Traditional Snake Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Traditional Snake Tattoo Designs For Men – Slick Ink Ideas

Snakes are often viewed through a mixed lens thanks to the role they play in many religious texts, particularly the Christian creation story. However, these elegant creatures have existed long before an author put the story of Adam and Eve to paper.

In fact, their reputation was once held above many other creatures.

Snakes are well-known for their ability to shed their skin and begin anew, and they’ve been revered as creatures of rebirth and healing for years.

They are popular in Hindu and Ashanti cultures, and they are often seen carrying the deities of those cultures on their backs. A common snake tattoo from the past is one of the snake god swallowing its tail. This creates a cycle of repeating life and death, which many ancients believed to be a representation of existence as a whole.

Older religions saw snakes as the symbol for fertility, which is why the snake was used as a symbol of temptation in the Old Testament of the Bible. Many believe the snake received such a horrible reputation due to the Christian religion attempting to deface pagan gods.

Today, snakes are popular tattoo options for those who admire strength, healing, and the cultures of the ancient past. As more people come to admire snakes for their natural beauty, tattoos of such creatures will increase.

1. Forearm Traditional Snake Tattoos

Awesome Mens Small Simple Traditional Old School Snake Head Tattoo On Forearm

Dagger And Snake Mens Traditional Inner Forearm Tattoos

Hand Holding Snake Mens Traditional Inner Forearm Tattoo

Inner Forearm Tattoo Of Snake Mens Traditional Design Ideas

Mens Snake Fangs Traditional Inner Forearm Tattoos

Old School Mens Snake And Rose Flower Shaded Inner Forearm Traditional Tattoos

Outer Forearm Male Traditional Eagle Snake Tattoo Inspiration

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Traditional Snake And Dagger Forearm Tattoos For Men

Skull With Skull And Candle Mens Traditional Forearm Tattoo

Snake Head Drops Guys Traditional Black Ink Forearm Tattoos

Snake With Torch Traditional Guys Outer Forearm Tattoos

Traditional Rose Flower Dagger With Snake Wrapped Around Mens Forearm Tattoo

Traditional Snake With Sword Mens Forearm Tattoos

Decorative Sword With Snake Mens Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoo

Sliced Snake Mens Traditional Forearm Tattoos

Traditional Snake Biting Hand Mens Inner Forearm Black Ink Tattoos

Yellow Black And Red Ink Male Traditional Forearm Tattoos

Rose Flower Dagger And Snake Traditional Tattoo On Gentleman


2. Bicep Traditional Snake Tattoos

Awesome Mens Black Snake With Dagger Traditional Bicep Tattoos

Guy With Black And Red Snake And Dagger Traditional Bicep Tattoo

Mens Traditional Eagle And Snake Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Ideas

Snake With Dagger Male Traditional Inner Arm Bicep Tattoos

Big Cat With Snake Mens Traditional Arm Tattoos

Born To Fight Mens Snake Head Traditional Small Arm Tattoos

Inner Arm Bicep Guys Traditional Snake With Flowers Tattoo Ideas


3. Arm Traditional Snake Tattoos

Gentleman With Snake Dagger Traditional Tattoo On Arm

Mens Shoulder And Arm Traditional Snake Tattoos

Old School Mens Traditional Snake Skull Arm Tattoos

Red And Black Snake With Skull Guys Traditional Arm Tattoo

Rose Flower With Snake Small Mens Traditional Tattoo On Arm

Spitting Snake Mens Traditional Arm Tattoos


4. Wrist Traditional Snake Tattoos

Inner Forearm Wrist Male Traditional Old School Snake Tattoos


5. Chest Traditional Snake Tattoos

Eagle With Snake In Clouds Guys Traditional Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Black Panther With Snake Mens Traditional Chest Tattoo Designs

Cool Traditional Snake And Bald Eagle Male Upper Chest Tattoo

Mens Traditional Bald Eagle Snake Chest Tattoo


6. Back Traditional Snake Tattoos

Black And Red Ink Mens Traditional Eagle Flying With Snake Back Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Traditional Snake Mens Full Back Tattoos

Gorilla With Snake Mens Traditional Full Back Tattoos


7. Side Traditional Snake Tattoos

Cool Guys Traditional Snake Rib Cage Side Tattoos


8. Leg Traditional Snake Tattoos

Guys Rose Flower Traditional Snake Leg Tattoo Designs

Black Ink Small Male Traditional Snake Tattoo On Lower Legs

Rattling Snake Traditional Mens Leg Tattoo Ideas

Blue And Teal Ink Traditional Snake Guys Lower Leg Tattoos


9. Calf Traditional Snake Tattoos

Snake Head Mens Black Ink Shaded Traditional Leg Tattoo Designs

Guys Dont Call Me A Friend Snake Biting Hand Traditional Leg Calf Tattoo

Mens Angry Snake Head Traditional Leg Calf Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Decorative Snake Head Traditional Mens Small Tattoos


9. Knee Traditional Snake Tattoos

Knee And Leg Mens Traditional Snake With All Seeing Eye Tattoo

Traditional Mens Below The Knee Leg Snake Head Dagger Tattoo Design Ideas


10. Shoulder Traditional Snake Tattoos

Black And Yellow Traditional Mens Snake Shoulder Tattoos

Traditional Snake Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Guys


11. Stomach Traditional Snake Tattoos

Sword With Snake And Flowers Mens Traditional Black Ink Shaded Chest Tattoo Ideas

Boxer With Snake Old School Mens Traditional Chest Tattoos

Mens Coiled Rattlesnake Traditional Stomach Tattoos

Mens Stomach Traditional Snake Tattoo Design


12. Foot Traditional Snake Tattoos

Guys Black Ink Outline Traditional Snake Foot Tattoos


13. Hand Traditional Snake Tattoos

Mens Snake Dagger Traditional Hand Tattoo


14. Head Traditional Snake Tattoos

Guys Traditional Snake Head Tattoo On Head


15. Skull Traditional Snake Tattoos

Skull And Snake Mens Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoos



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