Trident Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Trident Tattoo Designs For Men – Neptune Ink Ideas

They say that, in ancient times, Neptune, god of the sea, preferred aquatic travel to land. To visit new locales, he would merely strike the butt of his trident to the earth, and fissures would form, the land would quake, and water would rush through the opening, paving a way for he and his marine host.

Others believe that Shiva wielded his trident to fight off negativity and evil spirits.

Each prong represents a different gunas—sattvika, rajasika, and tamasika — in Indian vedic philosophy.

Roman gladiators would commonly fight with a trident and a net. First, they would snare their opponent and then move in for the kill.

But the thing the trident is best known for is fishing. Before humans had fancy reels and lures, they relied on their swiftness of hand and accuracy of eye to spear fish. Fishermen skilled with the thrice-pronged weapon could get multiple fish with one thrust.

Those who bear the trident tattoo identify with the harsh and rugged swells of the sea. When they find themselves miles inland, they long for the smell of salt spray and the wide open expanse of the endless blue. Their brothers are the whales and porpoises; their cousins are the hammerheads and tuna. The crashing of the waves is so natural for them, they hear it in their mind’s ear wherever they go.

If you are a child of the sea, a trident tattoo is the perfect symbol for you.

1. Forearm Trident Tattoos

Cool Glowing Trident Outer Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Outer Forearms Manly Trident Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Forearm Mens Cool Trident Tattoo Ideas

Inner Forearm Geometric Guys Trident Tattoo Design Ideas

Outer Forearm Small Incredible Trident Tattoos For Men

Sharp Black And Grey Forearm Trident Male Tattoo Ideas

Trident Guys Tattoo Ideas Outer Forearm


2. Bicep Trident Tattoos

Bicep Greek God Poseidon Guys Trident Tattoos

Inner Arm Bicep Chicano Distinctive Male Poseidon Trident Tattoo Designs


3. Arm Trident Tattoos

3d Arm Mens Trident Tattoo Design Inspiration

Arm Awesome Octopus Tentacle Wrapped Around Trident Tattoos For Men

Arm Ocean Waves Neptune Hand Holding Trident Tattoos For Males

Gentleman With Inner Forearm Small Detailed Trident Tattoo

Inner Forearm Trident Tattoo Designs For Guys

Negative Space Upper Arm Shoulder Trident Neptune Greek God Mens Tattoo Ideas


4. Wrist Trident Tattoos

Geoemtric Dotwork Small Wrist Amazing Mens Trident Tattoo Designs


5. Chest Trident Tattoos

3d Chest Mens Tattoo Ideas With Trident Design

Upper Chest Om Mens Trident Tattoo Ideas


Male Tribal Chest Trident Tattoo Design Inspiration

Shaded Upper Chest Cool Male Trident Tattoo Designs

Trident Guys Tattoos Upper Chest

Upper Chest Mens Tattoo With Octopus Trident Design


6. Back Trident Tattoos

Male Cool Trident Tattoo Ideas Full Back


7. Stomach Trident Tattoos

Trident Poseidon Greek God Full Chest Tattoos For Gentlemen


8. Side Trident Tattoos

Guys Simple Black Ink Trident Tattoo Deisgns On Rib Cage Side


9. Rib Trident Tattoos

Unique Mens Trident Tattoos On Ribcage


10. Leg Trident Tattoos

Leg Microphone Themed Trident Male Tattoo Designs

Masculine Linework Trident Tattoos For Men Back Of Leg

Male With Cool Old School Traditional Shaded Leg Calf Trident Tattoo Design


11. Thigh Trident Tattoos

Thigh 3d Realistic Artistic Male Trident Poseidon Tattoo Ideas


12. Finger Trident Tattoos

Finger Guys Tattoos With Trident Design


13. Hand Trident Tattoos

Thumb Trident Male Tattoos


14. Neck Trident Tattoos

Guy With Neck Trident Tattoo Design


15. Skull Trident Tattoos

Male Tattoo With Skull And Trident Design On Chest


16. 3D Trident Tattoos

Stone 3d Upper Chest Creative Trident Tattoos For Men

Male Stone 3d Upper Chest Trident Tattoo Ideas


17. More Trident Tattoo Ideas

Arm Black And Grey Ink Mens Trident Tattoo Design Ideas

Poseidon Greek God Trident Mens Tattoo Designs

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