Starfish Tattoos For Men

40 Starfish Tattoos For Men – Sea Creature Design Ideas

Hanging 10 and facing some 10 footers is something that surfers know all too well. This lifestyle is met by a whole new sense of terminology, a different set of rules, and a whole lot of beach time.

Starfish exemplify an intricate sea creature that washes up on the algae covered rocks. These creates are rough to the touch, mimicking the waves on a day surrounded by clouded skies and rainy showers.

The surfer is much like the starfish. Their board must be buffed to a certain degree, giving in that rugged feel and the perfect level for supported standing. The starfish grips tightly to traveled surfaces because it knows the changing tides could wash away any crustacean with ease. The symbolism tied in with this creature brings protection in troubled times and ensures safe travel over coarse paths. The tie between these meanings and the life of a surfer make for a great addition to the ink repertoire of these individuals.

This meaning spans far beyond any water way or rough weather. It targets individuals who are constantly under the pressure of diverse situations or other such trying times. It is a piece that helps create light when there is no sign of a flame. It helps reduce discomfort when it seems like pain is the only feeling you receive anymore. It is a sign that helps you get through the wicked and the worst and builds you to strive upon new paths and rise for additional horizons.

The common misconception with this tattoo is that it is more suited for women, due to the existing color schemes and combinations. Anyone can find salvation in imagery, which makes this particular depiction a great example of dual meaning and unisex nature. The black and white fashion is the most preferred option, as this takes less of the gender specificity into question.


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