Sword Tattoos For Men

50 Sword Tattoos For Men – A Sharp Sense Of Suave Sophistication

Sword tattoos have been around since mankind’s obsession with inked flesh began. This primal image conjures a distinct essence of maleness, and its provocative symbolism extends across cultures to convey a seriously self-possessed persona.

To hone a sharp sense of suave sophistication, all a confident guy needs are manly sword tattoos. In fact, cunning blade imagery will assertively place you a cut above your rivals in stylishness. Nothing quite encapsulates masculine power like being adorned with razor-sharp weaponry.

There are countless spiritual meanings associated with a sword tattoo. For example, Buddhism teaches that a blade can swiftly eliminate ignorance. In alchemy, the knife represents an achievement of purity. This connotation is also expressed in Christian art, which portrays the sword as a force of justice.

Meanwhile, African religions view swords as signs of personal growth. Similarly, Celtic mythology connects sharp weapons to alchemy.

Ink artists have a lot of flexibility and leeway with sword designs, especially since there are so many variations in blade technology. From scimitars to kitanas, there are innumerable options available. As such, new designs can be easily added between existing pieces. With the sword tattoos compiled here, an incisive wit will be showcased alongside a commanding attitude.


Angel With Sword Tattoo For Men On Bicep

Back Man With Gladiator Sword Tattoos

Back Samurai Sword Tattoos For Men

Chest Mens Sword Tattoo With Bird

Cool Mens Sword Tattoos On Shoulders

Creative Color Sword Tattoos For Men

Crossed Swords Tattoo For Men Back Of Arm

Crossing Skull Sword Tattoo On Mans Leg Calf

Dragon Sword Tattoo For Men Half Sleeve

Elegant Guys Swords Tattoo On Leg

Forearm Guys Rose And Sword Tattoo

Guys Flaming Sword Tattoo On Leg

King Crown Sword Cross Tattoo For Men

Knight Mens Sword Glove Armor Tattoo

Live By The Sword Die By The Sword Tattoo For Guys On Back

Male Sword And Wings Tattoo Forearm Sleeve

Manly Mens Sword Tattoo On Back

Masculine Mens Swords Tattoo Going Into Neck

Mens Celtic Sword Tattoo In Black Ink

Mens Forearm Sword Tattoos

Mens Samurai Sword Tattoo With Skeleton Helmet

Mens Sword And Shield Tattoo On Bicep

Mens Sword Tattoo Designs On Fingers

Mens Sword Tattoo Meaning

Ocean Blue Mens Skull And Sword Tattoo

Outline Male Sword And Shield Tattoo Designs Cutting Rope

Pirate Sword Tattoo For Males With Shark

Realistic Justice Tattoo Swords For Men

Simple Guys Color Sword Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Skull Three Of Swords Tattoo On Mans Chest

Sleeve Manly Mens Sword Tattoo

Small Guys Celtic Sword Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Small Handshake Sword Male Tattoos

Small Male Sword Tattoo Design

Snake And Sword Tattoo On Men

Snake Sword Tattoo For Guys

Sword And Shield Tattoos For Men

Sword And Skull Tattoo For Males

Sword Of Truth Tattoo For Males On Lower Leg

Swords Tattoos For Men On Inner Forearm

Sword Tattoos Designs For Males With Anvil

Sword With Knight Tattoo For Guys

Tattoos Crossing Swords Men On Stomach

Tattoos Of Swords For Men

Tattoo Sword For Males On Wrist

Thigh Cross Sword Tattoo For Males

Three Heart Sword Tattoo For Men

Tribal Sword Tattoo For Men

Viking Sword Tattoo For Men On Back

Wrist Dragon And Sword Tattoo For Men

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