Traditional Chest Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Traditional Chest Tattoo Designs For Men – Old School Ink Ideas

Traditions last for a reason. Traditional tattoos connect us to a lost past while maintaining a vibrant presence in an ever-changing art form.

Before every intern with a nose ring had a lotus delicately inked on her back, tattoos were the province of those on the edges: sailors, soldiers, and outlaws.

The clean lines and bold colors of old-school tattoos are designed to last. The meanings of traditional emblems also speak to permanence, to building something solid on yourself to carry through a world in flux. The chest, the trunk of the body, holds this meaning as close to the bone as you can go.

Anchors give a ship grounding on the open water. They speak to steadiness in a life that’s constantly tilting with the tides.

Swallows might seem like delicate songbirds, but their journeys of five thousand miles has given them an association with homecoming, a warm reminder that somewhere, someone was waiting for them.

A ship is a home away from home, your vessel when you choose to give up safety and tedium for adventure and risk.

Animal tattoos tend to carry meanings of power, from a snake coiled to strike with deadly aim to a dark panther ready to deliver a lethal blow.

Whatever your lifestyle, the values of the lawless, patriotic and sea-faring memorialized in these tattoos inspire awe even now.


Amazing Owl Guys Traditional Colorful Chest Tattoos

Awesome Traditional Guys Tattoos On Chest

Bald Eagle Banner Male Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Bald Eagle Traditional Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen On Chest

Bald Eagle With American Flag Guys Chest Traditional Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Traditional Male Chest Tattoo

Butterfly With Tiger Traditional Mens Chest Tattoo

Chest Bear Swords Mens Traditional Tattoos

Chest Guys Jesus Christ Religious Traditional Tattoos

Chest Tattoo Of Traditional Black Ink Eagle For Men

Colorful Bald Eagle Mens Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Cool Traditional Eagle Guys Chest Tattoo Ideas

Cool Traditional Fish Male Upper Chest Tattoo With Black Ink Design

Couple Traditional Old School Guys Chest Tattoo

Creative Black Ink Traditional Tattoos For Guys On Chest

Full Chest Guys Traditional Sailing Ship Nautical Tattoos

Gentleman With Roaring Tiger Traditional Rose Flower Tattoo On Chest

Gorilla With Swords In Head Guys Traditional Chest Tattoos

Guys Chest Wolf Traditional Tattoo

Guys Traditional Horses Upper Chest Tattoos

Guy With Eagle And Snake Traditional Chest Tattoo

Guy With Religious Traditional Themed Tattoo On Chest

Heart With Flaming Sword Guys Traditional Tattoo Ideas On Chest

I Will Stand My Ground Owl Banner Traditional Mens Chest Tattos

Lion Traditional Guys Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Male Chest Ship With Anchor Cool Traditional Tattoos

Manly Black Ink Rose Flower Eagle Traditional Mens Chest Tattoo

Man With Traditional Eagle Tattoo On Chest

Mens Chest Cool Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Mens Chest Flying Owl Traditional Tattoo

Mens Chest Tattoo Of Traditional Roaring Black Bear

Mens Eagle With Snake Traditional Chest Tattoo

Mens Traditional Angry Wolf Tattoo On Chest

Native American Horseback Rider Traditional Guys Chest Tattoos

Nautical Guys Traditional Ideas For Chest Tattoos

Nautical Shark And Compass Male Traditional Chest Tattoo

Old School Rose Flower With Sailing Ship Mens Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Old School Traditional Chest Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

Old School Traditional Male Black Ink Tattoo On Chest

Patriotic Mens Old School Traditional Chest Tattoos

Ram Head Traditional Male Chest Tattoo

Retro Black Ink Guys Traditional Chest Tattoo Designs

Retro Traditional Owl Tattoo On Mans Chest

Rose Flower Navy Ship Male Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Sailing Ship In Seas With Lighthouse Guys Traditional Tattoo Ideas On Chest

Sailing Ship Traditional Male Chest Tattoos

Sailing Ship With Anchor And Eagle Traditional Male Chest Tattoo

Sparrow Traditional Mens Chest Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Chest Mens Flying Eagle Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional Flying Eagle Amazing Guys Chest Tattoos

Traditional Jaguar Rose Mens Chest Tattoo

Unique Traditional Chest Wolf Tattoos For Guys

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