Traditional Jesus Tattoo Designs For Men

50 Traditional Jesus Tattoo Designs For Men – Christ Ink Ideas

No matter whether you depict him in color or black and white, there is no doubt that Jesus is one of the most influential figures in history.

He has shaped millions of lives, performed miracles, and inspired people to be the very best, and at times, worst, versions of themselves.

Depending on your personal style, there are various ways to represent the barefoot man in robes. It is enough to just show his face, an image that is recognized around the world. The face of Jesus as he is placed upon the cross, a crown of thorns dripping blood into his pained eyes, a look of devotion and trust in his God as he is slain by the people he has sworn to love.

A benevolent glow as he performs miracles, helping those who cannot help themselves. No matter which Jesus you most love, you can carry him with you for all eternity on your body.

Yet you do not even need to show his face to represent him properly. Common symbols like the cross, a pair of feet with stakes through them, a bloody crown of thorns – these all represent the struggles and pain associated with the man who died to save the sins of all on Earth. Showcasing your faith through body art helps reaffirm what you believe in your heart and shares that message with others.


Amazing Black And Grey Ink Mens Traditional Jesus Themed Full Back Tattoos

Arm Traditional Jesus Mens Tattoo

Awesome Traditional Jesus Face Mens Chest Tattoo

Back Male Traditional Jesus Retro Tattoo Ideas

Back Of Leg Guys Traditional Jesus Eternal Heart Tattoo Ideas

Back Of Leg Guys Traditional Jesus Tattoo

Black And Grey Shaded Traditional Jesus Male Hand Tattoo

Center Of Chest Traditional Jesus Tattoo For Men

Chest Traditional Jesus With Black Rose Flower Mens Chest Tattoos

Cool Traditional Jesus Male Hand Tattoo

Cross With Jesus Guys Traditional Arm Tattoo

Cross With Traditional Jesus Mens Stomach Tattoo

Dagger With Jesus Mens Traditional Old School Chest Tattoo

Died Once For All Guys Traditional Jesus Leg Tattoo

Floral Jesus Forearm Traditional Tattoos For Men

Forearm Traditional Jesus Male Tattoo Inspiration

Glowing Traditional Jesus Mens Arm Tattoo

Guys Cool Traditional Jesus Thigh Tattoo Inspiration

Guys Traditional Jesus Leg Tattoo With Skull Design

Inner Forearm Traditional Jesus Heart With Crown Tattoo For Men

Lower Leg Guys Traditional Jesus Religious Tattoo Designs

Manly Traditional Jesus Chains With Sparrows Mens Chest Tattoo

Man With Traditional Jesus Rose Flower With Stem Back Tattoo

Masculine Guys Traditional Jesus Chest Tattoos

Mens Arm Jesus With Cross Tattoo With Traditional Design

Mens Full Chest Traditional Jesus Themed Tattoo

Mens Leg Traditional Jesus Portrait Tattoo Ideas

Mens Mark 12 30 Banner Traditional Jesus Forearm Tattoo

Mens Old School Side Of Leg Traditional Jesus Tattoos

Mens Traditional Jesus Portrait Forearm Tattoo

Mens Traditional Jesus Upper Chest Tattoo

Old School Traditional Jesus Male Tattoos On Chest

Outer Arm Guys Shaded Traditional Jesus Tattoo With Old School Design

Outer Forearm Retro Traditional Jesus Mens Old School Tattoos

Portrait Of Jesus Guys Traditional Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Retro Guys Traditional Jesus Tattoo On Hand

Rose Flower With Crying Jesus Male Traditional Tattoo Ideas On Forearm

Shaded Traditional Jesus Rose Flower Forearm Tattoos For Guys

Skull With Crown Of Thorns Traditional Jesus Mens Small Forearm Tattoo

Small Leg Traditional Jesus Tattoos For Guys

Stomach Jesus Cross Guys Old School Traditional Tattoos

Traditional Jesus With Orange Rose Flowers Mens Full Back Tattoos

Traditional Jesus With Red Sun Mens Hand Tattoo

Unique Traditional Jesus Bruised Face Mens Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Unique Traditional Jesus Riding Motorcycle Mens Thigh Tattoo

Upper Arm Traditional Jesus Portrait Tattoo Design For Males

Vintage Traditional Jesus Guys Arm Tattoo

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