Traditional Bird Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Traditional Bird Tattoo Designs For Men – Old School Winged Ideas

There are many reasons to choose a traditional bird tattoo–as many as there are designs to choose from, in fact.

For the Audobon devotee, a realistic black-and-white ink rendering or bold avian illustration is a timelessly elegant and on-trend way to express one’s love of nature, scientific study, and the fragile resiliency of creatures.

The swallow, and to a lesser degree the bluebird, have been sacred symbols for hundreds of years, not only representing hope and personal freedom, but also serving as protective emblems for those who make their living at sea. Sailors have long believed that if one of their own should drown at sea, a swallow will deliver their soul to heaven.

Additionally, the swallow represents loyalty and love, an assurance that though one may travel far, his friends, sweethearts, and family will no be forgotten. Some couples even choose to celebrate their union with matching dove or sparrow tattoos, a reminder that though they may wander far, they are forever joined.

Whether you find solace in the forest or by the water’s edge, a traditional bird tattoo is the mark of a man who treads lightly but travels far, who devotes himself fully to those he loves and values the spirit of freedom above all else.

1. Forearm Traditional Bird Tattoos

Awesome Traditional Vulture Bird Mens Forearm Tattoos

Black Bird Guys Retro Old School Traditional Forearm Tattoo Designs

Flying Two Sparrow Birds Guys Traditional Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Guys Inner Forearm Shaded Black And Grey Traditional Tattoo

Outer Forearm Male Orange Traditional Bird Tattoo Design Ideas

Small Outer Forearm Mens Traditional Sparrow Bird Tattoo

Traditional Eagle Bird Skull Guys Outer Forearm Tattoo

Retro Small Bird Forearm Traditional Tattoos For Men


2. Bicep Traditional Bird Tattoos

Black Bird Guys Traditional Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Creative Guys Inner Arm Bicep Traditional Bird Tattoo


3. Arm Traditional Bird Tattoos

Bald Eagle Flying Over Mountain Guys Traditional Bird Arm Tattoo

Colorful Eagle Bird Guys Traditional Arm Tattoos

Mens Small Dead Sparrow With Arrows Traditional Arm Bird Tattoo

Mens Traditional Skull With Eagle Flying Bird Tattoo On Arm

Unique Small Simple Traditional Sparrow Bird Guys Arm Tattoo


4. Sleeve Traditional Bird Tattoos

Full Arm Traditional Bird Nature Themed Guys Tattoos


5. Chest Traditional Bird Tattoos

Eagle Bird With Tiger Guys Traditional Chest Tattoo

Masculine Bird Eagle Traditional Upper Chest Shaded Tattoos For Guys

Flying Bird With Compass Traditional Guys Upper Chest Tattoos

Black And Orange Traditional Bird Mens Chest Tattoos

Bald Eagle Bird With Horses Mens Traditional Chest Tattoos

Cool Black Ink Traditional Bird Male Chest Tattoos

Eagle With Globe Guys Traditional Bird Chest Tattoo

Flying Bird With Red Sun Guys Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Guys Traditional Bird Eagle Tattoo On Upper Chest

Mens Black Ink Flying Bird Sparrow Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Small Blue Flying Sparrow Bird Traditional Mens Chest Tattoo


6. Back Traditional Bird Tattoos

Mens Back Eagle Bird With Snake Traditional Old School Back Tattoo


7. Side Traditional Bird Tattoos

Full Rib Cage Side Crow Bird Mens Traditional Tattoos


8. Leg Traditional Bird Tattoos

Tiny Small Mens Traditional Eagle Bird Back Of Leg Tattoo For Men

Small Eagle Traditional Bird Male Leg Tattoo


9. Thigh Traditional Bird Tattoos

Blue And Black Ink Guys Traditional Bird Thigh Tattoo


10. Shoulder Traditional Bird Tattoos

Mens Traditional Flying Sparrow With Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Mens Traditional Bald Eagle Bird Shoulder Tattoo

Upper Shoulders Male Traditional Birds Flying Tattoo


11. Hip Traditional Bird Tattoos

Mens Hip Traditional Bird Tattoos


12. Stomach Traditional Bird Tattoos

Mens Stomach Traditional Old School Eagle Bird Tattoo

Stomach Traditional Bird Eagle Male Tattoo Design Inspiration


13. Hand Traditional Bird Tattoos

Mens Sparrow Bird Geometric Traditional Hand Tattoo


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