions have risen.

Like blazing a trail or transporting precious cargo, the simplest sprocket design or boldly colored cog is sure to stop people in their tracks.


3d Bicycle Sprocket Mens Arm Tattoo

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Chain With Sprocket Male Leg Tattoo Designs

Chain With Sprockets Mens Leg Tattoos With 3d Design

Cool Nautical Star Male Sprocket Leg Calf Tattoo

Cool Sprocket Upper Arm Tattoo For Men

Cool Sprocket With Chain Male Leg Tattoo Design Inspiration

Detailed Dotwork Mens Sprocket Negative Space Arm Tattoo

Dotwork Geometric Pattern Sprocket Male Leg Tattoo

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Heart With Sprocket Mens Chest Tattoos

Inner Forearm Guys Sprockets And Chain Tattoo

Knee Mens Sprocket Black Shaded Tattoo Ideas

Manly Guys Sprocket Stomach Tattoos

Mechanical Instructions Sprocket Themed Mens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Memorial Sprocket Mens Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Mens Negative Space Sprocket Tattoo On Eblow

Mens Shoulder And Back Sprocket Chain Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Sprocket Elbow Tattoos

Mens Sprocket Ripped Skin Calf Tattoo

Moving Sprocket Leg Tattoo On Man

Old School Sprocket Guys Elbow Tattoos

Owl Flying With Sprocket Mens Traditional Chest Tattoos

Realistic Guys Sprocket Leg Tattoos

Shaded Sprocket Male Leg Tattoo

Skull With Sprocket Guys Cool Arm Tattoos

Skull With Sprocket Mens 3d Tattoo On Arm

Stars With Sprocket Mens Tattoo Designs

Torn Skin Sprocket Mens Forearm Tattoos

Traditional Sprocket Mens Hand Tattoos

Unique 3d Sprocket Male Outer Arm Tattoos

Yellow And Orange Male Sprocket Leg Tattoo

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