Top 7 Best Shoe Polish For Men

Top 7 Best Shoe Polish For Men – Essentials To Shine Your Footwear

There’s no doubt about it, $400 for a new pair of Allen Edmond dress shoes is quite the pretty penny to pay. And if you’re like me, you know that to get the most life out of your everyday $228 Cole Haan Chukka Boots.. You need to make an earnest commitment protecting them.

The truth is, some of the greatest lessons I’ve acquired when it comes to footwear include:
1. Not skimping out on quality when it comes to price. Finely crafted men’s shoes last astonishingly longer than their lower-priced rivals.
2. Investing in shoe trees and using them religiously.
3. Knowing a great local shoe repair man who can re-sole any shoe with fierce passion and unbelievable talent.
4. And of course, what I’d like to talk about with you today, using a top-notch shoe polish to nourish and waterproof your footwear.
When it comes to shoe polish, you’re more than often going to find solvents that help keep the wax supple enough to rub on your dress shoes. The type of solvent can vary from Naphtha (petroleum based) to Turpentine (pine based).
Natural solvents like Turpentine tend to smell more appealing, plus they are less taxing your bill of health in comparison to petroleum based solvents. It’s why inexpensive brands like Kiwi, tend to have that displeasing aroma as the petroleum based solvents evaporate.
For the leftover wax, carnauba or beeswax are typically associated with more premium brands. Now, this is important to know, as inferior waxes tend to melt under the sunlight, plus stick and gum up your fine shoe brush. When using a top-notch brand like my personal favorite Saphir, you’ll notice the texture is more buttery, and the wax has a uniform softness to it.
No matter what your preference, whether it is a brushed, hand-rubbed shine or a high gloss tone, I’ve included the top 7 best shoe polishes for men below. They’ll help keep your brown and black shoes looking like brand new, plus prolong the life of your pricey footwear.

Best Shoe Polish For Men

1. Kiwi Shoe Polish Paste

Kiwi Polish Paste Black, 2.5 oz
The giant in the shoe polish industry, there’s a reason Kiwi Shoe Polish Paste is the go-to polish for so many people who depend on good-looking everyday footwear. A simple, highly-effective carnauba wax formula perfected over decades of heavy use. The intention of Kiwi Shoe Polish is to provide a strong, very distinctive mirror shine for your boots or shoes.
This is a must for military footwear, as the formula quickly seeps and permeates the leather to fill in scratches and help remove scuffs. A blend of many all-natural waxes protects and nourishes with every application, satisfying both your requirements and the people who see your footwear every day.


2. Saphir Madaille D’or 1925 Pate De Luxe Wax Shoe Polish

Saphir Medaille D'or 1925 Pate De Luxe Black 50ml Wax Shoe Polish
Treat every pair of your shoe like they’re your favorites! Saphir Medaille D’or 1925 Pate De Luxe Black Wax Shoe Polish contains a complex formula of 10 different types of waxes, all linked together with top-quality natural turpentine oil, to achieve the perfect shine every time. Both animal (beeswax) and vegetable waxes are used to get a hybrid with the necessary technical aspects of each.
The wax polish permeates the leather of your shoe for excellent glazing as well as a high gloss finish. A mix of custom pigments creates the traditionally shined look through a combination of coloring and penetration. Transparency allows for the deep, 3-dimensional shine and luxurious sheen you do not get with cheaper polishes.


3. Angelus Perfect Stain Shoe Wax Polish

Angelus Shoe Wax Polish 3fl Oz (Color Variety) (Black)
If you’re looking for a professional shine, recommended by bootblacks you can never go wrong with Angelus Shoe Wax Polish. A intricate recipe of many waxes are bonded together with only the most top quality oils. Adds a new life to all your leather footwear, returning the look to its original fantastic sheen to impress everyone around you.
After investing in a pair of top-notch business shoes to enhance your style, Angelus Shoe Wax Polish will help you maintain your investment too with a flawless, deep dark finish. The lustrous shine will outlast your stride and holds together in almost all temperature conditions.


4. Meltonian Shoe Polish

Meltonian Shoe Cream Leather Boot Polish 35 Colors 1.55 oz Jar (#169 Taupe)
Meltonian Shoe Polish is a robust, incredibly luxurious formula blended with the finest waxes. Intended to be a shoe polish, you’ll find Meltonian is powerful enough to fill cracks and relieve aging on all your leather products including furniture, wallets, belts, purses and more. Rich, creamy, terrifically staining to set your shoes back to the original color they started with.
Works particularly well with smooth leather to retain the soft, flexible look with a long-lasting finish. Will make any expensive pair of men’s dress shoes look brand new and help resist moisture, dirt and grime so you can concentrate on your busy work day. Feel 100%, impress your clients (and your boss). Goes on easy and shines magnificently.


5. Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish

Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish, Neutral
Lincoln Shoe Wax Polish is a tried and true polishing solution among military men. Treatment is fast and offers better looks and longer life than the competition. It won’t leave your boots greasy, and it is a much more durable shine ready to take on a full day in the scorching sun and high activity. The easy open can is a must-have for folks who are serious about polishing every morning of every working day without breaking the little tab off the cheaper cans you might be familiar buying in the past.
The smell fills your nose with the refreshing scent of traditional carnauba instead of the heavy cloying smell of gasoline like with some. To sum up, Lincoln Shoe Wax Polish makes it easy to treat your boots and dress shoes right with less time and only a little investment.


6. Allen Edmonds Carnauba Shoe Polish

Allen Edmonds Carnauba Dark Brown Shoe Polish offers a simple, clean appearance to the shoes that matter the most in your life. Produced by the famed English shoe makers Allen Edmonds, this luxurious Shoe Polish uses only 100% Carnauba wax for an all-natural no-nonsense shine without the ugly scent and cheap sheen of petroleum products.
After one application, your shoes will be protected from scuffs and easier to quickly clean up after every one of your adventures in your hectic day. For a man who needs straightforward, uncomplicated shoe shining to match the rich leather of his high-impact, best-appearance shoes, Allen Edmonds Carnauba Shoe Polish is an effortless answer.


7. Collonil 1909 Supreme Cream De Luxe Shoe Polish

For especially delicate leather, treat your footwear to Collonil 1909 High-Quality Supreme Leather Cream. A complex mixture of all-natural animal and vegetable, waxes and oils. Each adds a precise technical aspect to create a nourishing whole, pampering both smooth and high-gloss pieces of leather to their natural perfection.
No matter the original color of your shoes, Supreme Leather Cream will intensively revive the hue and reclaim the smooth texture. This is the shine you can trust through every use. For hard-to-shine leather and even for your most rugged pair of military, patrol or duty boots if you want to treat them the way they deserve.

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