Swan Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Swan Tattoo Designs For Men – Bird Ink Ideas

The swan is often relegated to a symbol feminine beauty and virtue; the mascot of Aphrodite and her consort Apollo.

For that reason it may be tempting to avoid the graceful figure’s likeness as tattoo inspiration, but it’s well worth a second look.

In ancient Celtic belief, the swan represented inner balance and commitment to one’s path and higher calling; essentially one’s soul. Similarly, traditional Irish poets as well as musicians wore cloaks of swan feathers, with many tales featuring transformative correlations between human and swan. More than a mere bird, the swan was a creature of regal bearing, and in times prior only the wealthiest and most powerful were permitted to feast upon it, as well as appoint it to gardens and private aviaries.

A swan tattoo may seem like a frivolous feminine byproduct these days, but only because we have forgotten it’s prestigious origins. Even the greatest warriors revered it as a mark of dedication, not only to loved ones, but to traveling the still waters of one’s own life. Look closely at the swan: it seldom looks troubled or panicked, and hardly gets its feathers tousled over the squabblings of fellow birds.

Inked in striking white across one’s arm or shoulders, the swan tattoo is a pronouncement of grace under pressure, a prestige awarded to few.


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