Top 18 Best Snow Boots For Men

Top 18 Best Snow Boots For Men – Warm Waterproof Style To Stay Dry

The last thing you want to do is to be stuck in the snow with frigid cold feet, or even worse wet toes! Sure, winter weather is brutal and at times miserable, but frostbite is no joke! For outdoor activities that demand the best protection, these carefully picked boots will stand up to the test.

When it comes to staying warm while you hunt, roam the mountains or even shovel heavy snow off your driveway, the boots you wear matter. As do your choice in socks too!

However, with all sorts of different insulations, outsoles, and linings it can difficult to find the right pair. Don’t worry, I’ve done all the extreme testing for you, to ensure your winter arsenal is battle ready.

From stylish picks to downright rugged designs, these top 18 best snow boots for men will handle just about anything winter can throw your way. Bring on the blizzard!

Best Snow Boots For Men

1. Sorel Caribou Wool Boot

Sorel Men's Caribou Wool NM4181 Boot,Tobacco,10 M


While these may look just like the Sorel Caribou II Boots, the bump in price gets you some handsome extra features. For instance, the inner boot is made from 9mm thick ThermoPlus wool. The exterior still comes equipped with an Aerotrac outsole, though.

In terms of waterproofing, you can submerge these in water or even slush and expect no leaks; even for over a half-hour in extreme conditions. Not to mention, the removable wool inner boot helps to keep your feet temperature steady. When paired with the right socks, it’s literally a match made in heaven.

However, while these may be more rugged men’s boots, it’s important to know they are best suited for heavier snow conditions. The soles offer significantly more grip in deep powder than in comparison to patches of ice or light snow on the pavement.


2. Columbia Bugaboot XTM Snow Boot

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat Mid Calf Boot, Black, Phoenix Blue, 10


Rock solid and ready for rough conditions, the Columbia Bugaboot XTM Snow Boot defies nature. All while doing so in warm comfort of course. Each features a snug, tight fit with 600 grams of thermal insulation to keep the heat in. A techlite midsole offers less weight than most boots, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice durability or ruggedness.

Omni-grip rubber outsoles offer high traction and a firm foot forward on surfaces with both light and packed snow. For wet conditions and freezing rain, you’ll be glad to know the seam sealed leather keeps them entirely waterproof.


3. Kamic Nationplus Boots

Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot (10.5 D(M) US, Dark Brown)


With 200B Thinsulate insulation and a rustproof speed-lacing system, every moment spent out in the snow will feel almost like paradise with these on. Even in seven inches of grueling city snow and slush, your socks will feel just as dry as when you first put them on.

For heavy snowstorms, you’ll be surprised at just how well these boots handle the harsh weather too. For instance, moving around in two feet of snow is taxing on your legs, however virtually no snow ever gets in your boots. Not to mention, pair them with a thick set of socks and you’ll never experience dreaded cold feet again!

Overall, the rugged leather exterior makes these boots practical, and the price, well downright affordable for just about any man to own.


4. Sorel Bear Extreme Snow Boot

Sorel Men's Bear Extreme Snow Boot,Black/Red Quartz,11 M US


Overkill for shoveling snow in your driveway? Yes, however, that’s what makes these boots truly so excellent. Sure, you can go snowmobiling, sledding, hunting or even walk through blizzards with these on, but it doesn’t mean you must. In reality, these boots cover all the bases, they are downright versatile.

No matter what the outdoor activity may be, you can be certain bitter conditions will be the least of your worries. With a seam-sealed construction that’s both water and wind resistant, dry feet are a given. Each comes with a durable PU coated synthetic textile upper, vulcanized rubber shell, adjustable lace closure, and 9mm recycled felt insulation.

Not to mention, there’s also a really nice 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug midsole to make things even toaster on your toes. You’ll feel a bit more foot support from it too. At the bottom of this boot, there’s Sorel’s Aero-Tac outsole, which fares extremely well in heavy snow.


5. Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boots

Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot,Black,12 M


Old Man Winter stands no chance against the heavy and sturdy Kamik Greenbay 4-Cold Weather men’s boots. Certainly, it should come as no surprise when you consider that Kamic has been keeping gentlemen warm in the cold snow for well over a hundred years in counting.

Each boot arrives with a removable thermal guard and moisture-wicking lining, a self-cleaning rubber outsole, and a super hand rear pull-on loop. When combined, these boots will withstand extreme temperatures well beyond below zero degrees. To be precise, you can literally walk around in negative 40 degrees F weather without having to worry.

To keep dry 600 nylon uppers and a lace-locking snow collar does the trick. Should you in the rare chance, ever need to remove the liner, don’t worry, the Greenbay 4’s felt liner is completely removable. Speaking of removable, you’ll find it hard to get your feet stuck in the snow thanks to thick, knobby tread.


6. Sorel 1964 Pac Nylon Cold Weather Boot

Sorel Men's 1964 Pac Nylon-1260-M Cold Weather Boot,Nutmeg/Black,8 D US


The biggest difference between these boots and the Sorel 1964 Premium TCVS boots is going to be the outer construction. First off, you’ll notice these some with a waterproofed synthetic textile exterior in surplus green. It’s more a military look, styled for the adventuress type of man.

Each arrives with a seam-sealed construction, faux shearling cuff, and a vulcanized rubber shell foot. However, one of the key things to know about is the Herringbone outsole. It’s exceptional when it comes to getting solid traction in both light and heavy snow conditions.

Inside, the 9mm felt inner boot is removable for easy cleaning and of course, comfort too. When it’s all put together, the 1964 Pac Nylon Cold Weather Boot will easily keep you warm in temperatures down to a frigid -40 degrees F.


7. Sperry Top-Sider Avenue Duck Chukka Boot

Sperry Mens Avenue Duck Boots, Black/Amaretto, 10


Discover the smaller, but impressive duck boot from Sperry Top-Sider with a cool, stylish chukka stance. With seven color options to choose from, this boot serves just about any outfit well. Wear them on rainy days or slide them on in the frigid winter snowstorm.

Sure, they are not as heavy duty in terms of handling extreme weather conditions as some of the other boots for men on the list, however, they still serve a solid purpose. Each features a waterproof rubberized Wellington toe plus a non-marking outsole. A 1.25” heel elevates your toes above the slush and rain while a 7” shaft provides a fair amount of packed snow protection.

One thing I personally like about these Sperry’s in particular is the finely finished leather top. It gives the entire boot a really well-rounded look to it when you consider all the contrasting small details like the laces for instance.


8. Sorel 1964 Premium TCVS Boot

Sorel Men's 1964 Premium T CVS Snow Boot, Black, Sail Red, 9 D US


Arriving in eight different colors from contrasting elk and green to black sail red, each 1964 TCVS boot offers a ruggedly handsome appearance. On the exterior of each you’ll find a waxed canvas top, rubber bottom sole, and a Wellington toe. For waterproofing Sorel has seam-sealed the boots plus added three rows of stitching for added durability.

The shaft on the 1964 Premium TCVS Boot is taller than most and comes in at a respectable eight inches from the arch. Each heel is two inches while the platform itself is a solid one inch in size. On the interior, you’ll find a removable, recycled felt lining suitable for extremely harsh weather and temperatures below 40.

When on your feet they feel snug, secure and super comfortable to roam around in. Sure, the traditional lacing may be more old-school in its approach, yet it’s still simple and easy.

One thing I’d also like to mention is the small details Sorel has included on this boot. If you look around you’ll find bits and pieces of leather neatly stitched in for a sharp looking feel.


9. Sorel Caribou II Boots

Who says you can’t have a sense of individual style in the freezing cold? With ten different colors to choose from, these Sorel boots not only keep you toasty, they also keep you looking sharp! Choose from black to olive, prairie sand, tan, maple and more.

Just don’t let the cozy looks fool you, there’s more to these boots than just their comfortably plush Sherpa Pile cuff. In action, the Caribou II has a true weather-defying attitude. A waterproof leather and rubber exterior construction keeps your toes dry while the removable ThermoPlus inner boot keeps them heavily protected.

Keep in mind these men’s boots are heavier than most; one look at the sole and you’ll know why. They can be a bit clunky to walk around in, but traction is still exceptional in frigid climates and rough conditions. Due to the heavy design, quality has become more of a hit or miss lately.


10. Totes Tornado Suede Zip-Up Snow Boot

totes Mens Tornado Suede Zip-up Snow Boots, Taupe, Size - 11


If you don’t like frozen laces that are impossible to tie, here’s your answer. Meet the genuine suede and rubber, easy on and off, Totes Tornado Zip-up Snow Boots. Aside from the simple and convenient zip-up design, each is constructed with an insulated lining, padded collar, and a cushioned interior.

For added peace of mind, Totes has not only waterproof these boots but also created a sole with some serious traction grip to it. When it’s all put together, they feel sturdy and snug with not a whole lot of room to squish around in. Yet, that’s not a bad thing at all, I’d much prefer shoes that refuse to come off in thick snow.


11. Sorel Conquest Boots

Sorel Men's Conquest Snow Boot, Bark, 10 M US


From hunting in the remote Alaskan woods to shoveling snow in your driveway, these Conquest Boots by Sorel are made for extended outdoor activity. Each features an aggressive look with your choice of five different colors like British Tan, Black, and Boulder.

Beyond the waterproof leather exterior, you’ll find 400g Thinsulate Ultra insulation and a built-in gaiter bootie at the heart of these boots. Yet, while they may withstand -40 degrees F weather, the real magic happens in deep piles of snow. The bungee drawstring and barrel lock enclosure keep your feet protected at all times; no matter the terrain.

Warmth and dryness aside, you’ll be glad to know each boot also comes with a handy Achilles adjustment strap. For rough terrain, it offers much-needed ankle support. Not to mention, there’s also an EVA comfort footbed, which makes every step not only secure but also a pleasure.


12. Totes Suburb Short Winter Woot

When it comes to getting the most value out of every dollar spent, its hard beat the Suburb Short Winter Boots by Totes. Usually things like fine craftsmanship, durability and comfort come with a higher price tag, but Totes has proven that notion to be quite untrue.

You’ll be surprised by how long these boots hold up with year after year of use. The rubber sole is tough while the exterior stitching is considerably heavy duty. Perhaps it’s the wave-like pattern construction that makes these boots so rugged.

Now, even though there shorter in size, they still fare well in the deep snow. For artic-like temperatures, you’ll be glad to know they also have a solid insulated interior. However, what makes them unique is that the faux fur lining is extremely comfortable to walk around in. Not to mention, downright toasty and warm.

If untied shoelaces are your worst enemy, these Suburb Short Winter Boots are the solution. On the side, you’ll find a fast and easy zip closure. Unlike most, it’s surprisingly heavy duty in construction.

One thing to keep in mind is the size, these run small. Go up a half in size for the perfect fit!


13. Guide Gear Insulated Monolithic Waterproof Thinsulate 2400 Gram Hunting Boots

Guide Gear Monolithic Extreme Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 2,400-gram Thinsulate Ultra, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, 12D (Medium)


When you get cold feet in the winter and a good pair of socks or even boots don’t seem to help, here’s your answer. With 2,400 gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation one thing you can be certain of is downright toasty toes.

However, while that may sound all good and impressive, the real magic happens with the super thick sole. Unlike a good majority of the soles on boots out there today, these are about twice the thickness. What that means is when you’re standing idle in deep snow or even on frozen terrain, you won’t feel that chill creeping its way on up.

Now, even though water, mud and slush may surround your entire foot, beyond the sole itself, you’ll still be glad to know these boots are indeed waterproof. Each exterior comes with suede leather and a 900-denier mossy oak nylon upper. Plus, the lug outsole is also resistant to oil too.

On the interior things are considerably less rugged, with a more gentle approach. A moisture wicking mesh liner is paired with an EVA insole, as well as a padded tongue and collar. In terms of comfort, they are surprisingly good.


14. Northside Back Country Waterproof Pack Snow Boot

Northside Men's 910826M Back Country Waterproof Padded Sherpa Collar Pack Boot,Brown,13 M US


These men’s boots not only run about one size too big, but they’re also quite bulky in size compared to most. However, when you consider the construction it’s actually a good thing. Sure they are a bit stiffer due to all the heavy rubber on your foot, but at least you can be certain absolutely no water will get inside.

Even if your adventure involves walking in the mountains, you can be assured your feet will feel great. Your wallet too, when you consider the price!

Not to mention you can also go one size down, or wear them with an extra pair of warm socks. Speaking of warm, on the interior you’re going to find 200g Thermolite insulation and a removable 8mm felt liner. There’s the padded faux shearling collar too, which adds another nice touch of comfort.


15. Timberland Heston Waterproof Boot

When you need a boot that’s more than just waterproof, breathable and warm, here’s where you look. In terms of style, these Heston boots are sharp with a stunning leather exterior. Sure, they’re not as rugged as some of the extreme men’s winter boots out there, but they still functional exceptionally well.

Aside from their handsome good looks and two leather color choices, their also super comfortable to sink your feet into. The breathable Gore-tex membrane keeps your toes from sweating while the wool trim adds a touch of warmth. For resting your feet, there’s an Ortholite footbed, which makes extended time outdoors less taxing on the toes.

Overall, it’s quite impressive how well Timberland’s stylish footwear pairs so well with demanding conditions.


16. Timberland Schazzberg High WP Insulated Winter Boot

ClimaPath technology keeps you dry while a bold, full-grain leather exterior keeps you look sharp. With a waterproof membrane and thick, Vibram rubber outsole, taking one small step forward is easy; no matter the weather condition. Each step is also comfortable thanks to a supportive OrthoLite footbed.

In terms of weight, they are super light, which means you can get away with wearing them indoors or outdoors. Sure, they aren’t exactly dressy in style, but pair them with khakis and you’ll be good to go for most occasions.

You’ll be warm too! Even though they are lighter than most boots Timberland didn’t skimp out on the insulation. Inside you’ll find 400g of PrimaLoft insulation. It makes for a more snug fit, but over time these boots contour around your feet.


17. L.L. Bean Signature Waxed-Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe

Ll Bean Signature Waxed Canvas Main Hunting Snow Shoes For Men


Beautiful waxed-canvas encompasses these manly boots for a touch of ruggedness. To finish them off, premium full-grain leather is used for all the trimmings. Upon first glance, you’ll see a resemblance to details from the 1912 original style.

L.L. Bean still kept the rubber chain-tread at the bottom, which is a testament to its functional and durable design over the years. You’ll also find a steel shank for added support and of course, stability too.


18. The North Face Chilkat II Boots

The Chilkat II feature 200g of Heatseeker insulation, a removable wicking lining, and a fully waterproof construction. Each is wrapped in a protective TPR shell and arrives with a WNF Winter Grip and IcePick lug sole. For traction on solid frozen ground to deep snow, you can be assured you’ll have plenty of it.

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