Unique Hand Tattoos For Men

40 Unique Hand Tattoos For Men – Manly Ink Design Ideas

The hands are often the first thing someone notices about another person. They give clues to the overall character of someone in how strong they are, if they are calloused or smooth, if they are fidgety or steady.

Hand tattoos make or break those first impressions.

Faces and Eyes: Putting the face of someone or something significant on your hand gives the feeling that you have them with you always, that you are literally carrying them with you in every endeavor and every action. Since these are your hands we’re talking about though, make sure you’ve got an excellent tattoo artist to work with who will make your ink something to wave high and proud.

Knuckle Tattoos: These aren’t your typical “Thug Life” prison tattoos. With a little forethought, knuckle tattoos may be rather subtle. An inventory tattoo on the knuckle can hold special meaning by displaying icons of your most beloved objects as talisman to carry you through your days. Tasteful flowers are almost always appealing to the eye as well.

Abstract Designs: Repeating patterns, lines, swirls or tribal configurations boldly grab the eye’s attention without being too harsh or shocking. Keep colors uniform to tone down the look and to maintain a tribal or geometric affinity.


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