Traditional Leg Tattoos For Men

50 Traditional Leg Tattoos For Men – Manly Old School Design Ideas

Covering the lower portion of the body from the upper thigh down, leg tattoos are a spectacular way to showcase your movable gallery.

Like the arm, the lower leg is an accommodating canvas for your sleeve or freestanding tattoo of choice, with a cacophony of designs to choose from.

Leg tattoos have been worn by men and women since the dawn of time, most commonly applied to male warriors and shamans as a form of ancestral protection and storytelling. And because many tattoos were intended to correlate to a targeted region of the body, leg tattoos often carried messages and prayers for speed, strength, and endurance.

Men are often drawn to leg tattoos for their versatility and flow: such tattoos are often concealed but impossible to ignore once revealed. Portrait style tattoos displaying a loved one, as well as symbolic animals, tribal emblems, and biblical and literary verses are all traditional leg tattoo choices.

Some prefer a design that winds its way around and up the leg, such as a classic dragon or banner with inscription, while others prefer a pronounced piece worn on the calf.

Great or small, a leg tattoo is an unforgettable piece of walking art.


Anchor With Sailing Ship Retro Traditional Leg Tattoos For Males

Animal Skull With Dagger Traditional Leg Shaded Mens Tattoos

Awesome Sailing Ship Traditional Leg Tattoos For Guys

Back Of Leg Male Traditional Dagger Rose Tattoo Design Ideas

Bald Eagle Flying With Trout Fish Mens Traditional Leg Tattoo

Black Ink Outline Coffin With Snake And Rose Traditional Leg Guys Tattoos

Boxer Traditional Leg Mens Tattoos

Cool Cobra Snake Traditional Leg Tattoo Designs For Men

Cool Mens Traditional Leg Knee Cap Bear With Arrows Old School Tattoo

Dagger Through Red Rose Flower Guys Traditional Leg Tattoo

Dagger With Chain Shackles Mens Traditional Leg Tattoo

Full Leg Guys Traditional Leg Black Ink Outline Snake Tattoo

Gentleman With Full Leg Sleeve Traditional Tattoos

Guys Lighthouse Traditional Leg Black And Grey Ink Tattoo Sleeve

Guy With Awesome Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design

Leg Calf Guys Traditional Sailing Ship Banner Tattoo

Leg Mens Traditional Tea Cup Tattoo Design

Lighthouse With Banner Quote Mens Traditional Leg Tattoo

Lighthouse With Compass Guys Traditional Leg Shin Tattoo

Lighthouse With Storm Traditional Leg Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Male With Cool Traditional Leg Tattoos

Manly Mens Traditional Leg Bald Eagle Flying With American Flag Tattoo

Man With Demon Traditional Leg Knee Tattoo

Masuline Traditional Leg Full Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Foot And Traditional Leg Buffalo Tattoo

Mens Full Leg Traditional Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Full Leg Traditional Themed Tattoo Designs

Mens Nautical Themed Traditional Leg Tattoos

Mens Traditional Leg Castle King Tattoo

Mens Traditional Leg Sailing Ship Tattoo Ideas

Mens Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design Inspiration

Old School Colorful Traditional Leg Cobra Snake Tattoo For Men

Rattlesnake Guys Old School Traditional Leg Tattoos

Roaring Bear And Tiger Traditional Leg Tattoos For Guys

Rose Flower With Stem Traditional Leg Guys Tattoos

Sailing Ship With Red Flower Male Side Of Leg Traditional Tattoos

Shaded Skull With Red Rose Flower Mens Leg Traditional Tattoo Designs

Small Simple Mens Traditional Leg Sparrow Bird Tattoo

Snake Biting Hand Traditional Leg Thigh Mens Tattoos

Spider With Decorative Skull Design Guys Traditional Leg Tattoo

Traditional Leg Mens Dagger Rose Flower Tattoo

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