Stary Night Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Starry Night Tattoo Designs For Men – Painting Ink Ideas

Arguably Van Gogh’s most famous painting, if not one of the most famous paintings of all time, “Starry Night” embodies the artist at the height of both his talent and madness, a masterpiece that literally painted the night heavens as the ultimate work of art.

Painted while Van Gogh was voluntarily confined to an asylum for his mental health, the painter’s only “window to the world” was just that—his bedroom window from which he painted none other than Starry Night.

Awash in all the vibrant colors and swirls of the constellations, with the brilliant moon anchoring the gorgeous chaos and illuminating the dark town below, the painting is a breathtaking escape from the world as we see it by day.

Van Gogh’s paintings may not make for a simple or painless tattoo session, and Starry Night is no exception. Yet the skill and dedication is truly worth its weight in gold, with a result that transforms your flesh into a moving, breathing work of art.

A Starry Night tattoo is most dramatic when applied to the wearer’s back, allowing the full landscape and depth of the piece to be revealed. No doubt by the end of the session you and your tattoo artist will have a forged bond shared only by artisans and those worthy of their greatest work.


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