Talon Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Talon Tattoo Designs For Men – Claw Ink Ideas

Representing the power of the creatures they come from, talon and claw tattoos vary widely, but typically convey ferocity. Combatting courageously to break through limitations, claws tear through their impediments to reach freedom.

The ripping of flesh releases one’s inner demons resulting in personal victory. Overcoming that which binds allows a flood of positivity to bring restorative healing.

For those fighting ongoing battles, claws are eternally bared in fierce resistance. Focusing the intense power of a wild beast or bird of prey, battles are valiantly waged every day, slashing and tearing through illness or self-induced bondage. Sometimes defending, sometimes attacking, the talons are always protecting what is highly valued.

The talon is the ability to grasp what is desired. Opportunities are seized. No longer sitting on the sidelines watching a mediocre life go by, one scratches and claws to gain control. The hunt commences, and the prey stands no chance of escape.

Exuding strength, power and bravery, talons command respect. From the nobility of panther claws to the American patriotism of eagle talons, tattoos reflect the depths of personal journeys. The inclusion of tribal and totem symbols adds further revelation.

Whether sharp claws or hooked talons, ruthless ferocity is conveyed in these vividly active tattoos. Oftentimes mysterious, it’s not obvious which animal is poised to attack or is tearing through the flesh. Interest is piqued as to what it is that’s breaking out.

Is the man as vicious as his tattoo? He might be.


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