St Michael Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 73 St Michael Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

St Michael, known otherwise as Michael the Archangel, can be found fifteen times throughout the Bible. Not to mention, a quick glance in the lexicon and you’ll discover “the name of an archangel and nine Israelites written in Greek and Hebrew dictionaries.

When it comes to Saint Michael, what makes this archangel and prince so popularly renowned?

Well, it starts with the Book of Daniel, where he is referred to as “the great prince who stands up for the children of your people.”

Elsewhere, like in the Book of Revelation, text can found depicting his war in the heavens with Satan’s defeat.

Aside from other places like the Epistle of Jude, you’ll commonly find St Micheal in other forms like prayer.

Take for instance the Prayer to Saint Michael, which came to light back in 1886 by Pope Leo XIII. Years later in 1994, even Pope John Paul II was quite the advocate too.

Yet, when it comes to the meaning of this archangel, you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

When Michael stands guard over Israel, you could say it represents protection. When the Saint opposes Satan, it shows his firm beliefs and willingness to never cower out of fear. In a sense, you could symbolize this an act of bravery. Not to mention, he is also the military commander of certain angels and battles the patron angels of other nations. In other words, the Saint showcases excellent leadership and structure.

Now, when it comes to this Archangel, I’d like to share with you a collection of the top 75 best St Michael tattoos for men. You’ll discover popular styles that include his wings, amour, sword and shield. If you’re curious to know why some showcase the Saint fighting a dragon, it goes back to Christian Art.

St Michael Tattoo Ideas

Angel Micheal Tattoos On Man's Arm

This is a stunning religious piece on the upper arm of St. Michael, the Archangel defeating an evil creature. This piece depicts the relentless fight between good and evil.  St. Michael is dubbed as the champion of God’s people as he rescues the souls of the faithful from the power of the devil. This is an inkwork that should be worn proudly not just because of its aesthetic value but also because of its content.

Archangel Micheal Tattoo Meaning For Men On Upper Arm

This black and gray creation interprets St. Michael as the Archangel, guarding the faithful. This black and gray arm piece is a great design for the masculine arm. The details of this brave ethereal creature raising the sword, stepping up as the defender of its people. His arms and body are contoured to show muscular physique.

Archangel Micheal Tattoo Ides For Men Half Sleeve

The forearm seems to be the preferred spot for this religious theme of this gentle looking angel but carrying a deadly weapon blessed by God to defeat the satan. The Archangel is illustrated with wings, carrying a long staff carrying the cross symbol on side. This is an illustration of the battle in heaven wherein Lucifer, the chief among all the angels, rebelled against God. Michael, the brave and loyal servant, chose God and fought everyone else who chose the side of evil. There are several creatures that the artist included in this piece and found ways to add details so that each of them can be identified instantly.

Arm St Micheal The Archangel Tattoo Ideas On Males

There are various interpretation of the battle between the good angels versus the bad angels.  This arm tattoo illustrates a different variation in illustration, style and content. This is a minimalist take on these ethereal creatures. The artist uses extra fine lines for the outline and could even be a single needle technique. Then shadows and contours were added for depth and definition for added dimension. The wings, sleeves and hair of the angel has almost the same texture. His clothes draped and flowy, adorns an upper body armor. The evil creature is also winged, defeated and chained. This is a classic and timeless creation on an arm which has an enough space for medium sized creation in black and gray.

Best St Micheal Tattoo For Males

The inner arm of this gentleman showcases this magnificent tattoo of the well-loved, St. Michael, the Archangel portrayed as a skillful warrior of God defeating evil, single-handedly. The dark wings attached to this warrior chief angel, serve as a striking background to this ethereal piece. The dark background leads to a stretch until the chained creature under the foot of Michael. This creature is ripped and muscle toned, defeated and scared.

Chest Saint Micheal Archangel Tattoo For Guys

This chest tattoo features St. Michael, front and center, on one side defying darkness championing the faithful. This winged angel is illustrated with cloudlike details on his sleeves, body armor and a sash soft and glowing. The negative space provided around his head highlights the facial features and hair lightly blown away by the hair. This angel tattoo is a badge for justice, strength and bravery.

Color Archangel St Micheal Tattoos On Gentlemen

An arm tattoo of this divine leader of all archangels in vibrant shades of blue and the devil in flaming purple red, like the battle of fire and ice. This general of the angels carrying a cross staff, indicating that he is a servant of God and ready to defend the faithful at all times. The devil is drawn like a human monster desperate to win but definitely succumbs to defeat. This tattoo combines illustration with its outlines but shaded with enough amount of saturation for depth and definition, adding dimension to this colorful piece of art.

Creative St Micheal Tattoo Male Design Ideas

In Western literature, St. Michael usually carries either a sword, a symbol of his victory over Satan and evil. Often a horned, winged, Satan or dragon is being trampled underfoot and defeated. A black and gray realism tattoo, which adorns the inner forearm mimicking that of a tone sculpture executed on the skin with precision and exemplary skills on bringing to life an ink work that could have been flat and forgettable.

Forearm St Micheal Prayer Tattoo For Men

Saint Michael portrayed as the archangel in this arm tattoo, a spiritual warrior in the battle of good versus evil. A gray and black timeless ink art in light feathered strokes of highly diluted gray ink for the two main characters, contoured in black ink.

Forearm St Micheal Tattoo Art Designs On Males

This is the archangel in action, He is a champion of justice, a healer of the sick, and the guardian of the Church. Vanquishing Satan to his ultimate doom is his greatest achievement. This illustration is highly contoured to add depth and texture. The detailed wings of both the angel and the devil are admirable in execution. Both their physical structure was given enough attention to ensure a realistic appeal.

St. Michael tattoo sleeve on man's arm featuring skulls, angels and birds

This full sleeve tattoo depicts the story of the Archangel Michael as he fulfills his multiple roles: to fights Satan; as the guardian angel and champion of his people as he battles with evil; as the rescuer of the faithful from Satan; the healer of broken spirit and weakening faith. This must be a strong and brave man of faith to carry a religious theme on his arm and execute the story on ink.

Guy's Tattoo Of Archangel Micheal

This general of all angels is often illustrated with wings and a sword on western stories. This amazing art work is highly defined and saturated. It’s ethereal and aesthetic beauty can be appreciated even from afar because of its dark contours and contrasting technique that the artist used. The highlights were smartly used so as not to distort its delicate features.

Guy's Tattoo Of Micheal The Archangel Leg Sleeve

A brilliant realism piece of art work on the leg of this human canvas. The color combination that the artist used is enough to give the viewer a sense of warmth and ethereal perception of these supernatural creatures. The colors blended perfectly with the seamless transition fem dark to light. The details on every angle is incredible from the wings to the sword, the physique of the angel to the chain being carried by the arm then eventually the evil creature getting trashed. A visual feast, indeed.

Guy's Tattoos Of St Micheal The Archangel In Black Ink

A realistic dark piece of St. Michael the Archangel illustrating how he eventually defeated evil. This tattoo is worn as protection badge. To seek deliverance from any form of evil while an ordinary man of faith battles with his daily challenges.

Guy With Angel Micheal Tattoo Designs On Back With Color

A full back masterpiece of this guardian of the church. Satan and his evil followers were brought down to their knees and permanently vanished to hell by this brave and loyal servant of God. The blue-gray columns at the border of this huge St. Michael tattoo frames its composition setting it up for the religious and ethereal vibe. The color palette of the warm flaming orange at the background with the neutral berry tones plus the cool shades of blue and gray, was smartly chosen by the artist. This design is perfect for the man who is looking for a full-length back tattoo of a religious theme which has a global scope and a hero who is accepted among different religions.

Half Sleeve Tattoo St Micheal On Men

This inkwork resembles an impressionism artwork with gentle, thin, small strokes in soft hues of blue, gray and black. The eyes are drawn towards the heavenly white inkwork for the wings, sleeves and highlights of the hair. This gives the mighty St. Michael and ethereal vibe. The staff may be an important tool in the battle but was not given emphasis, in as much as the devil writhing in pain was not given too much attention by the artist because this tribute piece is for this guardian angel who saved its people, several times over.

Male Arch Angel Micheal Back Tattoo

This back tattoo in black and gray takes on a more subdued tone in its version of the battle in heaven, wherein Satan rebelled along with the other angels because of his thirst for power. This amazing masterpiece is a great reminder that slaying the devil is achievable. This courageous archangel is featured with wings spread out, poised to support and protect its owner. Its feathers are detailed and textured. And its staff bearing the cross on one side, deadly sharp on the other. This St. Michael tattoo is perfect the guy who is seeking the protection of the Archangel.

Male Archangel Micheal Tattoo Designs

This dark piece of the prince of angels’ mimics that of a statue creation placed on a well-toned upper arm is a slight variation from the other St, Michael tattoo designs.  Light, feather strokes in charcoal serve as background of this winged angel. The thin, long spear pierced on the chest of Satan who’s chained around the neck reveal that this angel is indeed a warrior.

Male Archangel Micheal Tattoos For Men

Light and delicate strokes, thinly shaded, and blurred edges to give this tattoo an ethereal overall look. This black and gray creation used highly diluted tones of gray to achieve the light airy lines when contouring the characters.

Male Half Sleeve Saint Micheal Tattoo

This design of St. Michael tattoo looks otherworldly with how the color palette, design and style were carefully chosen and executed to fit the chosen theme. The lightest shade is at the back of the forearm then darker tones gradually increase to the other side of the arm. The artist chose realism art to showcase this inkwork. The angel of light may have defeated Satan at the battle in heaven, but his evil minions still abound, and St. Michael never fails to show up, once called upon.

Upper Arm Male Saint Micheals Tattoo

The halo right behind St. Michael’s head reinforce that he is indeed the angel of light and his fight against evil has been blessed and endorsed by God. This inkwork is one of the more captivating designs on an arm. This tattoo is deeply saturated with the dark tones of black and gray are more visible than the soft gray tones.

Male Saint Micheal Tattoo Ideas On Wrist

This inner forearm tattoo of the Archangel, St. Michael exudes power and greatness and, will surely inspire the owner to pursue the path of faith and courage in pursuing spirituality. The prince of angel in action to defeat the evil forces is the focal theme of this tribute tattoo done in different shades of black and gray.

Male St Micheal The Archangel Tattoo Sleeve

A body portrait of Michael the Archangel showcasing his sword, defending the faithful from the doom of hell. As the messenger of God’s divine teachings, he is a symbol loyalty and faithfulness, and the bearer of great news that Satan can be defeated. He is inked on an arm in monochromatic tones with a hint of warmth making this creation standout in the chosen color palette and execution of realism technique. The features on his are well defined as well as his physique as the artists boldly uses contrast and shadows.

Manly Micheal Archangel Tattoo Design On Men Full Sleeves

This full sleeve tattoo of the guardian angel boldly inked deeply saturated black and gray tackles a story of triumph of good over evil, represented in different forms. This elaborate and highly detailed piece may have a deeper meaning on this male canvas but one thing is certain, his artist is extremely talented in the execution of realism technique.

Man With Archangel Tattoo Sleeve For Men

The battle in heaven by the angels is a popular theme for several tattoo artists. If you are shopping for concepts to adorn your highly toned arms, this piece can be a good place to start your research. The background sets off the mood and location of this tattoo. This general of all archangels fought hard and fiercely to keep heaven a safe place for the faithful.

Man With Micheal Archangel Tattoos On Chest

This is a large chest tattoo of this biblical story disclosed in the bible, the battle of the angels. It is executed in deep, dark and stunning bold tones, appropriate color palette for the re-creation of a fight scene. The drawing is spot-on leading the way for the artist in creating an exemplary piece.

Man With St Micheal Sleeve Tattoo

Our guardian angel of light and protection shown in his classic and popular imagery. This is a bold and intense ink work for the male arm. The contrast of colors is deep and strong which suggests that the artist used his color palette smartly to produce this masterpiece.

Man With St Micheal Prayer Tattoo

We call upon this brave and courageous angel for strength and protection. To carry a badge of stunning ink work of this mighty angel for strength, protection and inspiration. The blurred, featherlike background is perfect for this heavenly creature to be anchored on.

Man With St Micheal Tattoo

This St. Michael tattoo design is a variation from the other content which has been widely circulated. In this art work, the archangel is drawn with a more masculine features and traits, bearded and shorter hair in a more mature and adult physique.

Masculine Saint Micheal Tattoo Design Inspiration For Men

The venerated chief of all angels captured in an artwork clutching the horn of a devil. This is definitely a very powerful illustration of this well-loved angel, getting the message across that evil can be defeated anytime. This is a classic gray and black tattoo on the inner forearm of this masculine arm. Artist blurred most to soften the edges and played with the contrast.

Men's Angel Micheal Tattoo

The archangel Michael on his more popular illustration, often seen in prayer books and publications. He is winged, armored carrying a long staff and tramping on Satan. This influential angel drawn right into the skin, straight and clean. His wings spread at the background, unshaded so as not to compete with the shades of gray rendition of the angel.

Men's Archangel Micheal Tattoo On Arm And Shoulder

The angel of light, St. Michael the Archangel, is often featured with the rays of the sun and an orb on his head area, which gives him a divine aesthetic beauty. He is shown here with his mighty sword about to strike out the leader of all evil. His wings are spread out magnificently to indicate he is a force to reckon with. If you are looking for an inspiration for a St. Michael tattoo design, then this is one of those you should consider.

Men's Archangel Micheal Tattoos

An arm tattoo for this biblical themed creation. This prince of angels was tasked to champion his people at all times, defend them against all evil even from natural disasters.

Men's Arm Saint Micheal Tattoo

This arm is adorned with this stunning art tattoo of St. Michael, the archangel who guards and protects everyone who calls upon him for assistance. He is tasked to find you wherever you are, to be by your side to give you courage and strength as you fight your own daily battles in life. This is one those designs influenced by the more popular interpretation of our guardian angel, in black and gray, presented in part using realism technique.

Men's Chest St Micheal Archangel Tattoo

This chest tattoo is a powerful story of bravery and courage.  This is done with more black tones than the other pieces used to fill in negative spots to serve as background of these two characters. This bold and brave angel looks very tall in this piece and intimidating with his wings adding height and power especially with the sword on his hand ready to plunge into the devil right under his feet.

Men's Micheal Archangel Tattoo

This full sleeved tattoo of this powerful and influential angel who saved everyone from doom, is a great concept for a religious themed ink work. A classic theme executed in a style that hopefully will last for a long time.

Men's Micheal The Archangel Tattoo

This half sleeve black and gray tattoo, depicting the artist’s interpretation of the battle of the angels in heaven even the cherubs came and fought. The serpent, Satan, fallen and defeated by the prince of angels, St. Michael fought valiantly to save his people. The feathered strokes to produce cloudlike background of this ink work, is amazing. The angel is illustrated and shaded in gray then contoured in black.

Men's Saint Micheal Tattoos

The angel looks terrifyingly determined in this tattoo to defeat the devil. It is one of those darker pieces and highly saturated to ensure longevity of the tattoo. It is truly a heroic deed do bring these evil creatures down on their knees to seek forgiveness. His wings are highly detailed along with his armor. Even the facial expression was captured by the artist.

Men's Saint Michael The Archangel Tattoo

It is indeed a powerful sight to see this angel depicted in several tattoos as the hero of the day, and forevermore the hero of everyone born under the lineage of Adam and Eve. To take on Satan must have been very difficult on his part but his love for God and his people prevailed. This is a magnificent art work containing an equally important message of love for all those who believe in good, kindness and community.

Men's St Micheals Tattoo

When life can be extremely challenging at times during trials and when faith is tested several times over. This tattoo contains a message of hope and rebirth for the faltering faith of a weakening follower. This great angel is called upon during these times. To take spirituality to another journey of sacrifice and ultimate joy with a tattooing experience, that is respectful of content and who it represents, it must be a wonderful reprieve for an aching spirit.

Men's St Micheal Tattoo

A portrait of the general of all archangels with his staff in tow, is a symbol of bravery, courage and strength. What is important for the believers is his selfless ability to be there whenever he is needed by anyone, just call upon him and he will be there to guard, guide and protect. This portrait is delicately executed in black and gray taking on realism technique to breathe life into this creation.

Men's St Micheal Tattoo Designs

The aching soul thirsts for your goodness for comfort and hope, the angel of light is also a healer of the broken spirit and relieves you of your fears and worries. It is powerful to be given the chance to hope and look forward that after the turmoil, there is peace. This sleeve tattoo is a powerful tribute to this Archangel, St, Michael. It is done in high definition so it looks realistic in so many ways. Even the hands positioned as if to seek supplication is well detailed. The doves are also well executed. The contrast of the white and darkened portion is smartly done and spots carefully chosen so they’re presence in this piece will be perceived meaningful.

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