Top 35 Best Rose Tattoos For Men

Top 35 Best Rose Tattoos For Men – An Intricate Flower

When it comes to the Rose, most men might think flower equals feminine, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The rose is a powerful symbol that has been adorned by generations of manly men from sailors out on the rough seas, to soldiers taking their last breath on the battlefields.

Here are a few things every man should know about the rose:

– In the Roman Empire roses were a symbol to bloodshed and Mars, the god of war. When a soldier died in combat, roses were placed over their grave in an effort to carry their spirit into the heavens. It was believe that the aroma of roses lifted the dead towards both the gods, Venus and Mars.

– In mythology the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, gave new meaning to roses. Many believe that as the rose bush grew from her own pool of blood it symbolized immortal love. Love so powerful, that is could withstand both death and time itself.

– In Tarot, which are playing cards from the mid-15th century, the rose shined light on the future with as a symbol of promise, optimism and fresh beginnings. It’s thorns on the other hand, were to showcase lost men wandering through times of adversity.

– While navigating the rough seas, the arms of sailors proudly bared rose tattoos for a reminder of tranquility during troublesome travels. They served as a tribute and had an honorary purpose towards their wives, girlfriends, or distant lovers. Within time, both the seas and their love life would once again, be at peace.

Now, there are all sorts of colors men can choose when getting a tattoo, but when it comes to roses, one color really stands out. Unlike red roses, which can  be seen as symbolizing love, passion, or romance, the black rose is quite the opposite. It represents death, farewells and final goodbyes in either a  positive or negative mentality.

If you can relate to the meaning of this beautiful flower, here the top 35 best rose tattoos for men. I’ve collected an assortment of great ideas and designs for you to cultivate and grow your own inspiration from!


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