White Ink Tattoos For Men

Top 111 White Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

There’s nothing discreet about a bad tattoo. Sure, the concept of white ink sounds foolproof, however, the real world application often leaves artwork looking awful. Though, when done the right way, white ink takes tattoos to a whole new level.

One of the entrants in the 50+ best tattoo ideas comes via the use of white ink.

A lot of men request it only to be met with an occasion refusal from their tattoo artist, and for a good reason.

What starts out as a pure, solid white eventually blends into the skin making any outlines look rather off-putting and oddly confusing. Is it a scar or a tattoo? In comparison, black ink is ultra heavy, opaque and strong enough to stand out; aka the point of getting a tattoo in the first place.

Though, white ink does lend some really great benefits when done the right way, by the right artist:

You can opt for white ink when you are going to a scar-like effect (though, this doesn’t always need to be the case). The larger and more complex the line work is, the more visible and better it will stand out. Over time, fresh white ink will turn from a chalky color to a subtle, variation of your skin tone hue.

Using white next to bolder colors like blue, purple, red and so on, will significantly help it become more apparent to the eyes. You can also outline a previous black tattoo with white to bring it back to life again.

Of course, one of the best ways to take advantage of white ink is to use it in everything from shading to highlights.

With that said, I’m going to show you exactly how using white in your next tattoo can look more than just good, but great! Go ahead and explore these top 100 best white ink tattoos for men below and you’ll get a better idea of what talented artistry looks like.

Within these designs you’ll find everything from line work to shading, and more for acquiring plenty of ideas. Just remember, it’s a tricky color to work with, so plan carefully and choose your artist wisely as always.

3d Interlocking White Ink Mens Tattoo On Hand

Here is a good example of a white ink tattoo that illustrates several aspects of this style. While the design is interesting and the line work is clean and precise, the difficulties of tattooing white ink are apparent. There are several places where the ink is blotchy and not fully saturated, most likely due to the fact that white ink needs to be packed very tightly in order to show up properly. The wearer may have tapped out due to the pain, with plans to come back for another session to reinforce this design with more passes of the needle. It is also worth noting, that this ink will fade fast and in a few years this design will probably fade back into the wearer’s pale skin tone and only be slightly visible.

3d White Ink Half Sleeve Mens Tattoo Design Ideas

This is a piece that uses white ink much more effectively by utilizing a solid black background for the geometric designs. The black ink is fully saturated, creating a dramatic backdrop and allowing the white ink to stand out, solving the issues of fading. The line work in the geometric patterns is clean and precise and the overall composition is interesting: the large swath of black moving diagonally across the bicep breaks up the pattern and keeps this piece from feeling repetitive, despite the fact that it is just a recurring geometric pattern.

Abstract Deer Tattoo With White Ink Over Black For Guys On Leg

All Seeing Eye White Ink Mens Wrist Tattoo

Amazing Blackwork Tattoo With White Ink Outlines For Men

This is another example of how a black backdrop can help eliminate some of the more troublesome aspects of white ink tattoos. Here, the artist uses motifs from the natural world like moths, flowers and leaves, to create a bold design that makes great use of white ink to help these elements pop. The solid black backdrop is fully saturated creating a perfect canvas to apply the white ink and increases contrast to an extreme level. The way the geometric pattern above the elbow is incorporated into the design by gently fading into the solid black works well and keeps this large, bold piece from feeling out of place. 

Amazing Colorful Watercolor Mens White Ink Half Sleeve Tattoo

Amazing Geometric 3d White Ink Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Awesome Blackwork White Ink Sleeve Tattoo On Man

Back Of Leg Calf Circle Pattern White Ink Abstract Male Tattoos

Bicep Japanese White Ink Mens Tattoos

This tattoo is a great example of how people often use white ink. For some, white ink can be used to create the effect of scarification thanks to the way the pale ink eventually fades and blends into the wearer’s natural skin tone. It’s true, this is not ideal for every situation, however, if this is the aesthetic the wearer is trying to achieve, white ink is perfect. Here, the artist used white ink and expert application to create this Chinese character on the wearer’s bicep, perfectly recreating the look of scarred skin without the need for more extreme scarification methods. While this style is not for everyone, this tattoo is a good example of the way white ink can be effectively used for certain tattoos.

Black Work Celtic White Ink Sleeve Tattoo Forearm

Blackwork Spirits Over Tombstone White Ink Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Blue Diamond White White Ink Reflection Shading Mens Tattoo

Here is another example of another way that white ink can improve tattoos designs. In this piece, the artist uses shades of blue to create a diamond with black ink and gray wash creating a backdrop that allows this piece to stand out on the wearer’s pale skin tone. The artist also accurately captures the facets and refracting light in the cut gem without the use of black line work by utilizing white ink to create highlights. The design is well thought out and the artist’s skill and meticulousness are on full display: notice the balanced patterns in the shape of the gem, as well as the way the light is depicted radiating from the bottom of the diamond, accurately recreating the angles of light refracting from within the stone.

Bold Molon Labe Mens White Ink Arm Tattoo

Circular Mens Upper Shoulder White Ink Tattoo Design

Coffee Mug In White Ink Tattoo With Mountain Design For Men

Cool Guys White Ink Foot Tattoo Of Swords In Clouds

Cool Male Geomtric White Ink Tattoo Sleeves

Cool Mens Pattern White Ink Geometric Tattoo On Leg Thigh

Cool Mens White Ink Hand Tattoos With Celtic Designs

Cool Small Mens White Ink Lettering Wrist Tattoo

Cool Small White Ink Snowflake Mens Tattoos On Hands

Cool White Ink Over Black Tree Branches Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Creative Color Block Square With White Ink On Mans Wrist

Fingers Crossed Mens White Ink Tattoo Over Black

Floral Geometric Male White Ink Arm Tattoos

Floral Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo With White Ink

Flying Bird Full White Ink Blackwork Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Foot Tattoo Of White Ink Roses On Gentleman

Forearm Guys Geomtric All Seeing Eye White Ink Sleeve Tattoos

Full Sleee Blackwork White Ink Male Tattoo

This full-sleeve effectively uses white ink to create a striking tattoo. The black is fully saturated, making for a great, solid background for the geometric patterns. The complexity of the designs is quite remarkable, incorporating several recurring patterns as well using one-off designs to create a tattoo that evokes patterns carved in stone. The line work is balanced and precise and the use of large swaths of black on the elbow and back of the arm adds contrast and helps the white line patterns to stand out. This impressive tattoo is a testament to the artist’s skill as well as the wearer’s dedication.

Full Sleeve Detailed Male White Ink Tattoo Designs

Full Sleeve Geometric Male White Ink Tattoo Design Ideas

Full Sleeve Mens White Ink Tattoo Design Ideas

Gentleman With White Ink Over Blackwork Tattoo Sleeve

Geometric Pattern White Ink Guys Hand Tattoos

Geometric White Ink Cricle Sleeve Tattoo For Men On Leg

Guys City Skyline White Ink Inner Forearm Tattoo

Guys Incredible Half Sleeve Forearm White Ink Tattoo

The piece incorporates several styles and techniques to create a one of a kind tattoo. One interesting aspect of this design is the way the similar mandala patterns are applied on the arm, one using negative space and stipple shading to create the design with the other using fully saturated black ink and white lines. The design achieves a sort of positive/negative mirrored effect that evokes images of the negatives of photographs. The level of detail in this piece is impressive: the precise stipple shading to create the mandala is well applied and adds depth to this portion of the design that improves the overall aesthetic. While not for everyone, this tattoo demonstrates how white ink can be successfully utilized.

Guys Numbers And Letters White Ink Wrist Tattoo Inspiration

Guys Shaded White Ink Lion Tattoo On Leg Calf

Guys White Ink Elbow Tattoo Floral Outline

Guys White Ink Half Sleeve Geometric Patterns Tattoo With 3d Effect

This is an incredible half-sleeve design that incorporates white ink to create a stunning tattoo. The use of saturated black as the backdrop along with blues and gray to create a pleasing gradation of tones is excellent. Here, white ink is only used for the brightest of highlights giving the impression that the tetrahedron on the back of the forearm is actually glowing. The line work is consistent and precise, using sharp angles to create the honeycomb patterns that make up the background of this tattoo which contrasts, both in shape and color, with the spiral design on the back of the hand. This is a one of a kind tattoo that is sure to turn heads.

Guy With White Ink Ambigram Wrist Tattoo

Guy With White Ink Blackwork Tattoo 3d Geometric Shapes

This tattoo is a great example of how white ink can be incorporated into, and improve existing black ink designs. Here, the upper arm is almost completely blacked out with well saturated black ink, more than likely covering up some regrettable previous work. There are not a lot of options for a tattoo like this: the black is so solid that only white ink will really show up on the skin. Using white ink, the artist creates intricate geometric patterns that highlight the natural lines of the body and are layered to give this tattoo additional depth. Thanks to a highly skilled artist, this blacked-out half-sleeve—which would surely inspire speculation to what was beneath it—is now a stunning new tattoo which no one would suspect is a cover-up. 

Guy With World Map White Ink Tattoo On Bicep

Hand Holding Bird Upper Arm White Ink Tattoos For Guys

Incredible Detailed Mens Leg Calf Tattoo Of White Ink Geometric Shapes

Incredible White Ink Rose Sleeve Tattoos For Males

Incredible White Ink Tattoo Sleeve Cover Up For Males With Geometric Shapes

Japanese Ocean Waves Mens Sleeve Tattoo With White Ink

King Of Hearts White Ink Playing Card Inner Forearm Tattoo On Guy

Leg Sleeve Snake Mens White Ink Tattoo Design

Lettering White Ink With Life Goes On Tattoo For Men Forearm

Male White Ink Tattoo Of Geometric Shape On Arm

Male With Gas Mask Tattoo White Ink Shaded

Male With Geometric Star White Ink Tattoo Sleee

Manly Blackwork Tattoo With Geometric White Ink Overlay

Man With 3d Spiral Geometric White Ink Tattoo Sleeve

Man With Courage White Ink Lettering Tattoo On Wrist

Man With White Ink Back Of Head Circular Tattoo Design

Man With White Ink Rose Over Black Tattoo On Leg Thigh

Masculine 3d White Ink Geometric Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Masculine Guys White Ink Negative Space Tattoo Design On Lower Arm

Masculine Mens 3d White Ink Sleeve Tattoo

Maze White Ink Black Tattoo On Man

Mens Dragon White Ink Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Mens Hand Tattoo Of White Ink Grim Reaper Skeleton Tattoo

This is another example of how white ink can be incorporated into black and gray designs to add another layer to a tattoo. Here, the artist uses excellent black and gray shading to create the skeleton and its cloak: notice how smooth and accurate the shading is on the folds of cloth. Instead of strictly using negative space for highlights, as is common in similar designs, the artist uses white ink to make these sections pop, creating an effect that gives the tattoo an almost three-dimensional feel. This is a classic design and, thanks to the bold placement and a clever artist, will turn heads for a long time to come.

Mens Sleeve White Ink Tattoo Tribal Design

Modern Pattern White Ink Blackwork Mens Lower Forearm Sleeve

Nautical Compass White Ink Navigation Tattoo For Guys

Old School White Ink Outline Panther Tattoo Sleeve For Guys

Old School Wolf Shaded White Ink Male Hand Tattoo

Optical Illusion White Ink Leg Sleeve Tattoo On Guy

Outline Floral Flower White Ink Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Outline Potrait Of Face Mens Sleeve Tattoo With White Ink Over Black Ink On Inner Forearm

Radiant Blue And White Ink Mens Explorer Tattoo On Leg Calf

Realistic Potrait White Ink Shaded Male Tattoos On Hands

Realistic White Ink Astronaut Mens Tattoo On Forearm

This is an incredible piece that highlights the tattooer’s artistic skill. To create a photorealistic tattoo in black and gray is difficult; to achieve this in full color is on another level. The details in the spacesuit, as well as the thoughtful and realistic shading that creates shadows on the figure are excellent. Despite the obvious skill necessary to apply this tattoo, whether it will stand the test of time is another thing altogether. The large areas of white ink may fade, especially given the pale tone of the wearer’s skin, leaving a washed remnant of what was a great piece. We will just have to wait and see.

Realistic White Ink Sailing Ship Tattoo For Men On Arm

Religous Dot Work White Ink Mens Armband Tattoo

Shaving Blade Barber White Ink Guys Tattoo On Arm

Shoulders Mens White Ink Tattoo

Simple Elegant Script Font Worthy White Ink Male Tattoo Design

Simple Floral Outline Shape White Ink Male Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Simple Flying Paper Airplane White Ink Hand Tattoo For Guys

Simple Made Lettering White Ink Male Hand Tattoos

Simple Say Yes White Ink Lettering Tattoo For Men On Wrist

Simple Skull Outline White Ink Mens Tattoo Traditional Japanese

Simple Small Mens Wrist Anchor Tattoo In White Ink

Skeletons With Thunder Watercolor White Ink Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

This is a great design that effectively uses white ink to create a one of a kind piece. The watercolor portion of the tattoo, above the skeleton couple, is expertly applied; perfectly recreating this effect and the way the colors run down, over the umbrella is a clever artistic choice. The limited use of white ink in the skeletons and lightning is enhanced by the way the artist uses darker tones to create a backdrop, allowing the whites to pop and limiting the risk that they will fade over time. This tattoo is interesting not only for its unique concept and composition but also for the excellent application.

Skull Mens Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo With White Ink

Sleeve Upper Arm White Ink Over Black Mens Tattoo Design

Small Outer Forearm White Ink Male Tattoos

Solid White Ink Line Across Fingers On Mans Hand Tattoo

Spiral Simple Outline White Ink Male Tattoos

Spiral White Ink Wrist Male Tattoos

Star Constellation White Ink Small Cricle Inner Foremale Guys Tattoo

Thunder Cloud White Ink Wrist Tattoo For Guys

Traditional Japanese White Ink Mens Tattoo With Color On Arm

Traditional White Ink Over Black Sailor Jerry Style Mens Tattoos

Tribal Wings White Ink Mens Back Tattoo

Upper Chest Mens White Ink Shaded Watercolor Native Aerican Tattoo

Once again we have a tattoo that uses limited white ink to excellent effect. In this full-color piece, the artist uses an interesting palette in the way that the reds and blues contrast so strongly. It is worth noting that the faces of the warrior women appear to be existing work, with the addition of the colored auras, crossed arrows and compass rose being added later. However, this is a great example of how existing work can be improved through the use of color as well as white ink. The highlights on the edges of the stone arrowheads are exceptional, and demonstrate the best way that white ink can be utilized: while negative space is often effectively used for highlights, white ink takes these accents to another level and really makes them pop.

Upper Chest Mens White Ink Tattoo Design Inspiration

Upper Shoulder And Chest 3d White Ink Tattoos For Men

White Ink Leaf Tattoo On Man With Hedgehog In Color

White Ink Outline With Sleeve Tattoo For Men

White Ink Over Black Mens Bicep Tattoo Of Pattern Shapes

White Ink Sailor Jerry Themed Eye Tattoo For Men On Arm

White Ink Sleeve Nautical Stars Tattoos For Guys

Wolf White Ink Shaded Mens Leg Tattoo Ideas

Wrist Tattoo Of White Ink Nature Mountains For Guys

White Tattoo FAQ’s

Are white tattoos more expensive?

White tattoos are often more expensive than black ink pieces for a few reasons. One is that the ink used in these tattoos can be more expensive than other colors. Another reason white ink designs can be more expensive they can be more difficult and time-consuming to apply effectively so artists charge more to compensate for the added time and skill required. As usual, the size and complexity of the design, as well as the skill and availability of the artist, are all incorporated into the price of a tattoo.

Are white tattoos a good idea?

Tattoos are extremely personal and before anyone gets a tattoo thought should go into the permanence of this unique art. That being said, white tattoos pose special challenges that other ink does not. The point of a tattoo is to be seen, and white ink is notorious for blending into paler skin tones, often fading to nothing thanks to daily exposure to UV light. This is not to say that getting a white ink tattoo is a bad idea; these tattoos just require a bit more forethought and understanding of how ink settles and fades than other more common tattoo designs.

Do white tattoos hurt more?

Tattooing white ink doesn’t inherently hurt more, however, thanks to their light tones, these tattoos require more passes of the needle before they become visible. This means that in order to effectively apply a white ink tattoo, the artist will have to follow the same line several times, which will hurt more since the needle is passing over skin that is already irritated.

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