Traditional Ship Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Traditional Ship Tattoo Designs For Men – Nautical Ink Ideas

The ship is a highly popular tattoo amongst both younger and older crowds these days. Although, in the old days, any form of a nautical tattoo was associated with fishermen or those serving on a ship in the navy.

Today, the ship is traditionally worn by men, though it is certainly not considered a mainstream design any longer.

Many ship tattoos will include other nautical themes alongside the ship itself, including pirates, swords, anchors, stars, or a compass. All of these tend to have the same meaning.

What is that meaning? Well, the ship tends to mean a journey or a path through life. Some view the ship as freedom, though. The chance to explore the world and go where one wants to. Most nautical themed tattoos have the same meaning behind them, except for the anchor, which commonly means standing strong or steadfast against any opposition.

Of course, the ship tattoo comes in a variety of forms, from the old sail ships to the battleships of the present. Some even take a unique twist on the traditional tattoo design by including a kraken coming up from underneath the ship itself. It is a tattoo, after all, so have fun with it.

1. Forearm Traditional Ship Tattoos

Compass With Ship Male Traditional Tattoo Design On Outer Forearm

Forearm Compass And Sailing Ship Mens Traditional Tattoo Designs

Guys Anchor Ship Black And Grey Ink Shaded Traditional Old School Inner Forearm Tattoo

Guys Sunset Ship In A Bottle Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoo Inspiration

Old School Guys Outer Forearm Tattoo Of Traditional Ship And Rose Flower

Red And Grey Ink Mens Skull With Ship Traditional Inner Forearm Tattoo

Ship In A Bottle Guys Traditional Forearm Tattoo Designs

Traditional Male Forearm Shaded Old School Rose Flower With Ship Tattoo

Traditional Red Rose Flower With Ship Sailing On Ocean Water Guys Forearm Tattoos

Cool Guys Eye Ship Inner Forearm Traditional Old School Tattoos

Mens Ocean Waves With Sailing Ship Guys Traditional Arm Tattoos

Outer Forearm Guys Awesome Traditional Ship Tattoo Designs

Sunset Sailing Ship Guys Anchor Nautical Traditional Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Man With Traditional Shaded Ship Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Traditional Mens Ship In A Bottle Shaded Forearm Tattoos

Red Sun With Sailing Ship And Spider Web Male Forearm Traditional Old School Tattoo Ideas


2. Bicep Traditional Ship Tattoos

Traditional Ship Mens Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Inner Arm Bicep Ship Tattoos For Guys With Traditional Style Design

Shaded Black Ink Old School Sailing Ship Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos For Men


3. Arm Traditional Ship Tattoos

Mens Tricep Traditional Black Ink Old School Tattoo

Traditional Guys Yellow Rose Flower With Ship Arm Tattoos

Creative Pizza Sail On Ship Mens Traditional Old School Arm Tattoo Ideas

Mens Ship In A Bottle Small Traditional Old School Tattoo Ideas

Guy Shaded Black And Grey Male Traditional Ship Tattoo On Arm

Sailing Ship With Lighthouse And Rose Mens Traditional Arm Tattoo

Skull With Ocean Waves Male Traditional Ship Arm Tattoo Designs


4. Sleeve Traditional Ship Tattoos

Gentleman With Shaded Kraken Ship Traditional Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs


5. Wrist Traditional Ship Tattoos

Homeward Mens Traditional Wrist Ship Tattoo Design Ideas


6. Chest Traditional Ship Tattoos

Full Mens Chest Old School Nautical Traditional Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Black Ink Oultine Anchor With Ship Guys Traditional Chest Tattoos

Manly Male Traditional Ship Tattoo On Upper Chest

Bald Eagle With Anchor And Sailing Ship Guys Full Traditional Chest Tattoo Designs

Full Chest Old School Guys Nautical Themed Ship Tattoos

Guys Cool Traditional Ship Upper Chest Tattoos

Manly Guys Full Chest Old School Traditional Ship Tattoo

Masculine Mens Full Ship Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Chest Anchor With Ship Traditional Tattoo On Chest

Mens Lighthouse With Sailing Ship Male Traditional Chest Tattoo Designs

Mens Ship With Banner Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo Inspiration

Ship Wheel With Anchor Male Traditional Chest Tattoos

Traditional Ship Mens Full Chest Tattoo Designs


7. Back Traditional Ship Tattoos

Bald Eagle Full Back Sailing Ship Male Traditional Tattoo Designs

King With Sailing Ship And Dragon Male Back Tattoos

Mens Center Of Back Traditional Sailing Ship With Rose Flower Tattoo Design


8. Side Traditional Ship Tattoos

Mens Black Ink Outline Rib Cage Side Traditional Sailing Ship Tattoo Designs


9. Leg Traditional Ship Tattoos

Anchor Ith Pirate Ship Mens Traditional Leg Tattoos

Skull With Ship Guys Traditional Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Leg Traditional Ship Tattoo Design


10. Calf Traditional Ship Tattoos

Floral Sailing Ship Guys Small Traditional Tattoo Ideas On Leg

Guys Anchor Ship Mens Traditional Leg Tattoo

Mens Leg Tattoo Design With Traditional Sailing Ship And Red Rose Flower Design

Octopus With Ship Mens Traditional Leg Tattoos


11. Thigh Traditional Ship Tattoos

Guys Traditional Ship Female Portrait Thigh Tattoos


12. Hand Traditional Ship Tattoos

Mens Traditional Ship Hand Tattoos


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