Tiger Tattoo Designs For Men

100 Tiger Tattoo Designs For Men – King Of Beasts And The Jungle

While the tiger may be the largest member of the cat family in the world, it’s time in the jungle seems to be running out. From nine species of tigers down to six, with the rest all endangered.

Yet, even today the tiger still remains one of nature’s most featured predators, and for a good reason.

The truth is, this animal has the ability to kill foes twice its own size!

Not to mention, tigers also scent-mark massive territories and take advantage of their camouflaged coats in the wild. In fact, oddly enough, it’s been determined that no two have the same stripes!

As masters of their domain with a bold and mighty mentality, it’s simple to see why the symbolism behind them is so strong.

For instance, in China the tiger represents the king of all beasts, it is a symbol of powerful energy. It can also be seen with Tsai Shen Yeh, the Chinese God of Wealth too. While in Asian culture, some believe this animal is the protector of the dead. It’s a good reason why you’ll find so many tombstones and graves with symbols of the tigers engraved into them.

Now, a popular design stems from the five Asian tigers: White, black, blue, red, and yellow.

White is for the fall season ruler and metal elemental governor. Black is associated with the season of Winter and the water elementals. Blue, for the season of spring and earth elementals. However, yellow represents the supreme ruler of them all, plus a symbol tribute to the Sun.

To help you navigate a jungle of ideas, I’ve put together a guide of the top 100 best tiger tattoos for men. From the Bengal, Siberian, Malayan, Sumatran South Chinese and more, you’ll find plenty of wild designs to enjoy!


Abstract Men's Tiger Tattoo

Asian Tiger Tattoo For Men

Back Of Legs Tiger Eye Tattoo For Men

Back Tiger Tattoo For Men

Bicep Tiger Claw Tattoo For Men

Bicep Tiger Tattoos On Man

Black Men's Tiger Tattoo Meaning

Black Tiger Back Tattoo For Men

Chinese Tiger Tattoo For Men

Color Tiger Stripes Tattoo For Men On Chest

Cool Half Sleeve Tiger Tattoos For Males

Cool Tiger Men's Tattoos On Arm

Creative Black And White Tiger Tattoos

Guy's Black And Grey Tiger Tattoo

Guy's Chinese Tiger Tattoos

Guy's Roaring Tiger Tattoo On Forearm

Guy's Tiger Head Tattoos Sleeve

Guy's Tiger Japanese Tattoo

Guy's Tiger Tattoo Body Artwork

Japanese Tiger Tattoos For Guys On Foot

Knee Cap Tiger Tattoos Ideas For Men

Leg Calf Tiger Half Sleeve Tattoo On Men

Lower Arm Tiger Scratches Tattoo For Males

Male 3D Tiger Tattoos On Shoulder

Male Best Tiger Tattoos

Male Black And White Tiger Tattoo On Chest

Male Black Tiger Tattoo

Male Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs On Hands

Male Siberian Tiger Eye Tattoo Sleeve

Manly Tiger Arm Tattoos On Shoulder

Manly Tiger Claws Tattoo Bicep

Man With Old School Tiger Tattoo

Man With Tiger Tattoo Arm

Man With Tiger Tattoo On Arm

Man With Traditional Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Masculine Male Tattoo Of Tigers

Men's Black Tiger Tattoos On Chest

Men's Flying Tiger Tattoo

Men's Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Men's Orange Tiger Tattoo On Back

Men's Tattoo Of Tiger On Leg

Men's Tiger Face Tattoo On Hands

Men's Tiger Head Tattoo

Men's Tiger Scratch Tattoo

Men's Tiger Stripe Tattoo On Fingers

Men's Tiger Tattoo

Men's Tiger Tattoo Designs

Men's Tiger Tattoos

Men's Traditional Tiger Tattoo Sleeves In Color

Men's Tribal Tiger Tattoo

Men's Tribal Tiger Tattoos

Realistic Tiger Tattoo For Males On Legs

Realistic Tiger Tattoos For Men Of Blue Eyes

Side Rib Cage Saber Tooth Tiger Tattoo For Guys

Simple Tattoo Tiger For Men

Simple Tiger Tattoo On Men

Small Forearm Dragon Tiger Tattoo For Men

Small Masculine Tiger Face Tattoo Designs

Small Tiger Men's Tattoos

Stomach Tiger Men's Tattoos

Tattoo Of A Tiger On Man

Tattoos Male Tigers

Geometric Tattoos Of Tigers For Men

Tattoos Tiger For Guys

Tattoo Tiger Sleeve Men's DEsigns

Thai Tiger Tattoo For Males

Thigh Korean Tiger Tattoo For Guys

Tiger Arm Men's Tattoo

Tiger Arm Tattoo For Men

Tiger Dragon Tattoo For Men

Tiger Eyes Men's Tattoos

Tiger Eyes Tattoo For Men

Tiger Eye Tattoos For Gentlemen

Tiger Face Tattoos Men

Tiger Man Tattoo On Man

Tiger Men's Tattoos For Guys

Tiger Paw Tattoo For Men On Back

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo For Males

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Tiger Sleeve Male Tattoo Designs

Woman With Tigers Tattoo Men

Stay Hungry Tigers Tattoos For Men On Ribs

Tiger Tattoo Design For Guys

Tiger Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tiger Tattoo On Chest Men

Tiger Tattoos Designs On Man's Wrist

Tiger Tattoo Sleeve For Males

Tiger Tribal Tattoo For Men On Shoulder Blade

Upper Arm Bengal Tiger Tattoo For Men

White Tiger Tattoo Designs For Guys On Back

White Tiger Tattoo Designs For Males

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