Tribal Shoulder Tattoos For Men

80 Tribal Shoulder Tattoos For Men – Masculine Design Ideas

Tribal tattoos on the shoulder have been made incredibly popular by celebrities, such as WWE superstars. However, in ancient civilizations; tribal tattoos identified warriors and their social rankings. They represented achievements, strength, bravery, leadership and more.

The most popular designs today come from the Maori and Polynesian cultures.

One of the most popular tribal tattoos is a combination of Maori and Polynesian markings known as the Hawaiian tattoo. But, every culture has their own markings and stories to spread through these tattoos.

African tribal tattoos on the shoulder are also popular in today’s culture. These tattoos consists of mark cuts with blades extending over and down the shoulder. Other common designs from all cultures include, flames, spikes, spears and animals. However, African and Hawaiian design motifs are the most popular. Some people might even prefer mixing their designs or allowing the tattoo artist to put a bit of their own creativity into it.

An experienced artist will be able to guide you on the best design for your shoulder tattoo, and even provide some information on what certain markings mean and where they come from. This is especially good if you’re confused about which tribal design is best for you. A man’s shoulders are large enough to provide a great canvas for large tattoos, so you might want to consider getting a big design that says a lot.

Besides that, shoulder tribal tattoos are the most popular, as tribal markings just look awesome there.


3d Male Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

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Arm And Shoulder Tattoo Of Tribal Design On Man

Awesome Guys Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Design Ideas

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Finely Detailed Male Tribal Shoulder And Half Sleeve Tattoos

Fish Hook Tribal Shoulder Mens Tattoos

Full Sleeve And Tribal Shoulder Mens Tattoos

Gentleman With Shoulder Tribal Tattoo

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Gentleman With Tribal Tattoos On Shoulder

Guys Black Ink Outline Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

Guys Hawaiian Shoulder And Chest Tattoo Tribal Designs

Guys Shoulder Detailed Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Guys Shoulder Tribal Tattoo

Guys Shoulder Tribal Tattoos

Guy With Classic Tribal Shoulder Solid Black Ink Tattoo

Guy With Tribal Tattoo Shoulder

Haida Male Red And Black Ink Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

Half Sleeve And Shoulder Male Polynesian Tribal Tattoos

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Hawaiian Sun Mens Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Hawaiian Traditional Guys Tribal Inspired Shoulder And Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

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Male Shoulder Shoulder Tattoo

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Male Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

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