The Office Tattoos For Men

70 The Office Tattoos For Men – Dunder Mifflin Design Ideas

NBC’s breakthrough comedy shed light on an entirely new genre that would eventually take America by storm.

Offering us a peak into the seemingly (but anything but) mundane realm of office life, the show introduced us to characters we never forgot, and a world so wince-inducingly hilarious it was truly a sad day when the series finale closed the book.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a bit of Michael Scott’s beloved office realm on you at all times.

An Office tattoo instantly speaks of your devotion to the series, while calling attention to particular cast favorites and lines you could recite in your sleep. From bobblehead Dwight to Michael’s World’s Best Boss coffee cup (which he bought for himself), the world of Office inspiration is rich with references.

A ferocious bear accompanied by Jim’s spot-on °Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica” impression instantly calls to mind the rivalries that oddly sustain us in our daily lives, while the Nard Dog reminds us all to keep our heads up even when we’ve stacked the odds against ourselves. Even the unforgettable Office plaque that concludes the opening credits is ideal tattoo material, and what’s more sure to strike instant recognition amongst fellow devotees.

Shows like The Office only come around once in what feels like a decade, and the show’s nearly equal run speaks of its mainstay relevance to this day. Your Office tattoo is a reminder that even the mundane awards us with unexpected surprises (and sure, the occasional fiasco) from time to time, so keep your Schrute-approved nunchucks at the ready.


3d Green Jello The Office Tattoo On Man

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