Travel Tattoos For Men

Top 77 Travel Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Are you a man consumed by wanderlust? You know, the strong irresistible desire to travel and explore every inch of the globe.

If adventure is in your heart, you’ll want to tour these travel inspired ink ideas.

Just consider the words of the great French novelist Marcel Proust first, “The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

As you take in these masculine designs you’ll find not only exceptional talent, but also plenty of curiosity-provoking meanings. From airplanes to passport stamps, postcards and more, each tattoo displays a different journey filled with its own unique experiences.

Of course, you can also be an airplane pilot and simply love your job too. Whatever the case, I’m sure you’ll appreciate some of these cool manly traveling themed tattoo styles below.

Travel Tattoo Ideas

3d Reaistic Compass With Map Black And Grey Shaded Forearm Sleeve Tattoos For Men

This lower arm tattoo prominently features an open compass resting on top of a world map. Compasses have long been used for finding one’s direction and, with the aid of a map, for plotting out a course of travel, particularly in the days before inventions such as the global positioning system. That being said, the compass and map combo is certainly a strong and classic way to demonstrate one’s love of travel in ink.

Abstract Half Sleeve Travel Mens Tattoos

Abstract Skull Globe On The Run Guys Travel Leg Tattos

This is a rather interesting and complex piece. It incorporates multiple different elements including a skull, a compass, a globe, some red coloring applied in a rather abstract manner and, perhaps most importantly, the words, “We’re only at home when we’re ON THE RUN”. It stands to reason that this tattoo most likely represents several things that are not necessarily apparent just from a single look. It does seem evident, however, that the owner of this multifaceted artwork has a strong love for travel. This is not only demonstrated by the words featured in the piece but also by the included images. Take the compass, for instance, which often resembles finding one’s way, whether that be literally or metaphorically. The same goes for the globe which, along with these other elements, presents strong evidence of international travel.

Abstract Travel Compass Tattoo On Mans Arm

Adventure Out There Old School Travel Tattoo On Mans Bicep With Globe And Suitcases

This piece is a strong work of black and gray shading that features two suitcases,  often considered as representing the act of going on a trip, one stacked on the other, with a mounted globe standing on top of it. Wrapped around the globe tastefully is a banner reading “ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE” in a subtle but vintage-feeling font. Accenting the piece are two flowers. All of this together conveys a more old-school, simplistic look that certainly brings upcoming travel to mind.

Africa Map Travel Themed Full Back Tattoos For Guys

Here is an example of a much more elaborate tattoo, one that contains multiple symbols of travel and adventure. At the heart of this large back piece is the continent of Africa. Perhaps the subject is from this continent or travels there frequently, or perhaps it simply is of great meaning to him. Surrounding it is a wide array of items including everything from several portrait photos to an array of what seem to be various maps. These could be pieces of photographic memorabilia taken along a journey, such as the taking of the portraits of people whom the traveler particularly wanted to remember. It is also difficult to ignore the two large angels at the top of either side of the piece seemingly holding it all up.

Airplane Circling The World Mens Small Inner Forearm Travel Tattoos

Featuring a relatively-simple globe with an airplane flying around it, this piece strongly suggests world travel. It is simplistic and straight to the point. While it may not have the flare of some of the larger, more complex tattoos, it certainly has a meaningfully minimalist attraction of its own.

Airplane Flying Over The Mountains At Night Travel Mens Forearm And Wrist Tattoo

Airplane With Outline Of World Map Mens Travel Tattoos On Both Legs

This tattoo spans across both legs of the client in a rather unique way. It features simple outlines of the continents on one leg and a large dark-shaded airplane on the other. Together they suggest world travel in a rather minimalistic but creative fashion.

Born With Luggage Cool Suitcase Travel Tattoos For Guys

Colorful Mens Suitcase Airplane Travel Full Sleeve Tattoos

This is a beautifully-colored, sleeve piece containing a multitude of different objects and other elements. Perhaps two of the most notable aspects of this piece are the large jetliner toward the top of the piece and the large, red and gold object seemingly attached to it that looks to be a key. Perhaps one message being conveyed here is that “travel is the key” or that journeys contain the key to something. The piece could even have a multitude of meanings. Regardless, it is quite a good looking tattoo.

Colorful Travel Themed Male Bicep Tattoos

Here can be seen another version of the airplane and globe combination. This time, however, it is accompanied by flowers, a prominent display of the word “Wanderlust”, and a rope and anchor element. This tattoo very much resembles a traveler’s lifestyle. It also displays fantastic, lush coloring, particularly the blue shading that outlines much of the piece.

Cool 3d Mens Photograph Travel Tattoo Design Ideas On Forearm

Cool Colorful Mens Travel Sleeve Tattoo With Flowers

This tattoo is a particularly enjoyable one to admire as it showcases several symbols of travel and adventure while also utilizing a variety of aesthetically-interesting components. Some of the travel and adventure symbols include a figure walking down a path as well as “watch out for kangaroos”-type sign. These things give the work a travel-centered, possibly even wandering, sense of feeling. Some of the aesthetically-attractive components include the red and green coloring of the flowers, nicely touched by a small bit of yellow, and the background featuring an interesting landscape with a setting sun.

Cool Mens Tattoo Travel Small Wrist Design Of Suitcase With Palm Tree And Ocean Sunset

This tattoo is a fairly-simple image of a travel suitcase. Since suitcases are often associated with travel, it is fair to assume that this is a travel and adventure tattoo. This is further accentuated by the scene of a pleasant beach during sunset (a common travel destination) that covers the front of the suitcase.

Cool Suitcase Travel Tattoo Ideas For Men Quarter Sleeve Design

Cool Travel Stamps Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Creative Passport Stamp Travel Half Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

Decorative Compass Travel Forearm Tattoo On Man

With the compass being a prominent symbol of journeys, adventures and travels in general, this particular piece would be fitting for any avid traveler. With spot-on line work throughout, particularly on the finer points of the compass face, this is piece is dynamic and strong.

Detailed Train Travel Tattoo For Guys Half Sleeve

Now this is a phenomenal piece of artwork. There is a strong sense of adventure in this piece as it features not only a compass, but also a quill and ink and a map underneath it all. Perhaps most-notably, however, this piece includes an incredible, highly-detailed locomotive that practically appears to be emerging from the subject’s upper arm. It is a wonderful work of art and all of its elements together form a fantastic representation of a great life of travels.

Forearm Sleeve Map With Compass Travel Tattoo Designs On Men

Full Arm Sleeve Travel Map With Rose Flowers Tattoos For Men

Gentleman With Portrait Of Woman And World Map Travel Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

Globe Inner Forearm Traveling Tattoos For Guys

Guys Old School Bicep We Cross The World While Its Asleep Travel Tattoo Design

Guys Travel Sleeve Tattoo With Mountain And Postcards

Incredible Detailed Male Travel Tattoo Of Beach Palm Tree Arm Half Sleeve

The idea behind this piece is simple and the ink that brings it to life is not extremely complex either. Nevertheless, this palm tree and sunset in the background behind it, can be bold representations of a traveler’s lifestyle or dreams as many people love to take to the coast every chance they get. Not to mention the fact that, while it may not be the most intricate scene in the background, the orange and blue shading is certainly pleasant to look at.

Incredible Travel Themed Mens Full Sleeve Tattoos

Linework Mens Upper Arm Travel Mountain Road Tattoo

Magnifying Glass With World Map Mens Sleeve Travel Tattoos

Male Travel Tattoos Full Arm Sleeve With Photographs

This tattoo sleeve of travels might be ideal for couples, as it appears to have been placed here. It showcases multiple postcard-type images that one might come across in his travels, such as a beach scene and a picture of a volcano. Flowers are also utilized, perhaps to add more attractive content in these abundantly-colorful sleeves.

Male With Tattoos Representing Travel On Back Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Male With Travel Themed Tattoos Small Airplane Design On Inner Forearm

Simple and straight to the point, this small, black airplane is positioned casually but effectively on the arm. It could easily serve as a minimalistic yet constant reminder to oneself of one’s love for the expedition; for the exciting life of a traveler.

Man Fishing In Boat Black Ink Travel Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Man With Felix The Cat And Suitcase Travel Leg Calf Tattoo

Man With Travel Camping Themed Forearm Tattoo

This piece has a cartoonish style and displays a spot by a river and not too far from the mountains where someone has set up camp. There is a campfire, hatchet and a backpack that is surely filled with even more traveler’s tools. Camping is a common activity amongst travelers. Whether one is a backpacker, canoer, or really any other type of traveler, many adventurers can relate to a life of setting up camp every night.

Mens Abstract Travel Compass Luggage Tag Forearm Tattoo

Mens Black Ink Simple Travel Tattoo On Arm With Nautical Star

This tattoo covers a good deal of the subject’s mid-arm with a black and gray depiction of the seven continents and a large compass face. What differentiates this tattoo is the loose nature of the continent clusters as they are not in a traditional layout or position as a standard globe would display them. It is also true that there is not a field, globe or map drawing of any kind behind these continents.

Mens Circle Travel Scene Forearm Tattoo

Mens Geographic Location Cordinates Travel Tattoo Armband

Mens Gps Geo Coordinates Travel Full Sleeve Tattoo With Black Ink

This sleeve consists of several different travel-related segments including a compilation of images resembling photographs, postcards and other miscellaneous papers from a multitude of famous travel destinations. A few of such places include the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Another large segment of this sleeve consists of multiple sets of coordinates as one might use to to symbolize the different places they have traveled to.

Mens Nautical Travel Full Chest Tatto

Mens Open Road With Compass Travel Upper Arm Tattoo

Here is a tattoo suited perfectly for someone who is a frequent traveler by road. Done in a bold, rustic style this piece consists of large symbol of adventure and finding one’s way, that of course being the compass placed on the upper section of the arm. Below it stands a scene of a simple road leading through what appears to be a flat, midwestern region on its way to a collection of blue and white-shaded mountains. This piece would be ideal for any road warrior, whether he be a serious, lifestyle cross-country traveler or simply a casual roadtripper who sticks to one or two specific and preferred destinations.

Mens Paper Airplane World Map Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Here is another tattoo of an airplane flying over a world map, only this time the jetliner is not what you might be accustomed to with after seeing the previous travel tattoos. For instead of featuring the usual, realistic plane, this piece shows a paper airplane, much like one someone might make in their youth. This choice of aircraft might be a nod to one’s dreams of travel and adventure that they have held dear going back all the way to their childhood.

Mens Realistic Airplane Arm Travel Tattoos

Mens Ripped Skin Map And Nautical Star Travel Back Tatoos

Mens Shaded Compass With Map Of Australia Travel Tattoo On Bicep

Mens Stamp With Buildings Travel Tattoo Design Ideas

This tattoo is simple in the sense that it contains only one image. That image is of a stamp, one picturing what appears to be a row of apartment buildings. This is a relatively minimalistic piece by nature of its size, shape and simple image. Nevertheless, it is still rather interesting and is most definitely a reminder of travel as stamps are great ways to symbolize communication from a distance or a souvenir from a long trip.

Mens Travel Anchor Tattoo With North South East And West On Forearm

Mens Travelling Tattoos On Chest With Hourlgass And Map Design

Mens Travel Tattoo Of Footprint With Nature Scene

Negative Space Mens Airplane Small Travel Tattoo On Forearm

Old School Bindle Hobo Stick Travel Tattoo On Mans Leg

Open Road With Mountain View Travel Inspired Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Inspiration

Paris Stamp With Compass And Map Travel Arm Tattoos For Men

Passport Stamps Mens Rib Cage Side Travel Tattoo

Realistic 3d Walking Cane With Map And Compass Male Travel Tattoo On Bicep

Realistic Airplane Taking Off Into Sky Forearm Tattoo For Mens

Sailing Ship World Map Travel Bicep Tattoo On Male

Simple Nautical Star Compass Travel Leg Tattoo On Gentleman With Black Ink

Simple Travel World Map Black Ink Outline Bicep Tattoos For Guys

Skull Map With Nautical Star Mens Travel Forearm Tattoo

Small Guys Travel Tattoo Of Airplane On Hand With Black Ink

Small Mens Paper Airplane Map Travel Tattoo

Small Simple Travel Tattoo Of Stamp With Palm Tree And Ocean Sunset Design On Man

Small Simple Wold Map Abstract Wrist Tattoos For Guys

Small Suit Case With Flowers Mens Old School Travel Tattoo Design Inspiration

Small Vintage Airplane Guys Travel Related Tattoos

Traveler Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen Of Outlined Black Ink Airplane

Travel Globe With Anchor Mens Old School Arm Tattoo

Travel Themed Mens Uper Arm Tattoo Design With Train Map Compass And Airplane

Upper Arm Compass And Map Travel Inspired Tattoos For Gentlemen

Vintage Map With Nautical Star Travel Quarter Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

While this is another image of a map and compass, it is particularly eye-catching for two reasons. The first reason is that this tattoo was done in a style that makes it appear as if the subject’s skin is being peeled back to reveal the impressive ink underneath. The second is that it also contains more linework than one might find on some other map tattoos and these lines are done quite skillfully.

Wanderlust Male Leg Calf Old School Travel Tattoo With Globe And Plane

Wold Globe Mens Geometric Full Sleeve Travel Tattoos

World Map Compass Half Sleeve Guys Travel Tatoo Ideas

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