Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo Designs For Men – Old School Ideas

It is often said that those who seek luck are afraid to take their destinies into their own hands. But who doesn’t hope for a little luck once in a while?

Our ancestors believed that the shape of a horseshoe could drive away evil spirits, as well as bring good fortune and fertility.

Mimicking the crescent moon, horseshoes could protect us from all of the unseen evils of this world.

There are two common ways to wear a horseshoe tattoo. If you are seeking good fortune in your life, the horseshoe should be placed with the feet facing up. This U shape is believed to help gather and collect good fortune to those who are open to receiving it. However, if you are working to eradicate bad lucky and difficult situations from your life, place the horseshoe tattoo the opposite way to allow the negative energy to flow from your life.

Women are not the only people who feel pain from miscarriages. When you are working to bring human life into this world, it is together as a cohesive unit. Wearing a horseshoe tattoo can open up the possibility of reversing the difficult and painful path towards pregnancy and create a child that is the most perfect combination of you and your partner.

Finally, those who choose horseshoes seek protection in this world. Men are supposed to be tough, resistant to fear, and protectors of the universe. But who protects them? Under the skin of every man are the worries, doubts and failures that make up us all. A traditional horseshoe tattoo protects even the strongest man on whatever path he chooses for life.


All Seeing Eye With Traditional Horseshoe Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Back Of Leg Calf Guys Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo Design Ideas

Bald Eagle Traditional Horseshoe Mens Leg Tattoo

Black Ink Traditional Horseshoe Rose Flower Hand Tattoo For Men

Cabin With Horseshoe Mens Traditional Hand Tattoos

Chains With Hands Shaking And Horseshoe Guys Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo

Chest Mens Traditional Horseshoe Bald Eagle Tattoo

Colorful Traditional Horseshoe Male Arm Tattoo Ideas

Cool Dont Die Banner With Traditional Horseshoe Mens Small Forearm Tattoo

Cool Traditional Horseshoe Grenade Mens Forearm Tattoo

Cool Traditional Horseshoe With Railroad Tracks Leg Tattoo For Men

Elbow Traditional Horseshoe Mens Tattoo Ideas

Flying Sparrow With Horseshoe Mens Traditional Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Forearm Male Traditional Horseshoe Sinking Pirate Ship Tattoo

Good Times Mens Eye Horseshoe Shaded Traditional Leg Tattoo

Guys Good Luck Sailing Ship Horseshoe Old School Traditional Forearm Tattoo

Guys Horseshoe Anchor Traditional Chest Tattoo

Guys Lucky Dice Traditional Horseshoe Arm Tattoo

Guy With Traditional Horseshoe Flower Black Ink Outer Forearm Tattoo

Guy With Traditional Horseshoe Good Luck Banner Forearm Tattoo

Handshake With Sun And Horseshoe Male Traditional Arm Tattoo

Home Mountains Banner Traditional Horseshoe Mens Lower Leg Tattoo

Luck Banner With Cool Traditional Horseshoe Manly Guys Leg Tattoo

Male With Traditional Horseshoe Sailing Ship Small Arm Tattoo

Masculine Traditional Horseshoe Sun Ray Portal Mens Leg Tattoo

Mens Forest Landscape Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo On Arm

Mens Full Chest Traditional Tattoo With Horseshoe Design

Mens Lucky Traditional Horseshoe Flower Upper Chest Tattoo

Mens Outer Arm Traditional Horseshoe Flower Tattoo

Mens Stomach Traditional Horseshoe Indian Tattoo

Mens Traditional Horseshoe Lucky Head Tattoo

Mens Traditional Horseshoe With Female Portrait Back Tattoo

Mens Traditional Horseshoe With Handshake Forearm Tattoo

Mens Traditional Horseshoe With Iron Guys Arm Tattoo

Mom And Dad Horseshoe Mens Traditional Shoulder Tattoo

Nails With Traditional Horseshoe Guys Outer Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Olive Branch Traditional Horseshoe Guys Inner Arm Tattoo

Outer Forearm Eye With Tears And Horseshoe Guys Traditional Tattoo

Outer Forearm Sailing Ship With Cool Traditional Horseshoe Mens Tattoo Ideas

Sailing Ship With Rose Flower And Horseshoe Mens Traditional Arm Tattoo

Shaded 3d Traditional Horseshoe Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Ship In Ocean With Horseshoe Traditional Retro Old School Ink Ideas For Men

Simple Old School Small Mens Traditional Horseshoe Leg Tattoo

Sinking Ship With Horseshoe Guys Traditional Lower Leg Tattoo

Small Lower Leg Traditional Horseshoe Lucky Guys Tattoo Ideas

Spider Web Horseshoe Mens Old School Traditional Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Traditional Guys Ship With Horseshoe And All Seeing Eye Arm Tattoo

Traditional Horseshoe Lucky Guys Small Inner Arm Tattoo

Traditional Mens Upper Arm Sailing Ship With Horseshoe Tattoo

Trees With Mountain And Traditional Horseshoe Mens Forearm Tattoo

Unique Traditional Horseshoe Mens Leg Calf Tattoo

Upper Arm Traditional Rose Flower With Horseshoe Guys Tattoos

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